Gaming mice are offered in a variety of different weights on the market, ranging from heavy 120-gram beasts to near-weightless 60-gram devices. When it comes to the latter variety, very few lightweight mice have dropped underneath the 60-gram mark. Cooler Master, though, set out to change that when it designed the MM170 Gaming Mouse. The result is a mouse that, while just a hair on the small side and not exactly stylish, performs fantastically and offers PC gamers the lightest weight available on the market.

The lightest mouse there is

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse


Bottom line: The Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse packs incredible gaming performance into a light, airy package.


  • Feels great to use.
  • Top-notch optical sensor.
  • Extremely low weight.
  • Honeycomb design keeps hand cool


  • Feels a hair too small.
  • Looks a little odd.

What you'll love about the MM710 Gaming Mouse

The best thing about the Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse is how light it is at just 53 grams, which is achieved both by the use of a lighter ultra weave cable and a honeycomb-like shell. I tend to prefer my gaming mice to have a bit more of heft to them, but folks who like things as lightweight as possible will be ecstatic at just how weightless it feels to drag this mouse across the mouse pad or pick it up to re-adjust your crosshair in a game. The mouse's Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) polymer feet help to ensure that mouse movement is smooth and effortless, too.

Category Spec
Dimensions 4.6 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
Wire Ultraweave
Materials ABS plastic, PTFE
DPI Min-Max 400 to 16,000
Price $50

The MM710's honeycomb shell, aside from reducing the weight of the device, also offers the benefit of allowing air to flow underneath where your hand lays atop the mouse, which helps keep your fingers and palm cool if you're in a particularly heated session of gaming. The fact that its holes are spaced evenly around the mouse also ensures that no part of the device is too light. This is great, as a mouse this lightweight could easily become flimsy if the positions of the air holes were chosen poorly.

The final thing that solidifies the excellence of the MM710 is its optical sensor, which offers pinpoint accuracy, fantastic responsiveness, and a huge DPI (dots-per-inch) range of 400 to 16,000. The quality of this optical sensor matches what gaming mice three times as expensive as the MM710 offer.

What you'll love less about the MM710 Gaming Mouse

At the end of the day, there's very little to complain about the MM710. My only real issue with it is that, for me, it was a tad too small. It was still very comfortable to use and didn't bother me much during use, but I noticed it nonetheless. My hands are slightly larger than average, though, so you probably won't notice this unless you're the same way. People with large hands should avoid the mouse.

The only other thing I wasn't a fan of with the MM710 was how the honeycomb shell looks. I think performance matters more than aesthetics, and there are definitely plenty of benefits that the honeycomb design offers, but I do think it does look rather goofy. Obviously, this is subjective, though.

Should you buy the MM710 Gaming Mouse?

If you're a PC gamer that prefers lighter gaming mice and you're okay with skipping high-end features such as customizable buttons and RGB lighting, the Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse is a fantastic mouse you should absolutely pick up. It feels great to use, performs excellently, and is well on the affordable side, too.

5 out of 5

I would only advise not choosing this mouse if you have large hands, as the size is a bit smaller than average. Aside from that, though, you won't be disappointed in the slightest if you choose the MM710.

The lightest mouse there is

Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse

Low weight, sky high value

The Cooler Master MM710 Gaming Mouse packs incredible gaming performance into a light, airy package.

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