Cortana can now control Spotify playback on Windows 10

As Groove Music streaming sails off into the sunset, Microsoft has been pushing Spotify as its replacement, even going so far as to offer a way for Groove users to migrate over. It makes sense, then, that Spotify would also replace Groove in another are: Cortana.

Cortana can now control music playback through Spotify as part of an integration that was already in testing with Insiders but is now available to everyone – provided your region is set to U.S. (via Reddit). All you have to do to get started is head to Cortana's Notebook from the search bar on your desktop, select "Music," and then log in with your Spotify credentials. Afterwards, you'll be able to ask Cortana to play artists, tracks, and otherwise control playback with a number of different commands. Examples include:

  • Play dance music on Spotify
  • Play my discover weekly playlist on Spotify
  • Play <Artist/Track/Title/Genre/Mood> on
  • Play some Drake
  • Play focus music
  • Play rock music
  • Play my tracks

If you've made the jump from Groove to Spotify, this integration will no doubt come in handy. It's a shame it's currently limited to people located in the U.S., but that limitation is easily circumvented by changing your system regiuon and language.

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