New Cortana for Windows 10

One of the neater things about Cortana is that the "look" of the personal assistant is dynamic, not built into the OS. This means that the page layout can be changed by Microsoft on the backend at any time. Going forward, Microsoft is still tinkering with how Cortana is organized, dead space and general layout based on user feedback.

The two images you see in this article reveal the subtle changes coming in Windows 10. You can see the Cortana icon is now center instead of to the upper left and some other minor adjustments.

New Cortana for Windows 10

Also, yeah, there is a 'hamburger menu' there too. Get used to it, it was in a lot of Universal apps from Microsoft, although they say this may change before the final release.

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We should caution that none of this is final. Microsoft expects to change things based on user feedback, but this is at least one look they are considering. We can expect to see this in the first preview edition of Windows 10 for phone due later in February.

Oh, and yes, you can now use voice dictation in every instance where there is a text box in Windows 10. The microphone in the upper left area of the keyboard shows how this will work (in combo with that new pointer stick).