Coship to use crowdfunding to launch its next Windows 10 Mobile phone

China-based ODM Coship plans to use the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise funds for its next Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. The campaign is expected to begin later in October.

Coship, which makes phones that can be sold later by other companies with different branding, used its Facebook page (via MSPU) to reveal its Indiegogo funding plans. The company first announced the 5.5-inch Coship X1, with Windows Phone 8.1, in 2015. It launched the phone as the Coship Moly X1, with Windows 10 Mobile installed, in 2016. The company announced the larger 6-inch Moly PcPhone W6, with support for Continuum, later in 2016.

The Coship Facebook page indicates its next Windows 10 Mobile phone will be a new version of the Moly X1. Japan-based NuAns used Kickstarter to try and crowdfund an expansion of its Neo Windows 10 Mobile phone outside of its home country earlier this year, but failed to reach its goal. However, Indiegogo allows projects to keep any money raised even if it does not make its posted goal.

John Callaham