Cortana Windows 10

Windows 10 and Cortana have recently had some updates on the backend. In fact, heading into the Insider Hub the top message is about how Cortana can now answer some common questions.

Another small but neat addition is Cortana can now respond to some questions using your name. For instance, asking Cortana if you will need an umbrella today the personal assistant will answer but interject your name. This response is in contrast to Windows Phone where the current response is a bit more robotic.

Although a small change, it is certainly a welcomed one. Cortana needs to go beyond just returning information and instead become more human like. With the Cortana service using your name, it certainly feels a little be more natural.

No word on when this feature will roll for current Cortana users on Windows Phone 8.1 or if they will have to wait until Windows 10 Mobile. The latest version of Windows 10 Mobile preview does not yet support this feature either, at least according to our tests.

Thanks, thaman04, for the tip!