Controller Gear Sea of Thieves Xbox controller dock is epic and affordable

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Controller Gear is known for producing high-quality charging docks and other accessories for console gamers. Notably, the company partnered with Microsoft on building authentic-looking charging stations for its Xbox controllers, including special edition offerings.

Previously, we covered the Recon Tech Controller Gear stand and discovered some sturdy construction, excellent charging capabilities, and attention to detail, designed to match the special edition Recon Tech Xbox controller. Now, Controller Gear is back with a unique design for the Sea of Thieves limited edition Xbox controller. But does it really match the product, and is it worth the price? Let's take a look.

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Design and construction

Controller Gear worked directly with Microsoft to ensure that their designs remain faithful to the Xbox controller designs. The Sea of Thieves stands thoroughly nail the themes. They use the same high-quality plastics, match the deep ocean purple tones, and even match the eerie fluorescence. That might have been enough, but Controller Gear went even further.

The Xbox Sea of Thieves controller features laser-etched barnacles across its surface, and Controller Gear has matched the features incredibly well. Not only that, but the company also went to the extra effort to include the Sea of Thieves iconography on the custom battery door, which mirrors that found on the official controller.

The stand looks sleek, slotting neatly below the controller. The controller also sits very comfortably in the base, connecting to the rechargeable battery pack with ease. Controller Gear also does a non-charging version for those who prefer to use larger batteries, and it fits just as well and looks just as awesome.

The charging version has a socket on the back for connectivity and has a really good weight to it to prevent accidental movement. The underside has a rubberized grip to prevent sliding, but it might have been better served with rubberized feet contacts instead. The stand doesn't seem to come into full contact with my table, and if you attempt to use the controller to navigate the dashboard, for example, while it's docked for charging the dock will rotate on some surfaces.

Regardless, if you're planning to get the non-charging version, this is a must-have accessory for anyone with the Sea of Thieves Xbox controller.

Battery life

Most charge dock manufacturers for Xbox try to cut corners on the battery quality, but thankfully, that's not the case here. While I couldn't find any information on the exact measurements within the cell, Controller Gear claims you can get around 12 hours of playtime out of this battery, and in my experience, it comes fairly close, at around eight to 10 hours of continuous use.

I had an issue with my previous Controller Gear charge dock, where the battery would deplete without being used. It's quite possible I had a defective or old battery before because this new one has been absolutely rock-solid. I didn't lose any charge overnight, and recharging is impressively fast.

The battery charger also features a small light strip that displays as orange when it's charging and white when it's done. It'd be nice if it turned off instead when it was fully charged, but that's a minor gripe.

Final thoughts on Controller Gear's Sea of Thieves dock

Controller Gear has once again proven itself capable of replicating Microsoft's industry-leading game controller design team, matching the materials, features, and coloration of what is a very detailed and complex special edition gamepad.


  • Great battery performance.
  • Faithful design.
  • Great construction.


  • Charging light showing max power is needless.
  • Isn't completely stable on a flat surface.

If you have the Sea of Thieves Xbox controller, you have to consider picking one of these up. It's just $50 for the battery charging stand and $14.95 for the non-charging version.

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