Dynamite Entertainment has announced it is helping to produce a Crackdown 3 comic book series that will help to expand the game's story.

The first issue of the Crackdown comic is set for release on November 8, just one day after the game's release. It is written by Shane McCarthy, who has worked on titles like Transformers: All Hail Megatron and Batman: Legends of the Dark Night. Throughout its story, the Crackdown comic will act as a prequel to Crackdown 3, explaining what leads to the blackout attacks that drive the plot of the game and cause The Agency to get involved.

When it arrives on November 7, Crackdown 3 will offer up some flashy, ultra-destructible action in an open world environment. The game will also be enhanced for Xbox One X, complete with 4K resolution and enhanced visuals. Crackdown 3 is up for preorder now for %59.99.

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