Off-Contract pricing for the Lumia 900 and Titan II

We have just received word on the off-contract pricing for the new AT&T Windows Phones and it's not too bad.

Just to recap, the Nokia Lumia 900 will launch on April 8, 2012 for $99 after two year contractual discounts. The HTC Titan II will also launch on April 8, 2012 for $199 after contractual discounts.

Should you choose to get either Windows Phone without the contractual discounts, the Lumia 900 will run you $449.99 and the Titan II will be running $549.99.

The off-contract pricing gives you the option to enjoy a new Windows Phone without worrying with a two year commitment or if you're in the middle of a contract and don't qualify for an early discount.

All the while leaves us with one question. Which to get? Titan II or Lumia 900?

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  • 900 > Titan
  • Agreed. The only reasons I've seen people give for choosing the TITAN II is because of the 16 MP camera...little do they know that the 900 will still take much better pictures because of the better sensor. Megapixels mean NOTHING when it comes to camera quality, they are simply used as a marketing tool.
  • Whoa whoa whoa....I think it's waaay to early to judge this. Yes, more MP does not mean better quality, but the sensor on Nokia's phone is NOT that great. My Titan absolutely kills my Lumia 800 is low light situations. They're both 8MP. The Titan uses a BSI sensor, Lumia dos not. That's the difference and that's still the difference with the Titan II and Lumia 900. Trust me, when I review both we will address this, but lets not declare a winner just yet. The Lumia cameras so far have not been ground breaking. The Lumia 800/900 has Carl Zeiss optics (read: lenses), that says nothing of the SENSOR. Lets not confuse the two.
  • This doesn't sound reassuring. The Lumia 800 camera is awful (even on latest firmware), this should really be fixed in the 900.
  • Dude.. i just HAD to create a new account to reply to this...
    I'm a HUGE Windows Phone 7 fan, currently using the HTC Titan myself, and it's by far ONE OF THE WORST phone camera's i've EVER SEEN! I think my old Samsung FLIP PHONE that i had on Sprint like... super long ago is better then this thing. 
    When i take low light pictures it's TOTALLY DARK, the pics are non existant.
  • Something is wrong then with your camera. The BSI sensor in the Titan is similar to the iPhone and the consensus on the Titan is that's one of the best cameras around.
  • An HTC camera that is any good ? Really ?
  • Agreed. My Titan takes AMAZING pictures. People often ask what camera I use.
  • I cannot agree with you - or - must say you have a particular piece problems. There are four people using Titan in my company and all of them are very happy with the quality of the pictures taken by their Titans. Former iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users...
    I have taken quite a few of pictures and videos with Titan and must say that because of this phone I have no more need of carrying a small camera with me to take pictures...
  • I've had many HTC phones and the one thing they all had in common was their camera sucked. That being said, I was overjoyed to find that my TITAN had the best camera on any phone I had ever seen or used. IT was better than my Focus and the S as well which wasn't bad. It definitely equals some point and shoots IMHO. Throw in their camera apps such as panorama and increasing it to 16 mgs I think the 900 will have to really bring something special to the table to compete.
  • I don't think my 710 takes stunningly great pictures but if you consistantly use the auto-fix feature they come out really really well. I thought all my pictures were too dark but using that auto-fix makes them all perfect. You should try it!
  • The Nokia's camera performance is expecting an upgrade, but at the moment, it's not the "epic" level it could be yet.  The 16MP camera on the Titan II however is looking incredible.  I would be willing to call the camera issue a draw on the understanding that Nokia/MS will fix the issue just because in either case, the camera's are going to be awesome. I'm leaning toward Nokia because of their commitment to a couple apps that the Titan II won't have.  Nokia Drive, Nokia Traffic, Nokia Music (hopefully comes to Canada) and a couple other Nokia made apps that I can't think of at the moment.  Also I think there will be more down the road that will come to the Nokia products as part of the partnership with MS and their freedom to make their tweaks in future releases. I personally also feel the Nokia wins on style in shape and feel, but also including color.  I want the blue one, just because it's different.  Being less cost basically tips the scales.  Either way, it's exciting to see this caliber of phone with the Windows Phone platform.  I'm planning to buy the Nokia off contract.  Sub $500 for a phone like that?  Wow.
  • are these phones compatible with the pre-paid monthly plans from ATT?
  • great price for that phone. I will own, can i buy it in store on the 8th?? or have to wait for 9th?
  • 450?? That's great!
  • That's right tony!
  • Yes.  Remember how much the original iPhone was?  I'm so glad I won't have to spend more than $500 on it (still in contract).
  • The price is still attractive for those who want off-contract :D
  • It seems like your current ETF has to be less than $325, which means if you add the price of the phone $99 (to sign a new contract)...Is still cheaper than buying the phone off contract.  Is my math wrong?
  • That sounds about right. It would be cheaper to buy it with contract and cancel it than pay full retail. Although it is more hassle than just buying it.
  • I was just about to post this on the forums.  I found the no contract pricing on Cnn..

    Cant believe my eyes 0_0....Selling my focus S getting no contract!
  • Not bad prices at all.
  • Now, if the ETF is prorated starting at $350 and the phone costs $99, then I could only lose money if I buy unlocked over contract if I intend to stay on AT&T for any length of time? Not saying there may not be other benefits.
  • Not sure what you are asking.  If you currently under contract with ATT and you would like to purchase the 900 off contract for the 449 price, you can.  You will just need to switch the SIm card from your current phone to the 900 assuming that your sim card is a microsim..if not, you need to transfer all your stuff to a microsim with ATT.  No ETF will apply because you are still under contract using a different phone. 
    ONce done, you can sell your current phone to offset some of the $$ spent to buy the phone off contract. 
    My example, i have a focus S that i got for a penny on 2 yr contract back in November.  I will buy the 900 for 449, sell my focus s for hoepfully 350 or so, so i really spent out of pocket $99.  Doing this will not break my contract since my line is tied to a two year contract, my phone is not tied to a 2-year contract.  
  • No. You need an unlocked version
  • From what i read, i believe he is on ATT now and wants to stay on ATT to purchase the Lumia 900. So no ETF will apply and unlocked is not needed.
    I really do not understand what he is asking though...:(
  • Sorry, I forget about people who want to upgrade early. I was thinking of someone (myself included) who is on AT&T, is eligible for an upgrade, but may want to leave at some point in the future. In that case, it seems to me, upgrading for $99 makes sense even if you were going to break contract two months later. Is that correct? The maths seems to add up, unless I'm missing something.
  • I think was asking what I was just thinking.  EFTs are prorated so in theory, if you're far enough into your contract your prorated EFT + $99 for the device can be cheaper than paying $450 outright.  But again, that's if your far enough into your contract.
  • Actually as far as I can tell...if the ETF starts at $350...The worse you could ever do is break even.   If you are even into your contract a month, then its cheaper to pay the ETF and get a new 2 year contract and the phone at $99.
    Also, unless you are planning on leaving ATT, it doesn't make any sense to pay to subsidize everyone elses phone and not your own (your rates for service are not any cheaper if you are off contract).
  • You are correct on a strictly monetary basis if you can do this on contract you will keep $350 in your wallet versus an off contract purchase.
  • If this is bought off-contract, will it have the ATT logo or just Nokia logo on center top? Will it work on T-Mobile bands (4g? 3G?)
  • If you buy off contract, odds are, it will have the ATT logo.  You should be able to use on Tmobile once you unlock the phone.  You will not be able to use it on another carrier out of the box, so likely, you will need to go to a 3rd party to get it sim unlocked. 
    As far as bieng able to be used on 4g or 3g tmobile network, not sure.. I know if you unlock a Tmobile phone to use under ATT, the phone is not able to us the Tmobile 3g network and will be stuck using edge, so not sure if it is the same vice versa. 
  • The answer is no: the Lumia 900 will not have the AWS bands for it to work with T-Mobile's mobile broadband network. All you will get is EDGE. It will still send SMS/MMS, make phone calls, and even surf the net, but not at any speed that is tolerable.
  • Yes, what kenosando says is currently true. However, T-Mobile is in the process of a spectrum refarm that will result in them having HSPA+ support on 1900MHz. This means that once the refarm is done in your area, unlocked AT&T phones will work on T-Mobile at full 3G speeds. There are already some areas where this is completed and unlocked AT&T phones, such as the iPhone, are getting 3G speeds on T-Mobile. In addition, T-Mobile will be rolling out their LTE network on 1700MHz starting next year, which means unlocked AT&T LTE phones should be compatible with T-Mobile's future LTE network. More information is available on and
  • Unlocked will not work on T mobiles 3g network. Sucks!!!!
  • It iswhat it is. 
    Side note  why does the reply go from reply to a box with controls before you can reply.  It used to just be the first box.can you make just the second box come up without going through the old box  
  • Read my above reply regarding unlocked AT&T devices working on T-Mobile at full data speeds in the future.
  • 450 for the 900?  I was expecting it to cost way more.  Yeah, I'm REALLY tempted to Craigslist my Titan. 
  • 450 wow i am going to sell my 800 and buy a 900 out of contract =D
  • wow....thats an excellent price for the Lumia 900.  I hope this thing explodes (in a viral sense).
  • According to my AT&T account, i'm not eligible for upgrade pricing until August, and I'm under contract until November of this year (have an original Focus). Will I be allowed to simply pay off the rest of my ETF and buy the phone at the on contract price or am I stuck with off contract?
    I'm actually leaning towards off contract either way since Apollo phones are likely to be out right around the time my contract runs up. $450 also isn't bad for this phone.
  • I believe the ETF only applies if you cancel your service. You will have to pay the $449 to get the Lumia 900 until you're eligible for an upgrade. It is very tempting for me, and I've been eligible since December. That way, I keep the door open to an even better Nokia phone on down the road.
  • If you pay the ETF, you are now not tied to a contract.  You will be eligible for the upgrade price of $99 and entering into a two year contract.  Simply, paying the ETF means you are paying to leave your contract. 
    You just have to do a cost benefit analysis between ETF + upgrade price vs off contract price. 
    Make sure u keep your # too.
  • I'd get the phone off contract and sell your current phone so that you still have your subsidy in November. Or, you can wait a bit and find the phone on Craigslist for a little bit cheaper by avoiding paying tax on the phone when you buy it from a retail store.
  • $450? Yesyesyes!
    Now the decisions: Sell the 917 or 937 now...or both later? Go for the matte cyan (preferred texture) or wait 3 more weeks for the glossy white (preferred color)?
    I may have to wait till the 22nd for the white. Plus, the others can be the beta testers ;)
  • That's true.. I'm in confusion.. Nokia Lumia 900 or HTC Titan II???? I love Lumia 900 design and Technology (I know I will choose this) but Titan has more battery life and 16MP camera..!!! In confusion..(Eeeeeeeee) I want Best WP phone I knew that.. Help me WPCENTRAL :)
  • 450 is an awesome price for the 900, I'm not on ATT but I would sell my radar 4G just to buy it and go prepaid or something. Unless they announce a Tmo version then I could wait or a Pentaband version which would be better
  • Read my above reply regarding unlocked AT&T devices working on T-Mobile at full data speeds in the future.
  • Glad my iPhone is still worth a lot because after I sell it I'll just use the money to buy a 900 straight-out! Thanks for posting this. I've been waiting for these details. Can't wait to get my hands on the Lumia 900.
  • Hey guys, does anyone know if the lumia 900 would work in Europe?
  • All pointless till we see 32gb ;)
  • Second that, sad but the lack of a 32GB or higher phone was my only reason I delayed my upgrade when I renewed my contract and kept my original focus.
  • This is still something that baffes me... Some mid line Android devices and even the iPhone have 32gb options, nevermind 64gb. The Lumina 900 is claimed to be the flagship (top of the line) Windows Phone 7 model and it only comes with 16gb ?  I wonder if there will be a SD card hack for it (open it up and put in a bigger card) because 16gb is not enough today.
    Crap, that's 1/2 of my music colllection never mind games and other apps....We need 64gb or even 128gb in these devices. We should have special order options for it at least...
  • Is there a charge to transfer my wife's # to my contracted line? (Both Verizon) I would def buy the 900 off contract for that price!
  • If you're on VZW then these phones will not work for you.  There is no charge to transfer a number to AT&T.
  • Both are great phones.
  • I wonder how much Rogers will be selling the Lumia 900 for because I plan to get one off contract.
  • I want that Titan for that huge screen...but the more I think about it, I kinda want the Lumia too for the camera. I guess it will come down to which has better battery life.
  • Having used both the 800 and Titan, the Nokia camera has not impressed me so far. We'll see about the 900 and Titan II, but I don't want to put too much faith in Nokia here.
  • Nokia claims the 900 camera fixes a lot of the issues they had with the 800. we'll find out if that's true soon enough
  • Well, forgetting the "issues" the 800 has had, the Titan's BSI sensor is still better--that's just a fact. I have the "fixed" 800 firmware and while the camera is better than before it does not hold a candle to the Titan's sensor. I'm not expecting that much of a change with the 900. That's not to say the 900's camera won't be good or even above average, I bet it will, but a BSI sensor is nice, it's what the iPhone uses and for me, that's still one of the best cameras around.
  • Well thanks Maletesta, you've convinced me to go Titan II.
  • What about the 12mp camera that's supposed to be on the 910 r whatever it is lol do u think it might be a good cam?
  • I'll wait for the folks at XDA to sim unlock it before getting one myself. (I assume it won't work with red pocket or h20 if it's locked, even if they are virtual carriers on at&t's network).
  • I hope you don't plan on using this with Sprint...
  • Yep... selling my Focus and buying a 900...
    Waiting for the white one though!
  • At WP Bench, top performance devices are: first two places are Focus S, then comes a Titan, my Lumia 800 placed at #957, still much better than my former Omnia 7 (lovely device though), which scored in the 3000s...
  • Funny. There are not even 900 windows phones and yet it scored 957. Smells like bullshit ;)
    Take a look again at WPBench. ;)
  • Read my post again. Tip: Lumia 800, that's my phone. Pretty fast to call someone a liar, huh?
  • And you can run WP Bench for yourself, my score is public. A Lumia 800, and name is SlayerSpecial.
  • Camera issues aside, I'd go Lumia because it's available in Canada...
  • Although I am tempted to get the Titan II I won't unless its 32gb or more. But I think I will drop by the local store if they have a lumia 900 on display ask her "what do think of this cool phone" and if she likes it then I will buy it for her. ;) btw are there emails or places for manufacturers and/or carriers for complaints and comments on products and services. I think I want to write at&t and some of the manufacturers.
  • Wow, that is so cheap... In Australia the Lumia 800 is US$630 and the 900 is around US$800. Yeah, we're getting ripped off over here :(
  • 900. $450 is a great price for that phone!
  • .
  • Would these phones be compatible with ATT's pre-paid monthly plans if purchased off contract?
  • They should be, yes.
    I have run into two issues (really, 1.5 issues)...
    1. Since it's a 4G phone, you will need to change the APN settings for the internet to work. Speeds are good (~5Mbps down) but are not HSPA+ and definitely won't be LTE. Configuring the APN takes about a minute. This is the "half" issue.
    2. I can't get Bing services (Search, Local Scout, etc) to work on cellular data. Works fine on my 3G original Focus but not my 4G Focus S. I don't imagine the situation will be better with the 900 or T II :(
  • Man, what a great price. I swear I was just looking at 800s on eBay the other day for that same price.
    Too bad it's only on AT&T. Not giving up my unlimited data on Sprint, and the only other way it seems to get that is through Simple Mobile on the T-Mobile bands, but that doesn't sound like a good option either. Oh well, I'd much rather not pay those aholes at AT&T and stay on Sprint for the time being. Still, freaking awesome price. Good for Nokia, I hope this thing blows up.
  • Based on The pics taken by the lumia 900 that have already been posted it is clear that the quality considerably better than the lumia 800's. Will it be better than the titan II? Only time will tell but very likely the difference will be minimal meaning the Lumia 900 is the clear choice because it has a more sturdy and more beautiful design, great Nokia apps, and a better quality screen (believe me quality is more important than size). My lumia 800's screen quality is considerably better than my titan's. Its too small for my taste but the Lumia 900 will fix its only flaw ;)
  • The Titan is a cool phone, but I often wondered that most people I know that have one got it simply cause they had screen envy. Still, its a solid device.
  • Will most definitly be picking up the 900 as soon as I can. Its a sweet phone, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!
  • $449.99 :O Cheaper than my 800 :) I'm going with the 900 since 4.7" is overkill...
  • don't you think the price of Lumia 900 is too good to be true? :-S
  • No. AT&T's pricing "algorithm" is simple for smart phones (other than iPhones)... Any contract price you see just add $350 and that's the no commitment price.  Unless there is some special online sale.  THIS ALWAYS APPLIES INSTORE! I know...I"m a former employee.  
  • Thanks for your information. I'm still shocked with the price :P
  • Lumia 900. No doubt about it. The design and the Nokia exclusive apps have me. Plus it's such a stunning device that when my friends see it it speaks beauty. Great way to promote WP7 to android and Iphone people
  • if you buy the phone off-contract, can you ask AT&T to give you the unlock code?
  • You can ask but they will not do it. The policy with prior Nokias was to send folks to Nokia.  With every other phone (besides iPhones) they make you wait 6 months.  So just get that number from AT&T to call Nokia or buy a code online and put the code in.
  • Does anybody know if the Lumia and Titan with those off-contract prices sim-locked to AT&T or are those prices for unlocked Lumia and Titan phones?
  • AT&T exclusively sells sim-locked phones.  Those prices are sim-locked regardless of whether you buy it with or without the contract.
  • They're definitely for locked phones. You can unlock any phone at or .com I forgot which one. I use it all the time
  • As excited as I am that Nokia (long time Nokia user here,since 1994 actually) adopted the Windows Metro OS, I have tu put things in perspective. I have a Samsung Focus ver.3 and I won't be able to upgrade until the middle July of this year. So to me it's common sense that  i could wait a few more months until the Tango ready devices, or even the Apollo devices (Windows 8 whatever they call it) hit the stores in the fall or winter. I've been able to instal the 8107 update on my Focus so I'm pretty happy with what I have right now.