What if Project Scorpio is a PC?

"You're crazy," I hear you shout, but hear me out for a minute. Right now, outside the knowledge that Project Scorpio will do 4K 60fps gaming and support VR, we know nothing about the machine itself. We don't know if it'll be a console, we don't know what it'll be called, or what it looks like. All we know is it's coming, and it's coming relatively soon.

Knowing nothing about it is all part of the fun, though, as it allows us to speculate and wonder what could possibly be. So here's my theory (and the evidence for it): Project Scorpio is indeed a PC, or at the very least be able to play traditional Windows PC games. So where is this evidence?

I've been keeping a close eye on everything Xbox ever since it was announced that Windows 10 was coming to the Xbox One in 2013 with the "New Xbox One Experience". Having Windows 10 run on the Xbox One was the first step in bringing the console into the Windows Universal Platform, and now, two years later, Xbox Ones across the globe are now running Windows 10 apps. Some might argue that the Xbox One today is already pretty much a PC because of this, but there's more to it.

Microsoft has already announced that mouse and keyboard support is coming to the Xbox One. But why? Gamers aren't going to benefit much from this support with the Xbox One as it is currently, as the Xbox One is a console. Very few people have their consoles set up right next to their PC, with a mouse and keyboard in position. Most people are playing Xbox on their couches, where a controller makes more sense.

Perhaps the mouse and keyboard support isn't really for the Xbox One. Although it'll work on the current hardware, I think mouse and keyboard support is part of a much bigger picture, a picture as large as Project Scorpio being a PC! Still not convinced? Let's dive further.

Not so long ago, rumors started to surface that claim Microsoft is working on a special Windows 10 SKU that would feature the Xbox One UI and be installable on traditional PC's, kind of like Steam OS. What this would do is transform your PC into a dedicated gaming powerhouse, with a UI designed for gamers getting to the things they love.

Now, I'm not saying Project Scorpio will be a full PC in the sense that it'll be able to run programs like Photoshop or Google Chrome, but I do believe it'll run traditional Windows PC games, all via the Windows Store. Project Centennial, an app development bridge that allows developers to bring their traditional Win32 programs to the Windows Store, including Win32 games, is a real thing. I've been told by various sources that we should start seeing Win32 games in the Windows Store this fall, too.

By "PC" I don't mean Photoshop and Google Chrome and all that — I mean a machine that plays PC games from the Windows Store, including Win32 classics.

So now you start to think, "okay, so Microsoft is embracing older PC games too. Why? Nobody uses the Windows Store, everyone playing games on a PC is buying them from Steam." Perhaps, the reason why Microsoft is doing this is because Project Scorpio will be able to run them. This way, Microsoft can keep their Xbox Platform relatively closed and not have gamers download Steam and just use that on Scoprio. Similar to Windows RT in the sense that you could only download apps from the Windows Store, but with a lot more support.

So alongside your standard Xbox One games, Project Scorpio will also be able to run any Win32 PC games that are available on the Windows Store. Still not convinced? Okay.

Microsoft has already started embracing Xbox LIVE on PCs with Windows 10, even down to the fact that you can upload clips to the Xbox LIVE activity feed from any game that runs on PC. If you're playing a PC game, it shows up under your name when you're online, too. That's with normal PC games that aren't from the Windows Store, so imagine what Microsoft is planning with games that are available from the Windows Store! Xbox LIVE integration, Achievements, Friend Invites, you name it. Developers have the option of adding all of this thanks to the Windows 10 SDK.

Finally, have you seen the Project Scorpio unveiling video? From the very brief and super vague look we got of Project Scorpio, I can't be on the only one that thinks it looks an awful lot like a tower PC, right? I mean, look at it. It's definitely positioned as a vertical device, rather than horizontal like most gaming consoles on the market, including the recently released Xbox One S

So, as an outsider looking in, it appears Microsoft is looking at making Project Scorpio a PC, or at the very least a "console" that can play PC games. What would that be? A ConPC? A PConsole? Who knows. Regardless, if what I believe is happening turns out to be true, it'll be an industry first, and something PC games and console gamers will likely love. In the meantime, I'm curious as to what you think Project Scorpio will be, so let us know in the comments below!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • it will be, I have been saying it for years, consoles are turning into pcs and this is it. I did not even read the article, sorry Zac, but as soon as i saw the title I just jumped as when i saw Scorpio I just said "that is a PC, it will run windows 10 for sure"
  • Not consoles but console. PlayStation won and MS is retrenching in that case.
  • Just watch, PlayStation will follow, they have yet to answer xbox play anywhere and just updated there streaming service. So they will do the same. Note that they have already conceded that ps vr is inferior to oculus rift, so how can one compete with that unless you build a pc. remeber that when scorpio lands, I predict xbox will look into vr and bam, support the rift. PC MASTER RACE ALWAYS WINS
  • They kinda are. PS just released their game streaming service for PC. If I pay x amount a month I can stream PS3 games to my PC and use a PS Controller and everything. They could flip a switch and make anything a PS4 console and do the same thing, or beat Microsoft, to the game...
  • If this is indeed how it's going to happen, there is no way you can define it as a "retrenching" move. Nothing about this screams "retrench." It's to the point that I don't even think you know what it means when someone in the industry retrenches.
  • Exactly, it is just growth, growth, growth, new api's need to be written, jobs created. no retrenchments
  • How is a Playstation not a PC? Does it even really matter anymore? Consoles have been limited hardware PCs since MS put the hard drive in the first Xbox. Essentially they ere a closed OS computer. The X1 and PS4 now are as much computers as this Lumia 950XL I'm typing this on. There are no differences now except chip architecture, and that means nothing to most people.
  • Exactly, as you will see in a later post I infer that
  • The OS and the store is the difference. What you can install makes it a PC. This is where Microsoft can easily go where no one else has gone before.
  • If you can only install stuff from the store, then it's not a PC.
  • He's trolling, that's basically all he does on here. They should ban him.
  • if the PlayStation won, why does no one i know have a PS4 but 30 have Xbox one?
  • Perhaps you like being in minority. You know better than I.
  • Why do you think your personal anectdote means anything? PS4 is outselling XB1 by a good margin. This is not debatable, it's a fact.
  • Its also a fact that game attach rate is virtually double on xbox vs PS4.  And thats where the profits get made.  So even with close to twice the system sales, and taking into acocunt that both systems are close to cost price, xbox is making MS the same profits as twice as many PS4s do for sony.
  • So the one who comes as second is retrenching?
  • I think a console pc makes more sense. Not a tower pc that can't run traditional win32 apps without the Windows Store. That would be a PR nightmare.
  • What I suggest? The next Surface pro or book should double as an Xbox. Dock it to a station and it's ur Xbox.. That'll be cool
  • That would be too costly. Not to mention, will be fat because of the GPU
  • It would also cost way too much for the average console buyer.
  • I think a much more realistic way this would happen, is to have XBOX be a continuum mode option. Tap/click on Xbox ui, and boom...... Any pc becomes an Xbox.
  • Nope.  PR nightmare when games won't run on 2Gb pentium-dual core crapboxes riddled with spyware.
  • Converted Win32 games is not a valid point in your argument, as they should also work with the current Xbox one devices as well as the win32 applications converted to UWP Windows 10 apps.
  • soon they will get a keyboard for word processing, then add a mouse, and then argue the accuracy benefit it gives in FPS games and there you have it... PC MASTER RACE WINS
  • More truth in this than it seems, I think. What's the point of putting an RT style version of Windows on it, other than to ban Steam? Users may as well run a full Windows box, or put full Windows on the new Xbox itself. Though tempting to lock out Steam for MS, I think that putting a cut down RT style of OS on it would not be a success (see Surface for reference...). I expect full Windows with a TV UI. I'm keen on getting that UI on my HTPC if it can support a remote control better than W10 currently does. I think Xbox will become more conceptual, as we start building our own 'console PCs' based on an Xbox or SteamOS platform. If MS try to put an RT style OS on it to artificially restrict it, they'll be missing the point. Again.
  • I agree, I'd like to see "Xbox Mode" just like we have "Tablet Mode", plug in a controller and it auto switches or just open action centre and tap the button to switch manually.
  • If they put a full PC OS on it, they will be missing the point and also lose a lot of money. Why would they sell a console that barely makes them any money and allow people to buy everything from Steam? Microsoft wouldn't make any money this way. That doesn't even factor Xbox Live into things. If it's a PC, Microsoft needs to say goodbye to all of that XBLG revenue because PC gamers are not going to pay for it.
  • Why not both?  Sell the XBox using the traditional closed model but also include a way for people to use regular windows with an xbox UI a roll your own or oem Xbox Tv UI  That is more functional and open but also more expensive.
  • Not much point if the Play Anywhere scheme becomes as popular as I hope it will.
  • I think the PC Master Race does win, but they are loosing in the social aspect imo. Too many games so no one plays the same games together. That is how I think an XBOX ONE as a service model could really benefit everyone. More PCs, and more casual games, Xbox One on my PC hooked up to a controller playing with family or friends on their XB1... Good futures ahead :D
  • Oh please no... xbox as a service... Just doesn't bode well.
  • Eh, more like XBOX with side PC core how I see it... Xbox PC!!
  • Psole?
  • PCon
  • ConC
  • X-con
  • Agreed. I see this as the long-term vision for Scorpio as well. Exciting!
  • Consoles sell well because of the 300-400 dollar price tag. If it can handle 4k at 60fps and vr it's going to be tough to keep it in that price range. PC gamers typically build their own pcs so I don't understand who they are trying to target.
  • Definitely not the same price range, because there are no point in One S.
    And it requires more computation power, so components will have higher price. I'd expect 700-900 price range.
    What Ok concerned about is that it has power only about of newest mid level cards(less than GF1070), so in "PC" version and without interchangeable parts it doesn't seems really great for me. UPD. Previously oh compared to GF1060, but announced 6tflops are closer to 1070. Still my price assumption is closer to $700
  • You can make a decent PC at $700 dollars. You don't have to use new parts... I've built top tier pcs for that price range. I have not had a single part fail on me. However as a rule of thumb i always buy new 80+ psus only.
  • I understand that but, I just don't see who this will appeal to. I don't see console gamers going out of there way to buy a $700 console. The launch of he ps3 proved that. Then you have the pc gamers who would rather build their own gaming pc.
  • Any PC that I've seen promoted with VR gear is in 1000-1200 range, so "standartized" console that is capable to run VR and bundled for you with $700 price tag looks good to me. I'll hope that I'm wrong, and your assumption is correct.
  • @catpoweredmouse. Some still bought the PS3 at that price. You can't disregard that fact :P. Albeit it didn't sell in droves at that price lol. Never the less there are a few who don't want the hassle of building their own PC and won't shell out over a grand to experience VR just for themselves. If at 700 dollars the family (at least 4) can get into VR then I see why not. It also remains to be seen how they will approach the family aspect.
  • I am part of the group that moved from PC gaming to the console when I got kids. Now I have 3 consoles since the kids are growing and our game library from the recent years is all XBox One/CB 360 title's.
    I would love a Scorpio as a cross over device. Be able to play the games that do not make the console but keep access to my library. But I do hope that Steam would use the UWP platform to make a version that works on the XBox also.
    The advantage would be that even though I can play 4K VR games and more PC games, many of the stuff I buy will also be available to the kids on the normal XBox's. So its all about transitions of your content/apps across devices.
    And I am sure there will the AlienWare XBox version also, running the same OS as the Scorpio. But that OS will have much stricter hardware requirments than Windows 10 has.
  • As long as the barrier between controller and mouse play is maintained, I don't care if they call it a PC or a console. To me the important factor in being a console gamer versus a PC gamer is the consistency from player to player. Knowing my opponent doesn't have a significant hardware advantage and has the same input capabilities. Sure, a small edge will occur with different controllers, network speeds, etc. But overall the playing field is relatively level.
  • there are already people playing muliple games with different controller. steering wheels for racing games, joysticks for fighting games.   keyboard and mouse is no different, and no need to separate it from other gamers   if you can't keep up, get used to different controls.
  • There is no significant benefit for more realistic control inputs in my experience, maybe arcade sticks. Keyboard and mouse however in a lot of game styles has a significant benefit. I don't mind it in Rocket League, where I have not seen a huge competitive disadvantage. But you can be sure in Call of Duty or a console adaptation of a RTS game (e.g. Halo Wars 2) would see huge competitive differences. A fine balance needs to be maintained for existing console gamers, it isn't just about keeping up or getting used to different controls. I have no desire to game on my couch with my keyboard and mouse, otherwise I wouldn't own an xbox one.
  • Too late. The Steam Controller has already made the m/kb vs controller issue a negligible concern. Unless MS go the RT route and restrict its use (very bad decision, see Surface...) it'll only be the PS left using a legacy controller.
  • The steam controller is a steaming pile (see what I did there).  Its staggering dreadful, and you're a lunatif if you believe its on par with even the more basic mouse/kb for FPS titles.
  • It isn't on par with a m&kb. But it does close the gap and you stand a much better chance than with an Xbox or ps4 controller. I was impressed with how well the gyro along with the touchpad work with one another. It does come with a learning curve, but the steam controller is a step in the right direction of at least eliminating the need of aim assist on a controller. I do recommend it to those newer to PC gaming who just can't get used to m&kb and are trying to play FPS titles.
  • "What if"? Quite honestly, the surprise to me will be IF the Scorpio ISN'T actually a PC. All we've seen from Microsoft - and you mentioned pretty much everything I could also think of - points out to the Scorpio actually being a PC. It will probably be disguised as a console in the terms of design and it bringing a controller...but everything else I expect it to be a PC. And since Microsoft already lost this generation's console war, it makes all sense for them to stop trying to surpass Sony and trying instead to switch games. By making a move into the PC gaming arena while keeping a small conection to the console, Microsoft is presenting to hardcore gamers a better alternative to a console but a cheaper yet good alternative to gaming PCs.
  • @DJCBS: Well said.
    It will and it should be a PC. As such, it will provide full support to all VR vendors.
    Plan is fantastic. The problem is execution and most importantly timing. Scorpio must be delivered by mid 2017.
  • Mid 2017 is unlikely considering that MS has talked about late 2017 which MS being MS could mean early 2018.
  • Prepared to be surprised because it's not going to be a PC. What's described in this article is not a PC, the same way an iPad is not a PC.
  • Nice article. To me Scorpio is a software layer or variant of the OS which will let you play both Xbox One games and Windows 10 Store games. Because it's a PC, it can do both. To me it's the logical evolution of the Windows 10 gaming software platform.
  • what if the current xbox one is a midrange gaming laptop?
  • PC One? :)
  • For me this is simple, as the pc supports controllers, keyboards and mice. If they want to deliver the best gameplay, you need the right peripherals to do so. the only way to achieve this is to build a pc or a new set of peripherals of which pc's can utilise the best (I.E. VR controllers). therefore it is obvious that it will be or either turn into a pc in the end because look as what the first generation of consoles did, compare them to their pc counterparts back then. Fast-forward to today, do we not see that our current consoles are just yesterday's pc's without a mouse and keyboard? It should be clear by no that it is inevitable Mr Anderson, consoles will turn into pc's and it starts with Scorpio I predict.
  • Nice Article Zac, I finally read it :D
  • So this is PC'on'sole.  where 'sole'=cockpit. 
  • I think Scorpio should allow 2 things PC franchises like World of Warfcaft, Age Of Empires HD and other games available on Steam Keyboard Input and mouse input And let choose the end user what games and what controllers he wants to play at 4K
  • I think it's important that Microsoft makes the Windows Store the main place to download apps on Xbox One to avoid what happened in the PC where the Win32 apps most often bring a lot of viruses and malware impacting the user. It is important that the user does not have to worry about a lot of things before you download games on a console. I hope more Win32 apps come to the Windows Store for me not having to worry about those bloody installers and be able to download apps without any concern. Don't forget that while a Win32 app ported to UWP have Win32 app interface it is an app UWP.
  • That's why Steam was born, and I think Microsoft's Games for Windows being shutdown was a big mistake, now to compete with Steam Microsoft needs to start all over again.  They should reopen GamesForWindows and support old and new Win32 games on PC's if they ever want to gain marketshare as Steam does today.
  • To be honest, I think you are still thinking too small.  Think bigger.  Console?  nope.  PC?  nope.  how about home computing device/game device/media center.  sort of like a central brain for your house.  Although most people dont use it that way, the Xbox1 is already a gaming device/entertainment center hub.  now that Xbox1 can run apps, it should be able to interface with smart lights, theromostats, appliances, etc.  with cortana, I should be able to have cortana track my drive home from work and have the AC turned to the temp i like, have my playlist playing, and have the oven pre heated to 350 so i can pop that oven stuffer in that i just picked up at the grocery as soon as i walk in the door.  And of course I'll need that keyboard and mouse for browsing the web, shopping, etc.  yes, i know its already possible to do most of these things but everything is so disjointed.  you'd really need to be a tech junkie to do that now.  what if there was one device that was user friendly and could do all that?  So, games?  Yes!  Apps? Yes!  Photoshop? Yes!.  one  device to rule them all.  one windows.  all is pne and one is all.  thats what i think scorpio will be
  • this approach lead to Xbox One + Kinect, which led to $100 more expensive than PS4, which led to PS4 sales lead, which lead to Xbox One dropping the ridiculous Kinect and therefore the price.  Keep in mind, KINECT was the reason the PS4 got the jump start.   Hopefully, they have learned from that and will *NOT* do it again. 
  • I love my Kinect though.   I can't go back. 
  • Would be great!
  • I think project Scorpio is MS going back to their SW roots and making HW vendors make the consoles ...cough.. PCs...cough. All PCs will boot into the game mode so every player is on a equal platform barring network speeds. Suddenly Sony now has to compete with the Dells and HPs of the world. MS only succeeds when it is monopolizing the market like with Windows. That is why they should never have gotten into the HW phone market. Too late now. But the gaming market is now their's unless Sony radically decides to license their OS.
  • I was thinking the same while reading this article: Scorpio will be the Surface of consoles and OEMs will be able to make their own versions of the Xbox to compete with it. There is, however, a problem with that logic: the development of console games is fine tuned to the hardware it'll run into, so much that you don't have to deal with those pesky graphics options PC users have in them. How would this benefit work in a world where every OEM can build their own Xbox with the specification of their own choosing? If Microsoft can solve this well then it'd be a big win for them.
  • It's an Xbox One PC, with a removable Windows Mobile phone inside
  • That would probably be awesome, but likely a failure to the world. =P
  • If what Zac writes is correct, and you could run Win32 games, but only through the Windows Store, I can see Tim Sweeney knowing about this already, and that's why he's flipping his lid. Either that, or he's starting a mental paranoia breakdown.
  • I dont think Scorpio will be it. I think it will be more of a tradtional X1 console. Down the road though, that is the end game. Would love to see a light Xbox OS built on Windows 10 core optimized for games, rid of all the legacy stuff!
  • I agree, unless they plan on a higher price tag. I don't see how an equally priced PC can achieve the performance consoles do, simply because of how "closer to the metal" they work, albeit being weaker on paper. Scorpio will surely be a next generation console and little else.
  • Reading this, i completely agree with Zac !! It'll be amazing. I'm not really a console fan and play games on PC only (both Store and Win32), but if this happens then I'll definitely be interested !!
    Great apps, games, power.
  • Scorpio will still be a console at heart as it is targeted for the living room. It will be priced between $499 and $599 (most likely $599) with the Xbox One S sitting around $299. It will play Xbox branded games only. This can include Win32 PC games bridged using Project Centennial but in order for them to play on the Scorpio and appear in the Store Xbox functionality will have to be added. We won't be playing non-Xbox branded games on the Scorpio.
  • Nice crystal ball.
  • "Very few people have their consoles set up right next to their PC" You will be surprised.
  • Scorpio will be no more a PC than the current Xbox is. I.e. PC innards but with a very curated and locked down Xbox version of Windows 10. It will simply be highly uprated with Zen based cores and a much better APU (Polaris or Vega derivative TBC) and hopefully SSD. Xbox is always about the simplicity and (nearly) always works console mentality, letting steam anywhere near that would be disastrous....let alone Origin etc (Edit..or packaged W32 apps without at ton of perf etc testing).
    Additionally with Play Anywhere there is even less incentive to make the core Xbox a full PC experience given that a PC (at least for most 1st party titles) actually becomes an Xbox in most ways.
    As for PS Neo, I am happy to bet that it will simply be uprated Jaguar cores with a more powerful GPU block (probably an upclocked version of the current APU with more SPs). Very much doubt it will be anything Zen based despite sites like Engadget saying it will be equivalent to Scorpio. We'll find out tomorrow of course :-)
  • If this is true. If Project Scorpio is a hybrid Xbox/PC able to play both with a console UI that console gamers would be familiar and comfortable with, it MUST have Steam integration or it WILL fail. Steam is the preferred PC games platform. If it's not integrated gamers won't have access to 99% of their games, and no one wants to buy a game they already own on Steam again on Windows Store. Not even hardcore Xbox fanboys.
  • It's not true and Steam will never be on the Xbox. Microsoft makes all of their money from Xbox Live and software sales. The Xbox being a PC would kill both of these revenue sources.
  • But would XBOX as a service? Being able to load up an instance of Xbox on your PC and play downloaded xbox one games and when you are done you go back into PC mode? That would be pretty sweet. I would probably get LIVE then just to play with friends on XB1. Cause I have the hardware to run it :).
  • It would be a financially questionable move: Microsoft would spend a ton of money to make, distribute, and promote what ultimately would be a Steam box. I don't see how giving up the walled-off garden that is the Xbox Store and all the money that brings in would benefit them.
  • Yeah, seriously. If people are interested in this so much, why don't they just game on PC?
  • I already do, but as I love all things tech, I remember a time when going to the local electronics store, I would go look at the "console" game section, and before I left, swing by and look at all the cool games in the "PC" section........always wished I could walk over and grab a "Made for Windows" PC game, and take it home, and put it in my MMicrosoft console, install, and play those games on my TV.........and with the current tech levels, I would pay for a "console" that could play console/PC games on High settings, even tho I know by 2017/2018, PC's will be more advanced, but imagine just as an example, buying Homeworld Deserts of Kharak as a game for windows PC, taking it home, and installing, and playing I n a console, may not be all that exciting for us PC master race guys, but as someone who has been on the side of not having the money for both a High powered gaming rig, and a console, it would be the best of both worlds...........and there's money in this idea, this gens "console" sales are nearing 80 million sold......now give an option to own a "console" that runs both "console" and "PC" games.......$$$$$$$$$$$$
  • I actually love the idea, I'm not a gamer anymore (I suppose I never really was a true gamer), but what I really want is Xbox UI on my TV instead of that Samsung SmartOS rubbish, what I don't want however is to spend loads of money on an Xbox that I won't play games on. I've looked at stick PCs and while they do make a lot of sense, the UI just isn't right for a TV so why spend £100+- on a stick PC to watch Netflix on a TV that already has Netflix. The same can be said for a stick PC running the Xbox UI, however replacing that Samsung UI with Xbox is well worth the money especially when considering the app selection and app quality will be far superior. I won't be buying a Project Scorpio in the future, I may go for a cheap Xbox One at some point, but being able to install "Xbox" on a stick PC is my ideal solution, very cheap, reasonably powerful and overall just plain convenient. Even if I could only install it on a gaming PC with decent hardware then I would gladly do that with dual boot and use the PC when needed for video editing and coding so it wouldn't feel like a waste to me.
  • Here's a thought, if Projec Scorpio is more software than hardware, is it possible that more than just MS can make the XBOX?  Is it possible that in late 2017, Dell, Lenovo, HP AND Sony could make consoles all running the same XBOX software?  I think Sony wouldn't jump on the bandwagon at first, but they are device makers, not software guys historically.  It may allow them to eliminate competition (Microsoft) by having a full cataloge from them while still being able to offer their own past titles exclusivly on their version of the XBOX.... 
  • I really hope this is the direction they are going :).
  • Except Project Scorpio will be backward compatible with XB1, this mean it is able to run XB1 software. Windows PC runtime are not able to execute some XB1 API calls, a lot of them have to do with graphics (eg: ESRAM ad hoc calls in D3D and AMD GCN 1.1 ad hoc intrinsics in HLSL). Yes, I like to ruin parties.
  • All I am honestly waiting for is blue tooth xbox controler support with windows 10 nativly. What I would love to see though is when a Xbox Controller connects to the computer, the windows 10 Pc goes to tablet mode, from there lanching games and navigation should be slick and clean.
  • Bluetooth Controller support already happened. I actually agree on that Tablet mode thing. Sounds like a greate idea and something I sorta do, but would be more natural the way you say it.
  • The Xbox SKU makes no sense on a "PC". It is built for a controller, not keyboard and mouse. And it is a terrible UI to begin with. The last 360 UI was so much better than the mess XO has atm.
  • Well MS has said that it'll force game devs to ensure that games run on Xbox one as well so...
  • Exact, which would be a "Steam Machine", windows need to use your strength (PC Game) to favor xbox and that is the way.
  • Maybe in the near future we'll be able to by a "W10 Xbox" license for our PC:s. But, then again, there's the hardware fragmentation problem to deal with..
  • It's like the argument around Windows 10 Mobile. It's not a Windows Phone anymore, it's a Windows device. The Xbox One is moving to that same paradigm... it's not an Xbox anymore, it's a Windows device. Just like I can write a universal app for an IoT device and scale it up to phone, Xbox, desktop, Hololens, and Surface Hub. Microsoft doesn't want us to think of using a specific device or form factor any more, it's about the mobility of the user's experience within those devices.
  • True, the biggest downside is that... everything is being moved to the top so for large screens such as TV's, PCs and laptops it makes sense. But for phones from a usability stand point it does not. Skype preview is one example, to navigate you have to use the hamburger menu on the phone it is extremely cumbersome.
  • As I said long time ago MIcrosoft will release a XBOX OS for any PC for gaming to compete with Steam OS
  • Maybe this is where the compute cloud comes into play.. People buy an Xbox with windows 10 OS, Xbox games work on Xbox or PC's of a certain spec (perhaps based on a MS proprietary/approved motherboard 'UEFI' on steroids to keep the hackers at bay). As technology moves on, PC's can be upgraded and the compute cloud can be leverage to stop existing console owners needing to update so soon, therefore avoiding holding the power of a new console back. Console refreshes are made as display technology moves on, for those must have 8k etc on day one..
  • Seems I kinda predicted the PS4 Pro scenario, apart from Sony are happy to not use the extra power and hold performance back to PS4 launch performance, apart from a little more 'gloss' here and there for 1080p users. Much prefer the up everyone's performance idea using the cloud..
  • Current gen consoles are already PCs, there's really nothing physically preventing them from running a desktop PC OS, and in fact the Xbox One already does. You might argue that they don't have a PCI bus for the graphics card, but then neither do most laptops, since most of them rely on the GPU that is built into the CPU. You know, just like current gen consoles, with what is nothing but a custom version of a AMD A-series APU. It's just that Sony and Microsoft recognize that consoles are different devices, since they mostly live in the living room near the big TV people have in their homes, so the vast majority of people would never use them to run desktop level apps with a keyboard and a mouse. But not only do they apps already, in the case of the Xbox One they're even exactly the same as the ones that run on any PC.
  • Horse apples!
  • If it were a PC that could run Windows 10 and standard applications too, it could double as an able, low cost (?) workstation.
  • Also, people might buy it other than console users, for example, I wouldnt buy a console but if it runs windows 10 I definitely might look into it. I would game the games and I would also use it for watching stuff. Not the same as owning an Xbox One right now, mind you.
  • I think it depends on what is a console and what is a PC for you... If this "Scorpio PC" can't execute pc progams and have to execute games from a pre determined store (windows store) for me it's still a console.. just like the Xbox One.. And what if the games coming to the store could be played on xbox one? it will become a PC?
  • If its a pc/console the only way I'd be convinced to buy it over a Gaming PC if every game released on it will play on it for its life cycle. That's the only benefit consoles have over PC at the moment
  • A walled garden PC yes. Basically what you described in the article. Again, I think it's all about the Benjamins. What would Microsoft gain from making it a PC? They'd be losing a lot of Live Subs, unless they expect to charge PC gamers for online gaming. Why would a PC Gamer buy a proprietary box also, when they can build one to their liking, without having to shell out, let's say $600 every couple of years. Personally, I can't figure it out. I know they want people using the Windows Store. I know they don't want to lose their XBL subscribing customers. I know they want Steam Gamers or any gamer using the Xbox App since they're adding non-Xbox/UWP game hubs in there. Now what though? Do they just build up their own gaming platform? Do they make all Scorpio Publishers Publish games on both Windows 10 and Scorpio as in Publishing on one will mean it'll work accross with no added work. It seems unlikely this would work since there's so many different game distribution platforms(Steam, Origin, GOG, etc.) and to my knowledge use the same Win32 platform. So why not just have them all on Steam? Money, of course. They get a bigger piece of the pie. So, I just can't see this working for UWP. Although, that's what I think MS wants at the end.
  • I don't know what Scorpio will be. But there seems to be absolutely no mention of the fact it says on Microsofts own page for it. Worlds most powerful 'console'.
  • What if Scorpio is a console and a service.  The traditional console is closed to the store, but then there is also a service that runs on regular windows so you can roll your own xbox or from any oem.  This would also make every pc capable of the minimum specs an xbox.
  • I thought it might be a something related to HoloLens...
  • Aren't the current gen consoles more akin to a PC than previous generations? Pretty sure I've read that both XBONE and PS4 use desktop grade hardware, especially for the GPU
  • Honestly I thought it was a PC when they first announced it
  • Of course it's a console at the official website its literally described as "The most powerful console ever"
  • That is indeed correct.
  • If that thing is a pc then it's not gonna sell. We will just build our own tower with better specs at a cheaper price.
  • I myself have built my own PC, but there are literally millions, yes millions of people who don't want to get into that......evidence by sales numbers of this "gen" of consoles, but they announce it will run ANY game made for Windows......it will be a hit.......a mid-level PC, that requires no drivers, no run as administrator comparability issues, jut install and play, and I can play any PC game that can run on a Windows PC......I'm in.....for 600 bucks.........
  • Of course it is. Xbox One (and PS4) are already PCs. The only thing preventing standard Windows from installing on either one is a locked-down BIOS.
  • doubt it most likely Scorpio will be a console. seeing as Microsoft touts it as "The best CONSOLE ever"
  • doubt it most likely Scorpio will be a console. seeing as Microsoft touts it as "The best CONSOLE ever"
  • Keep it as a console, if I wanted to play on a pc I would, its preference and look at how the old games for windows live failed. dont go back there