Contest: Help design a new logo for Pocket client Pouch

Last May, the Windows Phone Central community came together and helped pick a new name for Instagram app Itsdagram. You know now that app as Instance, the first Windows Phone app with native uploading to Instagram available in the Store. Now we’re going to pull together as a community and help redesign the logo for Pouch, a Pocket client in the Windows Phone Store.

Pocket, as we’ve talked about before, is an excellent service for saving (and later reading) articles and posts. You can add an article to your Pocket account and it’ll sync with your various Pocket clients for offline reading. There isn’t any official Pocket app for Windows Phone or Windows 8 yet, but we’ve got wonderful third-party offerings from developers using Pocket’s APIs.

One of those Pocket clients that we really like is Pouch. It’s available for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. It’s made by Joshua Gryzbowski, a student developer wrapping up his final year of university. When he’s not busy cramming for this final and that exam, he’s working on making great Pocket apps for the Windows ecosystem. He’s wanting a new logo for Pouch, a new logo that will be used on both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 app. So we, as a community, are going to have a little contest to help redesign the Pouch logo for Joshua.

Pouch Logo Contest

How’s this going down? Easy. Take a look at the Pouch logo above and reimagine what it should be. Send us a 500 x 500px PNG/JPEG file of your redesign and the Illustrator file. We’ll gather up the top 5 designs and have you vote on your favorite. Of course, the final decision is ultimately up to Joshua. If your design is selected by the community/Joshua you’re getting a $15 gift card to the Windows Phone Store and a $50 gift card to the Windows Phone Central Store. You’ll also be given credit/thanked in both apps. Users will find a link to your website or portfolio in the about section of Pouch for both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

We’ll keep submissions open for one week. Drop them into this forum thread. Next week we’ll select 5 of our favorite designs and have them battle it out on the front page for supremacy. Now before we move on, let’s break it down for you.

What: Logo redesign for Pouch

When: Today until next Thursday (January 11) at midnight (Eastern Time)

How: 500 x 500 pixel jpeg/png and AI file submitted to the Windows Phone Central Forums

Winnings: $50 gift card for the Windows Phone Central Store, $15 Windows Phone Store gift card, and mad recognition for your design skills in both Pouch for Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

What’s Joshua looking for? A logo that follows the Metro design principles, doesn’t infringe on the Pocket logo and something that resembles a pouch. Your winning logo will be seen by thousands of users on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.

Submit your entries.

Not a designer? Sound off in the comments with some suggestions to help others out. 

  • Somebody draw a kangaroo.
  • I was just thinking their current logo looks like a kangaroo ballsack... Often sold as tourist gift items (no joke)
  • Exactly what I thought too. Too bad I don't have any talent or I'd make one myself!
  • Allright, I took your idea as my inspiration. Here are my 3 ideas with kangaroos:
  • Let me try my luck;)
  • "$65" is a good price for a new logo
  • It's fairly cheap to be honest. Not that I'm dissing it, but it's not what you'd pay to a professional.
  • Easily pay 10-20 times that price for a decent logo. If it has to tie in with branding it'll be even more
  • Your absolutely right twelvetudors my son Mente is a local artist here in Eugene, Oregon. He does logos for people and gets $350 per logo..
  • Additionally its free advertising
  • All depends on how fast you are. If it only takes you 30 minutes to produce the winning design, then it's a pretty good hourly rate. If it takes you 20 hours, then it's crazy cheap. I don't see an issue with crowdsourcing design for something like this.
  • I just bought Pouch, it is the best of its kind on WP.
  • I recently had to give up on Pouch, on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.  The constant crashing and trashing of articles made both version literally unusable for me. Since switched to Owl Reader on WP8, but still looking for a good substitute on W8...
  • Try squirrel :)
  • have you looked at Latermark?
  • Can we submit more than one design?
  • Feel free to submit as many as you want! (Obviously no trolling though ;)
  • Duckyeah, its my time. :))
  • Seriously? Design a logo, give branding, and recognition for a gift card? As a designer and engineer this is sort of offensive to make our work worth $65 in gift cards. Imagine asking an architect to give blueprints for a building?
  • Or imagine they asked for a group of programmers to each submit a complete app. Contests like this cheapen the profession and insult designers.
  • Of course not, read my reply.
  • Man, he's a student, he probably doesn't have money, so he came here to ask help for the community. He's not trying to buy a logo, he's asking for help and giving something in return, so you shouldn't get offended.
  • The mindset that people have that you can ask for a logo, and give little back, is the issue at hand.  You are right, he probably doesn't have the money to pay a pro, and that is why this contest exists.  But this does cheapen a field that people try to make a living doing.  He is getting an untold amount of ideas and concepts (actually, he is getting Finished Deliverables) for not much in return.  I'm sure the developer is a good person, but I stand by everything I wrote.
  • "But this does cheapen a field that people try to make a living doing."
    How much are you paying for our news? (And don't say ads, since many use ad blockers). Welcome to 2014, where competition is fierce, information is free, and job descriptions change rapidly. I can see how this may seem unfair to some, but honestly, it's just a fun way to get the community involved, not some new standard that will affect the 200K apps in the Store or the graphic designs profession.   So tone down the drama. It's like opining when someone gives a car away that it hurts car salesmen... Because of that, I 100% endorse this contest, I'm tossing back a beer and remembering why I like writing on this site.
  • I don't know about others but i myself never block ads and hate to.those stuff cause more problems than solutions and i actually click ads that interest me to make sure devs and websites get paid well.except wpc app where the same ad of uc browser keeps repeating.
  • Just pay a buck for the app and you'll never see the ads again
  • There's one important thing here: Design takes time, and time costs money. Even when you guys did the rename Itsdagram app thing, and I took part in that for the fun of it, a quick turn around undercuts the creative process, and in the end the result the person gets. At the same time, little if any pay for that time also undercuts who will want to take part, and again the end result the person gets. Contests are good and all, but there is a reason why the design community at large sort of cringes at this.
  • This isn't pro work, so it doesn't require pro pay. Fact is, the developer wasn't going to every pay for 'pro work' on this, so there's nothing lost here.
  • That's Pirate talk there!  He's one of us!
  • I feel like it depends on the artist dont you think?? A good artist who may not be well known and wins may end up benefitting all the way around. Putting your name out there can be a wonderful thing.
  • +920 to Daniel. What a bunch of whiners these guys are. Its not like they HAVE to do it. Just try to help a guy out if you have time.
  • I like the cut of your jib.  You and me are alike in many ways.  As I am tossing back my beer, I am remembering why I enjoy design, and why I left the field professionally to a more stable medical career.  The mindset has changed, and though we try to remind people that design is not free or cheap, it probably won't work. I understand this was meant to be fun and communic (is that a word?), but you can also understand when people get some feathers ruffled... BTW I am probably tied for the highest paying customer for WPCentral.  I like how you don't pussy-foot in the comments with readers, tetering on the line of being a good guy defnding the articles and being a slight dick when it is called for.  Keep it up Mr. Rubino!
  • TBH I don't use any ad blockers! I will forever support you guys no matter what. I would indeed design an icon... Seriously, it would take a little do one and It came to me as a surprise all of this negativity towards the developer. I'm going to ask my friend if he wants to join.
  • Im done with the icon but can someone pls give me an idea on how it can be more metroish pls :)
  • I guess there is the pay route but there is also the community route and he chose the ladder. I happen to respect the sense of community so I'm good with his choice.   I can think of a few apps that have really creative looking icons. I can also think of a few that could use some suggestions for the really awful icons they rock. GroupMe, Hardware Tests, Snapchat, Songza, Maluuba and Nokia MixRadio to name a few that could reach out to help. These are so bad, I couldn't rock them on my start screen, but the apps are nice.  Pouch's logo, as it is ain't half bad to me. Among the best double wide include, Wod Warrior, Reaper, Manuganu.
  • I really don't see anything wrong with Snapchat or Mix Radio's icon.
  • So is he promising more dough when he hits his first $50,000 mark. Probably not.
    Please just ask for help rather than offering a dinner worth of money for professional service.
  • How many hours of your job are you willing to give away without pay?
  • I was about to say the same thing. People always assume that graphic designers don't need to be paid... Grrr.
  • As a designer myself, I understand your anger. He would have to pay at least 150$ (yeah still pretty cheap). Design Crowdsourcing is a chance for some but a big problem too... Ok this guy here is a student, like me. Students have not much money crowdsourcing a logo design is a big and cheap oppotunity for him. dont get me wrong i hate crowdsourcing....
  • Oh dear...
  • You are not being forced to do this, nor are you in a situation where you have to do this with no choice but to get the gift cards as pay. Spare us the whiny dramatics and move on and spend your 'precious' time on something that meets your lofty standards.
  • You clearly didn't read my comment before posting. It had nothing to do with the amount of time it takes. Its about making the work we seemingly worthless. To non-designers "just make a logo" might seem simple, sort of like "just make a website" but its not. And if you wanted the quick and easy route download some free logo or clipart.
  • Speaking of not reading....once again, no one is forcing anyone to do this. So it has ZERO real world impact on your profession except in the case of your overblown ego.
  • Why is the fact that we are not forced to do it mean it has zero impact on us? So if you boss tells you "today you either work for free or we don't pay you and give your job to someone who will do it for free" everything will be ok? It's something that's hard to understand until you work in design and start trying to find work. The complaint isn't about one contest, it's about thousands of contests everyday. Our job is becoming one big free contest. And when we complain we always get bullied with "where's your passion" and "it's only one contest", and "I don't have much money". It's always the same thing. Design is more and more important these days, it's now in everything, but we get paid less and less. People always turn it into contests because design is a passion. We are passionate about our job and se we don't need to get paid. Well... Yeah we are passionate about our job and that's why we complain when people are trying to take it from us. What would people say if Walmart would start doing "be a cashier for a day" contests or if people started doing contests for engineering jobs or doctors. It'd be the big thing, you'd ear it in the news, people would be walking down the streets to complain, but now... No... It's design, it's a passion!!! It's not about money!...
  • FFugue: "Design is more and more important these days, it's now in everything, but we get paid less and less."
    Then there are too many designers, or designers are not doing a good job demonstrating the value and importance of their work.  Design, like every other profession, is only worth what people are willing to pay.  The field is being disrupted, and tested.  Crowdsourcing will only work as long it delivers good enough design.  If the results are consistently underwhelming, people will look for a new model (or refocus on the old model).
    FFuge:"What would people say if Walmart would start doing "be a cashier for a day" contests "
    Walmart does this, every day; as do most large grocers in the U.S.  They have checkout lines where you scan your own items.  My local stores started with one self-service lane, and are now up to four.   And there are "contests" for all kinds of professions- they're called RFPs.  You explain to a prospective customer why your work is superior and is a better value.  As for engineering and medicine, well I'd hesitate before putting those in the same group as design.  If an engineer or a doctor screws up, lots of people can die.  Maybe a poorly designed icon for a railway switch or a plane cockpit would be equally disastrous- but those jobs are not what we're talking about here.  A lackluster app icon is not going to kill anyone.     Outside of a few professions, people work without guaranteed contracts.  You can be terminated any day.  And if a business can replace your production at a lower cost, they will. Want to maintain Design as an esteemed, well-paying profession?  DEMONSTRATE value, with real evidence; show people the risks of using crappy design. 
  • Good post and some interesting points made.
  • You shouldn't have picked a job that is so easy for others to do then should you? Most people can design good stuff in their spare time as well as do their real job. It's a hobby for some, like me. You don't hear athletes complaining about some bloke who used to be a baker who started running really well. "Oh suddenly everyone can run, can they? Why's he entering the Olympics now, should be baking bread?" Etc.
  • Geez...are you thick in the head? You keep making comparisons to situations that are completely unrelated. Right after quoting my 'not being forced to do it' statement you compare it to a completely different situation. The app creator is NOT your boss. He does NOT have authority over you or your financial/work situation in any way. You are desperately grasping straws now.
  • Most designers don't have just one boss. Everyone who wants a design is my boss. More lately more and more of these boss are asking me to work for free, or ae saying they are going to pay me but never do. Anyway, I just think that the same discussions that took place when people started stealing movies and music need to take place for design. It's not something that's gonna get fixed overnight, but the discussion needs to happen.
  • Everyone who wants a design is NOT your boss. They are potential CLIENTS. You have a choice to accept their offer and pay. A choice. A CHOICE!!
    Now you're comparing this to illegal downloading of music and movies?? Man, you are beyond logic and any rational discussion.
  • Also, you must have a pretty low standard if anything more than gift cards is a "lofty" standard haha
  • I don't truly believe this, except in this case for all the whiners: Graphic Arts is for all the slow kids who couldn't make it as a real artist.
  • wow ... now thats what I call an idiotic comment. congrats.
  • What do you do? Since you didn't make it as a doctor, lawyer or a scientist.
  • Engineer. Like I said, just a slam to those whining about a request for voluntary support that could lead to a nice little reward.
  • Engineering is pretty badass. Kind of wish I went into it at times, plus it's a field that actually has growth, especially if female.
  • Heh, true. I just liked this Walking Dead walker. I'm a dude.
  • Yeah, it's not "professional-tier pricing", but it's an okay start with good recognition. If you ever have to sell your soul to do one contest, let it be this one so it can count.
  • People are so mad these days... Come on guys, is a new year! How about to change something in your behavior??
  • Who should change their way? Designers wanting to put food on their table or the rest of the world not wanting to pay for design?
  • Seriously, it's one single contest for one app. Quit with the "putting food on the table" drama. We CAN give away whatever we want for free, it's a free world to create.
  • It actually happens all the time and that's why its a problem. You're not a designer so you probably dont hear about this.
  • Dude your article is getting blasted lol
  • It's an app. Don't like the offer, don't do it. But one guy's gonna get his $65 worth. And what happened to doing things out of passion? Out of fun? It's a contest, so just have a go at it, nobody loses if you submit a design.
  • Following up from Daniel, why aren't any designers looking at this as a chance at some publicity for their services? Or how about as an opportunity for a design student? Not every job is suitable for everyone, but every job is suitable for someone.
  • "Publicity" doesn't pay the bills
  • I want to make it, but I don't know how to design it
  • Use the force, borin
  • I actually really like the current logo. Not sure why he'd want to change it.
  • WTH is up with all the negativity. It was meant to be fun and I see nothing wrong with gift card offering. Truth be told, I imagine many of the negative (designers) are using pirated Adobe, so be happy, you're being offered something when you paid nothing and only going to go to a image search and find a logo to copy and manipulate.
  • So why not have the developer just do that?  Also, Time is Money.
  • No one is forcing anyone to spend any time on this.
  • Exactly!
  • If its not worth your time then just don't involve yourself. Don't worry, I'll make sure they pull the gun away from your head.
  • I think it's really sad that you think that's all designers do
  • I'm sorry this has stirred up this controversy.
    If you don't feel like it is worth your time, don't do it. On the other hand, if you have some free time and want to participate, feel free.
    I'm not trying to "cheapen the field", as it's a field I half live in as a developer/designer/web developer. I could have recreated the logo myself, but I thought it would make a fun community event. That and sometimes when you work on something for so long, it's good to get someone else's perspective.
    So everyone please relax and have some fun.
    (p.s. I promise to "return" any unused work. I'll only keep the winning work)
  • No worries. There are always going to be the group who cry about any and everything and who missed the point completely. On a nicer note, I'll be trying my hand at a few tonight and will have a smile on my face the whole time.
  • And try not to use pirated software when you do that, since you assumed all designers are thieves in you comment above.
  • ...why not, it is what I do :)
  • These guys are afraid of competition
  • What if your daily job became an open competition for a prize that is a 10th of what you should be making? You won't win everyday and the day you win, you will get paid a fraction of what you are supposed to be making.
  • Actually I know about I work as a carpenter I put bids in really low, so I can have a job, and guess what most tines I end up breaking even sometimes I lose money after paying people.
  • Hey, I'm a designer! I'll do it! But I want a contract signed upfront and 10% of the business and/or more than just a voucher for a phone case. As a designer this sort of contest really hurts the industry. A contest like this can be fun but when it's about something as important as branding a successful application then it needs to be taken more seriously than this.
  • "As a designer this sort of contest really hurts the industry."
    Sorry, you can't just say this without any argument. How is this one contest for a third party app "hurting the industry"? If your occupation is so fragile that it can't withstand a single contest for a Live Tile, I strongly suggest something more...resilient.
  • Did you even read the link that I attached? More and more people and companies think that it's okay to use croudsourcing to turn this sort of thing into something "fun". The real issue I have with it is that it's not something frivoulous. It's not just a live tile or happy little easter egg in the application. it's the entire application's brand. This is what sells the application to the public. It'll be used in all the applications, the websites, and any advertising for it. The developer will be making all this money from my work (and his, obviously) and all I would get at the end of it would be a t-shirt.  What would happen if pocket bought him out for a million? What if they liked my new logo so much they decide to rebrand themselves with it? Yes, it's incredibly unlikely, but if they did do that then I would have no claim over my design whatsoever. The winner of this competition would get squat while Mr Gryzbowski would be laughing his tits off as he bathed in cash.  Now of course it's silly that everyone's getting so worked up over this little competition.. I know it is. But it's the fact that these little competitions are springing up so often now that it just makes the job of a designer so much harder. It makes people think that I "just draw pretty pictures" and I can "whip up a design in no time" when really a lot of time and effort goes into my work.  And I know, "if you don't like it, don't enter." Well, I won't be. And I'm sorry that this has blown up in the developer's face but things like this do have to be said.
  • You want 10% of his income generated by this logo? Gimme a break. A design firm does not get 10% of anything for logo design, and you know it. It's a flat fee, and the client gets all necessary image files to use as they see fit for as long as they see fit. You produce something usable by any number of clients, and maybe, just maybe you could get by with a percentage. But a professional designer worth their salt and skill wouldn't even think of asking for a percentage for something so client-specific as a logo.
  • That was more of a throwaway comment to make a point, rather than me being serious.  However, a percentage may be in this developer's best interest since he's such a "poor student" that he can't pay professional developers upfront.
  • But it's the fact that these little competitions are springing up so often now that it just makes the job of a designer so much harder.
    No, it forces you to demonstrate just how important and valuable design (and your unique talent in particular) is.  And people don't want to do that.  It's not what designers signed up for.  The design community needs to communicate how much work goes into good design, and more importanly how VALUABLE good design is.  You need to show that a logo based on several weeks or months of research, editing and inspiration is in fact demonstratably more valuable than alternatives that have been whipped up in a few hours.  If designers cannot do this then their work will be devalued.  And fewer people will enter design as a profession.  No one is going to guarantee good pay just because you spent a lot of time and money pursuing your passion and executing your craft.   
  • "More and more people and companies think that it's okay to use croudsourcing to turn this sort of thing into something "fun"."
    If your profession can be reduced to crowdsourcing, then so be it. That's the free market working and I endorse it.
  • So could yours, and it would produce much more interesting and well rounded articles that are posted on here. 
  • "Hurts the industry" might be a bit harsh, but it is pretty insulting to a professional designer to offer $65 in gift cards for a piece of professional work. That's less than most freelance designers would charge (in real dollars that you can spend anywhere) for 2 hours worth of work. I'm a programmer by trade and $65 is worth maybe 45 min of my professional time. It might be a decent opportunity for someone in college, but would you as a professional writer write a news story with a decent scoop for a $65 gift card to Best Buy?
  • How is it insulting if you are under no obligation to do this? This is an open offer to anyone, professional or otherwise, who *chooses* to do this.
    As for being worth 45 minutes of your professional time, if it takes a professional longer than 30 minutes for a simple live tile logo, then that professional needs to reevaluate his/her career choice.
  • I know dozens of industry veterans that would laugh their arses off at the suggestion you could do a logo in 30 minutes. In the real world you wouldn't even be able to get through the project brief in that time. Sure, any monkey can slap a stock image on a background and call it a day but there is far more that goes into it than you realise if you actually want it to look really good.
  • Its a logo for a Live Tile, not a major corporate branding...big difference. Something that basic should be a breeze for a skilled professional. You're not exactly splitting the atom here.
  • I know it's not meant to be a huge professional job, but jobs like this listed as competitions dilute the value of a designer's job.  And it's not just a live tile. It is the brand of the app. A lot of people won't even click into the app page in the store due to an ugly icon.
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but MOST people click on apps and download them based on popularity/reputation, recommendations, ratings and the needs they want served by the app (which would be why they would see the app in a search). Hardly any serious-minded person downloads an app they probably don't need because it has a beautiful logo. In this case in particular, the app is plenty popular on its own and a logo, professional or not, is not going to suddenly boost its sales by a significant amount.
  • I'm not saying people are going to download an app they don't need, I'm saying that a beautiful app will boost sales. Yes, the app is popular on its own but more people will be likely to investigate the app if the logo doesn't look like it's been drawn in paint.
  •  I'm saying that a beautiful app will boost sales. 
    By how much?  Will it boost trial by 100%? 500%? 1000%?  What is the bottom line?  
  • I'm guessing you're not a designer and don't know any who are. Your trivialising of what they do is exactly what's wrong with most managers and clients. "Oh it's so easy, you can do it in 30 minutes" when it will usually take a few hours to produce anything decent. You forget that it will usually go through dozens of iterations, playing with colours, sizes, fonts (if applicable), different images & styles etc. Even skilled professionals don't just pluck a idea out of the air that's perfect in every way. Then once the idea is finalised they need to spend time converting the images to suitable sizes, as for WP you need multiple sizes for the various tiles (small, medium and double-wide). You can't necessarily just rescale the image to make it fit the different sizes as they may need their own special designs. In this case they've made it easier by asking for only one size, but if you wanted someone to do it professionally they'd have to provide all the variations of it.
  • Im not triviliasing designers... Im triviliasing the unnecessary whining and hand wringing and the utterly bullshit comparisons to unrelated situations in order to soothe overblown egos .
  • Winner!
  • This has turned into nonsense for something that was supposed to be fun.
  • Pretty sure this is just a fun community activity targetted at developers who fancy themselves amateur designers, or really anyone who likes to come up with cool designs for fun.  As with any job, if you don't like what it pays, then don't do it.  I agree w/ Daniel, let's tone down the drama, have a beer and draw some some tiles for the guy...  
  • Agreed and no beer for me but I am enjoying some kahlua coffee, lol.
  • Great coffee, even better :)
  • If I could figure out how to save a Paint.NET file as an .ai file, I'd try.
  • Even if you could it wouldn't work, because Paint.NET doesn't do vector graphics. The Illustrator requirement blows it for me, too. It would have been fun to try my hand at the contest.
  • I just submitted a .svg If he likes the design I submitted, I'm sure there's a way to get it onto a .ai
  • If the image you submit is clear enough, I can probably make exception to the required AI file. If you ended up winning, I could probably convert it using my copy of AI.
  • What countries are eligible to participate? Can you put a statement about intellectual property ownership for submissions and the winner in the rules, not the comments?  For the winning entry, is it giving you exclusive rights?
  • I enjoyed reading these comments.
  • Can I instead send a .psd file?
  • I understand both sides of the arguments going on here, but the thing is that I don't think most people submitting ideas are professional designers. I know I'm not. So, yes. $65 is menial for a professional design, but this isn't really intended for professionals to spend their time on. They make more money doing their actual job that is the same area. The developer won't be involved in the design process, making critiques, etc. However, it's fun for a bunch of amateurs to do in their free time, where'd they be doing it for free anyway.
  • This right here. Just read this and don't be dumb. This contest is not meant for professionals, so thee is no professional pricing. You're lucky to have a prize at all. Good for you if you're a designer and might have a better chance of winning, but too bad you're not getting your professional pricing.
  • It's really about how this kind of thing cheapens the view of a designer in the eyes of the public.
  • Would I be wrong in assuming that you'd just be using a pirated copy of Adobe Illustrator to enter this contest? I'm simply asking because if you don't consider yourself a pro and your are willing to do this for $65 in gift cards that won't even buy you a single month of use on Adobe's creative cloud ( $74.99) then you are more than likely not using a legit copy of the program required to enter this competition. I have no problem with doing pro-bono work for non profits and worthwile causes I believe in. Pouch on the other hand is a commercial app that retails for $2.99 so who cares if it's created by a kid who's finnishing up uni or that he hast yet to be acquired by a much bigger company for a billion dollars. The fact is he IS already making money from his creation and should be using said revenue to reinvest back into his own company by hiring a freelance designer. I'd like to see a contest where a designer comes in asking for programmers to code his entire app in exchange for some gift cards just to see how how quickly he's laughed off the internet. Yet, when it comes to the "arts" is all fair game and nobody should get offended that their profession is treated like a red headed stepchild in the eyes of left brained folks.  
  • I created mine in GIMP and a trial token of, not adobe illustrator. I would enter this contest just for the chance to get my logo on the app's live tile, $65 or not. There's a good chance I won't even use the $50 for the WPCentral store because I don't really buy cases. I'm an amateur and was just doing it for fun. The developer has also had his app on sale frequently, and I got it when it was free. I don't even use pocket that much, but it was a free app at the time, so there's a good chance he's still not making much money off it. I have a lot of respect for designers, and I love the profession of design. Like I said, I understand the issue you have, but this guy was never going to go to a freelance designer. It was either do it himself or offer money for an amateur to do it. Big businesses are still going to hire designers, but it's not like you were ever going to get paid for doing this guy's logo. I don't really see this becoming a frequent thing on WPCentral, and it was a nice chance for me to see what people thought of my artistic abilities in a field that I'm not planning to go into. This was for the hobbiests and enthusiasts, not the professionals.
  • I think the designers offended by this also need to look outwards. The whole community aspect of technology news and forum sites is about giving time, opinions and expertise for free, and you hope you receive the same in kind. I am sure many contributors are in the technical industry, and could easily make the case that replying to a 'help' or 'advice' post is giving away their time and expertise, and devaluing their 'trade'. Likewise I'm sure many contributors give their free time and expertise to friends and family, without insisting being paid a professional rate. The difference is the same, you are partaking in a community, be it like-minded online peers, or friends and family offline, and the level of time and effort you offer to that community is a choice, and everyone is free to draw their own line in the sand.
  • The problem with your logic is that when you share knowledge on a public forum like stack exchange or a site like wikipedia it becomes part of the public domain for the whole world to see and learn from. However, when you submit a spec design to a contest like this you are not only giving away your rights to said design, but you are also surrendering its ownership to just one party to use, profit and exploit as they see fit. If your design should happen to be chosen as the the main prize winner all you are going to be left with is bragging rights and two gift cards that only add up to the grand sum of $65.00. Now, I don't know what part of the world you live on, but nobody around here will accept bragging rights as payment towards my next Nokia Lumia phone.    
  • The comments in this article have led me to seriously consider something of importance which had not occurred to me.   I am thinking I should create a contest for a logo for one of my websites.
  • Exactly why everyone is pissed off!
  • Hi buddies, I am a designer, but personally I don't feel offended by receiving a $65 prize. The whole thing is that we are all here because we are users of this growing platform (WP8), and we all wish good apps for services that we use and are still not supported. This developer has made it possible and that would be my way of helping him to continue his job. We already have some really nice ideas posted and mine are also there.
  • Something like this would be nice:
  • ANYONE, not just a designer can create a single color logo. Basically a shape. Why the hate from designers? If you're a good designer you should already have plenty of work to keep occupied.
  • What does it mean by illustrator file/AI? And why 500px (wouldn't the logo be distorted once shrunk to the 150px tile size?) Also, can we send in multiple formats of the concept (Wide Tile, Large tile, Small Tile, Medium Tile, Splash)?
  • I'm gonna start a compition, enter by developing an app and sending it to me, I'll choose the winner of the best app.. The winner gets a $10 star bucks gift card, think about all that coffee to keep you awake to design the logo on my next contest :)
  • I'm going to create an app that helps individuals who can't spell words correctly. In the mean time, feel free to use google or microsoft word to help you out. ;)
  • I hope you're not planning on using this design by 'robotessa' for your business. This is blatant copyright infringement and can easily litigated in a court of law. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------