Off-contract AT&T Lumia 950 now available at Microsoft Store for $598

Microsoft Store is now offering the off-contract AT&T Lumia 950 in black and white color variants for $598. You can also pick up the device through AT&T's Next monthly payment plans, with prices starting from $19.97.

To recount, the Lumia 950 features a 5.2-inch QHD display with Glance Screen, Snapdragon 808 SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB internal memory, microSD slot, 20MP f/1.9 PureView camera, 5MP front shooter, and a 3,00mAh battery with Qualcomm's Quick Charge tech and Qi wireless charging.

Contract-free AT&T Lumia 950 at Microsoft Store ($598) (opens in new tab)

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • Wait... $550 ulocked, or 598 locked to ATT? Does the latter amount include tax? Otherwise that doesn't seem to make much sense... 
  • Deliberate insanity. AT&T Next has been AT&T's excuse to take advantage of mathematically challenged people for a while now. I really want it today... but seeing as students can get the unlocked 950 at a discount I'd actually be paying ~$120 more for a limited phone. Honestly the price should be $50 LESS than the unlocked version instead of more... a fair price for dealing with the carrier lock and ugly AT&T logo plastered everywhere.
  • Why should it be less? It's $50 to finance a $550 phone, which is a damn good deal. Try to get a rate like that with a credit will have a tough time finding it.
    And ugly logo plastered everywhere? You mean the small negligible logo on the back bottom of the phone? That is Everywhere to you?
  • Except this is $600 unlocked OR on Next. Next doesn't raise the price of other phones, versus an unlocked purchase. Only the 950 (from what I have seen) has this random $50 charge on it for no reason.
  • I dont believe this phone is unlocked. The unlocked version is scheduled to ship on November 25th from the Microsoft store, this is just off contract.
  • Sorry, I misspoke. I meant "off-contract or on Next." If you are buying off-contract, why would you even buy a carrier-locked version, especially for an extra $50?
  • Negligible is entirely subjective, and I believe it should be less because the carrier lock makes it ultimately less valuable.
    Affording it isn't necessarily a problem... but knowing that random $50 bump also comes with it's own tax (and that this carrier version isn't eligible for education store discount) kinda makes it seem like they want early adopters to feel like salt's being rubbed in the wound. That and we'll likely still see those gorgeous carrier controlled updates so that we're always a step behind.
  • Verizon doesn't charge you any extra with their monthly payment plans.
  • The Verizon logo is one of the reasons I'll be leaving Verizon when my current phone dies.
  • I'm actually planning on moving to Cricket so I can get the 950.
  • I'm on Cricket and I recommend. Any ATT phone will work on it, unlocked it not.
  • Good to hear, though I'll be getting the non-AT&T one anyway since it will cost less and AT&T can't get in the way of updates.
  • I think you have it wrong. even if you go and say I want to buy it outright, it will still be $600 which is ridiculous IMO
  • @TLRtheory Have you even seen the 950 from at&t? The only branding is on the back removable cover, a relatively small icon!☺
  • And the bloatware they install? And the udpates they dont release ofr months?
  • The updates are the real concern. Unlocked devices will get them so much quicker than locked.
  • Bitches going to bitch
  • So is the unlocked 950 still shipping by the 20th?
  • I think it says 25th on the site. At least last time I checked.
  • Well there is ONE thing the AT&T version has that the unlocked one doesn't (I think). Support for PMA wireless charging in addition to Qi.
  • Expansys will be selling this device for MUCH less if you can wait a few months. *edit* They have the coveted green 1520 back in stock for $174.99
  • That's actually pretty tempting. Does "B-Stock" refer to it's level of wear and tare?
  • I bought from expansys B stock white 1520 like new but had touch issues, replaced it with a red 1520 which had scratches in screen and heavy scratches on the back, but works better now.
  • That's how I got my 930. I am still waiting, though th display dock deal is tempting.
  • Waiting for Expansys Japan to sell this behemoth...
  • Would be great if Microsoft would have a finance program as apple those. since my credit card at the moment will not cover what the 950xl price when it comes out.
  • Yeah, Microsoft should do something for the people with bad credit.
  • The only thing you do for people with bad credit is not to give them more. that would only lead to more bad credit.
  • I was being sarcastic. If you can't afford the phone. Don't get it. Pay your light Bill.
  • So so true
  • Concur with the payment plan idea. I know ATT will "reduce" the price for me, but they have been robbing me for to long. I'm switching carriers and buying off contract / unlocked. I just hate how these cool phones are (currently) only being sold by the att
  • Through AT&T Next plans it'll cost you 600 in total to pay for phone
  • Buying monthly you pay more, it s never a good idea for me, ir s not a house :).
    Buy when you have the money, it s more smart.
  • Except you don't. It's the exact same price whether you finance or pay cash.
  • You're probably better off buying the affordable 640 for $60 and saving up for the next flagship.
  • It's a lovely piece of equipment but I can't justify the value for that price, especially if a loan is needed to buy it.
  • Same for nearly every flagship phones.
  • It's not that expensive compared to a note, iPhone, galaxy. This price for a high end is great.
  • Will they be having a non-AT&T unlocked variant? My gf has been waiting AGES to get this and she's willing to switch from Sprint to Tmobile just to get her hands on her first Windows Phone.
  • Yes... Next week. Keep an eye on the Microsoft Store. The unlocked version is expected on Wednesday online and by Thursday in stores.
  • Alright! I'll hold you to it. Will definitely looking forward to next week.
  • the unlocked version is the 950 xl not the 950. Also next week is preorders only unless your lucky enough for somebody not to pickup the preorder.
  • There's also an unlocked 950 that has not yet gone on sale (check online for yourself). I called yesterday to check in store availability and that's what they told me too. It's coming...
  • They are going to kill this phone the way they killed the 830. Have heard good and bad on the Windows Central Forum. Specs seem good; but I have seen posts that say the big quality is not real good. I have not seen or touched one myself so I will hold off on saying the quality is not there. At 600$ the price does seem a bit high for a unproven product. I have also heard that there have been problems with W10 on it. But then again I have never touched one so you can take that with a shaker of salt. Will continue to putter along with my 640 and Moto G lte, though I am taking a hard look at the Moto G Ultra, which at 250$ seems like a very good upgrade from my Moto G lte.
  • What's with the poor article? No mention why the price doesn't add up? Also the "recount"?
  • AT&T Next Plans start at 30 months, so the price adds up. Assuming that's what you're talking about.   
  • Not what I'm talking about. The price is almost $50 more than the unbranded 950 and the writer just glossed over that completely.
  • The ATT version has both qi and PMA wireless charging. The Microsoft unlocked version only has qi. The PMA hardware and licensing is likely responsible for the difference.
  • That is a huge difference. I'll be getting the unlocked, unbranded one.
  • Mr. Modi have not invited AT&T to India yet, sad
  • Who is Mr Modi... ?
  • The most foolish prime minister on the planet earth
  • Lol
  • I thought this phone was $549.00? Not gonna pay $598.00 plus tax. Price is too close to other flagship phones now.
  • I believe that is just the AT&T surcharge :-).  As far as I know, unlocked will still be $549 and is expected on Wednesday, November 25th.  I'll be buying one then. I was originally going to hold out for an Intel-based phone but having read that the "Surface Phone" may be enterprise focused and not high-end in some consumer-specific ways I'm going to go for the 950.  Also the battery on my poor, old 920 is really starting to lose its charge quickly!
  • That price is well above many flagships. All the current flagships can be found well below $550 and many retail for hundreds less. Micrsoft is taking advantage of the fanboys with that pricing. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dual SIM?
  • I got my Lumia 950 at the att store on Wednesday. They didn't even have it on display yet. I just asked if they had it, they went in the back and checked. only paid $159.80!
  • Damn, how'd you manage to only pay such a small amount?
  • Locked into a 2 year contract with contract pricing. After two years, the cost of the phone is substantially more.
  • $149.99+tax and is on a standard/grandfathered 2yr contract. Which means he's still paying the full price but it's hidden in the regular monthly fees vs. listed individually in the NEXT plans.
  • Hidden indeed, I get a $25 a month bill credit per line for being off contact. If you can't afford the $550 up front the best way to get the phone is ATT Next. I may pay $100(2 phones) more in the long run, but at least I can afford both phones and not pay $600 per line($1200) of lost discount over two years and another $149.99+tax on top of that. On contract price with ATT is like like robbing yourself of the $50 difference and the $149.99+tax. At least on the mobile share plans, don't know if there is a contract discount on single line accounts.
  • Going to Walmart and buying a no-contract 640 for $80 and unlocking it seems much easier.
  • It's$60 on Microsoft store and watch best buy on good Friday, it'll be $30 I hear..
  • Going to get three for my family (moving off VZW) on Monday. Two questions: 1) What're the specs on the $399 Surface 3 deal? 2) What cases are available for the 950? I can't find a good source to shop from...
  • Amazon has a variety of cases and tempered glass screen protectors to choose from. The surface question... Don't know that one.
  • ATT is offering a Surface 3 for $399 with new sign ups, but it isn't clear which model. Prob the base one, but not sure.
  • MS Store needs to stock the XL ready. This pathetic pricing joke, paired with the free Dock with the XL, makes buying the 950 on AT&T almost impossible for me. Because I can use the student discount with Microsoft, I can get the 950 XL and Display Dock for about $620, after tax. If I go with AT&T, then buying the 950 and Display Dock is about $760. I have no desire to pay almost $140 so I can get an inferior phone on a lease. Hopefully I can go off-contract and get the phone I want, because MS is pairing with AT&T for a major shafting between the AT&T 950 price and the XL Display Dock offer. If only MS hadn't underproduced the XL to boot. I have no idea when I can even get one because of this.
  • Either of those prices are way too much for a mediocre beta product that Micrsoft may just abandon in a few months. Considering the 1520 isn't that much different, I would much rather pay $150 or whatever those go for now and wait to see what happens with these device or if something that doesn't suck comes out next year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Then you don't know what exactly's going on with either. The 1520 can't power the Display Dock. It doesn't support microSD over 64 GB (I intended to go with 64 or 128, haven't decided). It's larger, and its guts (CPU, GPU, RAM) are less powerful and less power-efficient. Its camera isn't as good. The battery isn't replaceable. It doesn't support USB 3.1 transfer speeds. It's a fine device at $150, I guess, but that's probably for a less-than-pristine, secondhand model. A new 1520 is more in the $300 range. I'd pay the extra $350 to go up to the 950 XL and Display Dock, that's totally worth it for me. As someone who has lived on the 920 for almost 2 years longer than expected, I'm not interested in getting an old, underpowered device for another year-plus.
  • What if you use a credit card that offers price match. That way you can get the difference back.
  • Then... Good luck, hope that works for you.
  • They're different models technically. And they don't seem to be carrying the unlocked version right now in the US.
  • I have no issue getting this on a two year co tract with ATT, but I can't get behind the fact that the msrp is 549. So yes, 599 on att is a joke. For those who don't know, I 150 price on 2 yrs comes from a 450 device discount or subsidy. So full retail minus the subsidy (599-450). The surface deal only upsets me because of the requirement to 1) buy the lte model on a plan, and 2) because you need to get the 950 on the next plan. I don't care about the continuum dock as much, but it would have been a better offer.
    I am still hoping att will be carrying the 950xl at some point. Until that time, I think I have convinced myself that a 640 is my next phone. I know its not technically better than my 920, but for 29.99 off contract at best buy on black Friday, how can I say no. Even if I only use it for a few mont GB to a year, I can save up for an XL or just settle for the 950 on att is they sell at a discounted price.
  • Will the MS store also have the 950 on-contract?  I ask because yesterday I called several local ATT stores and the reps weren't aware of any 950s being available in-store today (but then again the ATT reps don't know jack about WP anyway so that doesn't surprise me).
  • I don't give a crap if the phone is $50 more at ATT. I'm basically leasing the phones on the next plan and trading them in early. In my case, I'm trading in my daughter's iPhone 5 which still has a $190 balance on the next plan. You can take that$190 right of the top of the new 950 since I'll likely trade it in early as well. The next plan ain't all that bad.
  • Where is the $550 unlocked option?
  • If you check their web site you'll see that it says that it ships by 11/25.  So, I'm guessing it will be available on, you guessed it, 11/25.  
  • A 3,00mah battery you say?