Microsoft is firing all cylinders in the engine that drives Cortana. It was just announced that China and the United Kingdom would be getting Cortana shortly. Cortana also just entered alpha status for India, Australia (hello mates) and Canada. Now we're seeing some other changes with Cortana. Users are now seeing more answers returned à la Google Now.

Go ahead and try it yourself. Ask Cortana a question like:

"How old is Bill Gates?"

And she'll reply verbally with his age and give you his birthdate (he's 58 years old by the way).

You can also try questions like "Where am I?" and the like. You might have seen a feature or two like these in the previous weeks, but we're now seeing these types of queries answered intelligently on a larger scale.

Also, you're now able to select the departure date for flights that Cortana is tracking for you. Previously you could only track flights from the current day, but we're seeing reports of being able to select the departure date by going into the Cortana's Interests.

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Thanks for the tips everyone!