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Contain your excitement – the first fidget spinner app is here for Xbox One

In what is quite definitely the greatest Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app of all time, Covfefe Spinner has been lighting up the airwaves (sorta, kinda) since its launch a few months ago.

Thanks to the sheer, unbridled power of UWP, Covfefe Spinner made its way to Xbox One recently, complete with Xbox controller support. I know, I can't believe it either.

Covfefe Spinner has all the same features it has on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, including that all-important Xbox controller support. Just like a real fidget spinner, it can be played one-handed, making use of the 'A' button atop an intuitive power slider. Fidget spin with one hand, and do tax returns, browse dank memes, or search the internet for the meaning of life with the other. Covfefe Spinner will not impede your work flow.

As an app, Covfefe Spinner doesn't support Xbox achievements sadly, but you can purchase new fidget spinner colors and other features either with micropayments, or in-app currency earned from pro spinning action.

The first fidget spinner for Xbox is HERE. Contain your excitement people (or search Covfefe Spinner on Xbox).— Jez C (@JezCorden) July 14, 2017

Covfefe Spinner represents the full-blown, untapped potential of the Universal Windows Platform. Future versions of Covfefe Spinner could one day integrate Xbox Live achievements, Xbox arena for tournament spinning, heck, give us a HoloLens version so we can spin in 3D. The potential is endless, or well, for at least as long as the fad lasts. I give it two months.

You can grab Covfefe Spinner using the link below. It should appear in your "ready to install" apps list on Games & apps on your Xbox One afterward. Spin safe, friends.

Download Covfefe Spinner from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden
Jez Corden

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

  • 'Covfefe' and 'Spinner'... two words that were trendy 7 weeks ago and today people are tired of hearing. Clearly these devs are on the cutting edge.
  • This app has been around since about a week after covfefe...
  • I don't like your negative covfefe
  • What is Jez Mode? Is it named for you? If so, congrats... You're a "game" mode. 😀
  • Covfefe will always be trending as long as trump is president
  • C. might survive him ✌
  • Trump supporter. Get that app out of Xbox.
  • Can't tell if serious...
  • I don't get why some people are obsessed with these stupid spinning things.  
  • I'm trying to contain my excitement /s
  • Is that the bullshit ad banner in there? No thanks!
  • Says a lot about an app when the ad banner is more interesting.
  • a fad... that has to die even faster. what's next, we put these spinners as rims on our cars? Oh wait.. so 1990's
  • Sad thing is, is that spinner rims still exist around where i live. :(
  • Not here. We rather have 40 inch tires on a Smartcar.
  • Can't understand why there are so many negative comments. It takes skill to code an app, regardless of whether you like it or not. Let's at least appreciate a developer for coming up with an idea and seeing it through. It's a lighthearted app, sure, but the developer has put a lot of work into it.
  • Is this a developer's forum? Did they release a game, or the source code? Oh, and trust me, no developer would be proud of this. They made it for the money, not the appreciation.
  • For the money? This is the Windows Central forum. Developers don't make many apps "for the money" if they only release it in the Windows ecosystem. Besides, what's wrong with making money? The app is what it is, but the fact that somebody developed the app in the first place for an ecosystem in desperate need of apps is pretty cool in my opinion.
  • Fair enough. I might appreciate the work the developer put into it. I don't know the developer so I can't say much on that. Knowing the process of publishing a game via the store is a nightmare still, and had been changing every year, so I really appreciate that. But I don't need to appreciate the end product for sure. And I don't see making low-quality apps for UWP, an ecosystem desperate for apps, as you say right, an invalid scenario. I believe it makes even harder on Google Store or iStore if you are late on riding fidget spinner. Even being a Windows Mobile, and Windows Mobile only user myself, I don't appreciate apps coming to the store only for the reason, they had come. And should this be Apple Central, talking about a fidget spinner app coming to the iStore, or Android Central, a fidget spinner coming to Google Store, I would have the same opinion. I could develop Planking UWP and expect all UWP fans to like my game, but that still would not make me think, now I really put something on the table. So let's face it, the app is what it is, as you say, and that is all I am saying as well. And please someone fix the WC app for opening the next article just because I pressed the right arrow key on the end of my comment, making me losing the whole stuff, because it is simply annoying. (And if Giddora is interested, it is not annoying because I will link here a forum engine I developed myself, it is simply annoying without the link)
  • Points taken.
    I think I'm being a bit sensitive to the subject because I'm in the process of learning how to code. I guess part of that process is dealing with potential negative criticism. Thanks for the perspective.
  • Well, success is always measured against predefined measurements. You could code the next Doom and I am pretty sure that some people will be tired of seeing another FPS. But you could still see achieving something yourself, and find the people who love what you just did. It's not specific to coding of course, it's related to creation. Back when I was working for game development studios, or had time developing games as a hobby, I was always frustrated when coders and artists had to comply with the expectation of publishers. Of course their job is to make money quickly and in a short run sell the most copies possible. If that is what you want. As hobby I also did something for Windows Phone 8. Now I hardly have time just to keep bug fixing and porting to Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Mobile 10. It's not even a big thing, I did it to maintain my level of knowledge in .NET and hoping that Windows Mobile would rise and see people play it. I know it is a hard platform in regards to good sales and reception, due to its low number of users and hence its specific type of consumers. I will never get upset by someone saying it's the worst game they have seen in their lives. I did it for my own entertainment. I thought it is fun playing it, and I still do when I have a couple of minutes and the feeling of doing so. But good luck to you in your course! Hope to see something from you! Just remember, that you did not develop it for me. Only take whatever you get from me, if you did. ;)
  • The app was written as a joke, based on a Tweet from Jez that there weren't any spinner apps in the store (at the time). Which is why there is a Jez mode. Yes, it's not my best work, and I fully understand that many simply have no need for a fidget spinner in real life, much less a digital version. Sadly, of all my apps, this one is the most "successful". It has had more downloads in a month than apps I've had in the store for years. Yes, many of my apps are rather simple, because I'm currently a hobbyist developer with a day job that is unrelated to coding (unfortunately). Things my wife wants, or I want, generally wind up as apps... There are 3 that I am confused as to why they aren't more popular, apps I either use daily or use to show off to people (who always start pulling out there phones to download until I inform them it isn't on iOS/Android). Most are targeted more at mobile and while they don't always make sense on PC, they are available there too, simply because of the magic of UWP. I am getting ready to jump into MonoGame and will hopefully be able to make some decent games. Time will tell. Would love to make enough to quit my day job and code for a living.
  • Don't do MonoGame, very buggy! Try something else if you can. I was struggling with it big time. They are very laggy in terms of supporting all the changes that come and go on Windows Mobile framework. A real headache. My latest trouble with them is trying to find out how the landscape and portrait mode is supposed to work. The way they made it makes your app work differently from build to build turning your app a complete mess. Regarding the fidget app, just what I thought. ;)
  • If I could make a suggestion (if you haven't done it already) consider dropping a little money into a facebook ad or something similar. Then your other apps may get the attention they need to be more popular.
  • Depending on the app, sometimes, it doesn't take much skill. Also depending on the "developer" it can take even less. There are so many copy and paste apps out there It's sometimes difficult to know who actually coded it and who ripped it off. There isnt much to a fidget spinner app. It's a quick cash grab as part of a fad.
  • you guys should again start showcasing best apps in store weekly or two weeks at a time...because the app collection in windows store is slowly increasing
  • Agree!
  • I agree, will look into doing this soon.
  • Not much point actually since this app will obviously win best of every week. I guess you could limit it to only winning one week and then disqualifying it, but isn't that a disservice to the readership?
  • Something to go into something like iStore or so. Lack of apps turning into this...
  • yes, It is right.   Apple Support Number
  • People complaining should give us links to the apps they have released. I dare you.
  • And people saying the egg 🥚 is rotten should start laying eggs, right? By your argument, one not developing games should love 💘 all of them. Actually your argument could work. Hence all the downloads probably. I was thinking more of riding the hype wave, but why should I bother thinking?
  • No, but people should stay appreciative to what they get. Why are some people so stupid they are just trying to put down someone elses work even if they weren't even interested in the product in the first place. Sounds like some parents have made a worse job than others.
  • Okay. I changed my mind. I really appreciate the work behind this. This must be a great work behind this ground breaking idea and implementation. I just wish someone would release something with even bigger work behind it. Maybe a Hello World by a soccer player developed on a sewing machine. Man, that must be immense work! Would praise it to the sky. I am so ashamed of my parents that they taught me to appreciate value instead of the scamming of "children". I am sorry, I can never appreciate social engineering in the hope of making profit of the weak.
  • Oh, you're not better than that? Well, have a good life and good luck.
  • Thanks! You too.
  • Can you honestly say you have never been critical of anything someone else has built?
  • Not independent developers whose app I have no intention of trying, no.
  • So the only people we aren't allowed to criticize are independent app developers, unless we've made an app?
  • Not what I wrote, no.
  • Then state your point clearly. You're challenging people that have something negative to say about this app to post their app, which fully implies that you feel as though anyone who hasn't written an app either has no business, or isn't qualified, to have such an opinion. If I'm wrong, what is your point then?
  • I am challenging ungrateful f*cks who complain about everything that doesn't interest them. Why is there this subculture of unschooled people who complain about things they know nothing about? None of them has tried the app because they aren't interested in it in the first place.
  • For starters, again what does that have to do with someone developing an app themselves? Why does someone have to have designed and built an app to have an opinion about another app? Second, who are you to determine who is 'unschooled' or even how much they may or may not know about an app (or any subject for that matter) and who's opinion is or isn't worthy. Finally, how do you know who has or hasn't tried the app, and how does that factor into anything you have said. Interest can be a positive and a negative thing. If no one expressed their lack of interest there would be a lot of products in the world no one would want.
  • Well, if you have no clue whatsoever, and ALSO haven't used the app.. Why complain? You just make yourself look very, very dumb. And I mean very dumb in the most clear way possible. Seriously stupid. Like... Never spent a day in school stupid.
  • Again, how do you know who has "no clue" and have not used the app? You're not even qualifying what "no clue" even means.
  • Because it is quite obvious... I know you for some reason want to defend the vocal, negative minority for some reason... But there simply isn't any reason to complain about the work someone else has done to entertain other people without:
    1. Using the product
    2. Knowing they are dishonest about something. These people clearly are just attacking because they don't appreciate things that arent interesting to them.
  • You still haven't qualified "no clue", and now you're adding dishonesty to it? Who is saying they downloaded it and use it but actually didn't? You're also incorrect about there being no reason to complain about this app for entertainment purposes. A fidget spinner is NOT an entertainment device, even though many companies have jumpped on thr bandwagon and market them as such. They are an aid for a disablility, that really shouldn't be made light of, nor cashed in on. Because we live in a capitalistic world, anyone has that right to cash in, but I have the right to say It's crap too.
  • Because it is obvious. Some people just complain to complain.
  • You continue to be vague. What is obvious? Having "no clue" or being dishonest? You're just throwing out statements with no real qualification of what they mean or what you are basing them off of.
  • Okay, are you just acting right now? Nobody can be this daft.
  • I'm not acting. You haven't made a logical point this whole time. You're original comment was really not much more than a weak straw man that have yet to back up. All you have done is make up insults for people that have an opinion you don't like.
  • Okay. Negativity without reason isn't logic to you. That says something about you, not me. Have a good day.
  • Did I not provide a reason? If you look up a few comments ago you will see I did.
  • No, you just want to defend this stupid behaviour for some reason.
  • Now you're back onto attacks instead of making a point. I've given my reason for being against this app. I cannot and do not speak for anyone else on that matter, even though you seem to think I do.
  • Sigh. I don't have to defend anything and I also do not have to explain why complaining without any reason at all is stupid. It _should_ be common sense to anyone who is somewhat normal. I don't walk up to a maintenance worker and say that his job sucks because I'm not interested in doing it. But hey, if you want to look daft... Be my guest. I was voicing my opinion on stupid behaviour.
  • Using a false equivalency doesn't prove your point either. No one is saying app development is a bad thing or bad work. I am saying the existence of an app based on a disability aid to make money is a bad thing.
  • "Ok". Defend stupidity. I don't care. Just don't get hurt when you get called out on it.
  • You've been "calling me out" this whole thread and I've logically explained my position, you haven't defended yours other than to insult.
  • I started this thread and made my stance pretty clear in my first comment. I'm sorry that my views on stupid behaviour make you feel insulted.
  • Actually you were very unclear in the start of this thread. But yet again your ad hominem attack does nothing for your argument.
  • Ok.
  • This fad has about as much lifespan left as CNN; yet, we will be cleaning up the mess both left on civilization for ages.
  • CNN will probably be around forever. Why wouldn't it?
  • And why do you have to go into politics? Really, what's the point? It just ruins some people's day.
  • I don't know what I'm more amazed by. The fact there's a fidget spinner app on Xbox One or that so many of these comments are so serious.
  • Despite all the negative comments on this app covfefe And it's actually a really good app, considering it's just for fun. Complete UWP with Xbox, Mobile (the remaining 13 Users are very happy!) and Win10. It's also updated regularly and has the new acrylic effects. It may not look like that at first glance, but somebody put some serious work behind it. I like it!
  • Guys I posted this app for fun (couldn't tell from the sarcasm?), the dev made it for fun (covfefe is ironic), you're getting way too triggered over something silly. lol. like really.
  • I installed this app on my WP 640 about a month ago.  Not long after that this app appeared to be installed on my Xbox One.  What is up with that?  I didn't installed in on the Xbox One, it just installed itself.  Is this some new UWP thing to installed the app on all your devices at once?
  • I think it's something new to UWP... Downlaoded the Fitbit app on my daughters phone on Sunday and a few minutes later a notification poped up on my XBox that FitBit had just been installed.
  • Microsoft should make this option available upon installation instead of just doing it.  This is not an app that I would have wanted on my Xbox One. Now I have to all to the extra work of uninstalling it. 
  • This isn't a new thing, it's also not limited to Microsoft.
  • FWIW, my kids actually prefer spinning on this app than their real physical fidget spinners!!! So, thumbs up to the developer.