Copy, Paste being pushed to developer devices; video appears of it in action

Wild rumor turned into fact today as copy and paste is being slowly pushed out to certain developer devices.

The OS update bumps the version number to 7.0.7338 from the current 7.0.7004.0, which is also probably not the final shipping version. In fact, Conflipper noted back in November that they are internally up to the 7.0.75xx level already--so this is definitely early/incomplete. No other new features are noted with the OS upgrade, so this may be just an early tester version to get feedback on usage and stability from developers.

Of course once you finally see it in action, you're left a little crestfallen---almost a "that's it?" kind of thing. After all, this is pretty basic and boring stuff here. Still, such a small feature will go a long, long way for PR with our new OS.

Source: Pocketnow

Daniel Rubino

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  • I guess other features that make up the "very compelling update very soon" according to the MS exec are not ready for prime time yet. I hope they don't get rolled over to the next update which would be April if this quarterly cycle continues.
  • Very awesome. Glad to see they're taking this serious. Now where's my Dell Venue Pro? lol
  • Not as slick as iOS but at least it's there. It's reminiscent of WM cut and paste but without the menus. Good job though.
  • I really hope they make that copy icon bigger, it doesn't seem wonderfully touch friendly being that small. Of course I haven't been hands on with it so I could be proved wrong
  • And if you can't wait, you can implement cut & paste with the current SDK/tools: