Contest: Help design a new logo for Pocket client Pouch

Last May, the Windows Phone Central community came together and helped pick a new name for Instagram app Itsdagram. You know now that app as Instance, the first Windows Phone app with native uploading to Instagram available in the Store. Now we’re going to pull together as a community and help redesign the logo for Pouch, a Pocket client in the Windows Phone Store.

Pocket, as we’ve talked about before, is an excellent service for saving (and later reading) articles and posts. You can add an article to your Pocket account and it’ll sync with your various Pocket clients for offline reading. There isn’t any official Pocket app for Windows Phone or Windows 8 yet, but we’ve got wonderful third-party offerings from developers using Pocket’s APIs.

One of those Pocket clients that we really like is Pouch. It’s available for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It’s made by Joshua Gryzbowski, a student developer wrapping up his final year of university. When he’s not busy cramming for this final and that exam, he’s working on making great Pocket apps for the Windows ecosystem. He’s wanting a new logo for Pouch, a new logo that will be used on both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 app. So we, as a community, are going to have a little contest to help redesign the Pouch logo for Joshua.

Pouch Logo Contest

How’s this going down? Easy. Take a look at the Pouch logo above and reimagine what it should be. Send us a 500 x 500px PNG/JPEG file of your redesign and the Illustrator file. We’ll gather up the top 5 designs and have you vote on your favorite. Of course, the final decision is ultimately up to Joshua. If your design is selected by the community/Joshua you’re getting a $15 gift card to the Windows Phone Store and a $50 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Store. You’ll also be given credit/thanked in both apps. Users will find a link to your website or portfolio in the about section of Pouch for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

We’ll keep submissions open for one week. Drop them into this forum thread. Next week we’ll select 5 of our favorite designs and have them battle it out on the front page for supremacy. Now before we move on, let’s break it down for you.

What: Logo redesign for Pouch

When: Today until next Thursday (January 11) at midnight (Eastern Time)

How: 500 x 500 pixel jpeg/png and AI file submitted to the Windows Phone Central Forums

Winnings: $50 gift card for the Windows Phone Central Store, $15 Windows Phone Store gift card, and mad recognition for your design skills in both Pouch for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

What’s Joshua looking for? A logo that follows the Metro design principles, doesn’t infringe on the Pocket logo and something that resembles a pouch. Your winning logo will be seen by thousands of users on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Submit your entries.

Not a designer? Sound off in the comments with some suggestions to help others out. 

Sam Sabri