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Crackdown 3 now lets you team up in Wrecking Zone with Squads

Crackdown 3 will finally let you team up with friends in its multiplayer Wrecking Zone mode. The Crackdown 3 team today announced a fresh update is rolling out to the game, bringing Squads to Wrecking Zone, letting you recruit friends to help you take on other squads online.

The game initially launched without support for partying up with others in its competitive multiplayer mode, which was a disappointment for many. The omission was perplexing considering the titles focus on multiplayer mayhem, backed by its cloud-based destruction physics. But it's better late than never.

In addition to adding support for Xbox Live parties, the Crackdown team also revealed that it's making a few DLC packs for the original Crackdown and Crackdown 2 available for free. For the first entry, you'll now be able to snag the "Getting Busy" DLC, while Crackdown 2's "Deluge" and "Toybox" packs are free as well.

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For more on Crackdown 3, be sure to check out our full review. The game is currently available for $30 on Xbox One and Windows 10 (opens in new tab), and you can also play it as part of Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service (opens in new tab) for $10 per month, along with more than 100 other games.

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  • It's too late !
  • It's never too late with game pass 😏
  • Right, because thanks to game pass, publishers can rush games. Released unfinished "early access", massively downgraded, low rated, empty, buggy games at full price.
    It's ok because you can rent those games with this "new" feature for 15 bucks/month.
  • I don't think that's majority of games on there. I mean sure it could happen but I don't think that's the usual case.
  • @real
    No it's not majority, but look at the recently launched MS games. Look at 3 of the last 4. It almost looks like these are early access games launched at 60 bucks.
  • I don't think that this is because of Game Pass. This was because of development hell. When a game gets rebooted this many times during development, it's bound to happen. It's hard to name a game that went though this (except maybe Diablo 3, but look at the launch) and turned out to be a great game. Look at Duke Nukem Forever for a classic example. I recently listened to "With Blood, Sweat and Pixels". It was a good book that gives some great examples of game development.
  • @Avatar of Apathy
    My point here is how people will use game pass to justify unfinished games being released at full price. The "Don't complain it's just 10 bucks" or "You can always try the game for 10 bucks", or "it's ok, it's free on game pass" when in reality it's more like 15 bucks.
    I've talked about this here on January of 2018 when they announced that game pass will include all future console exclusives. And that before the launch of Sea of thieves, SoD2 and Crackdown 3. It's not just this one crackdown 3 but we are talking of 3 of the last 4 games. The other being the yearly Forza. But even that was weird for me because with game pass you get a game where your progression is limited by 50% compared to those who pay for VIP pass. So for me, that is a bit like using free2play economics except that you don't get the game for free, you're renting it for 15 bucks a month. I've already talked about how MS usually talk of quantity when talking about game pass. They never seem to communicate about the games coming out but they'll always hype all the news games coming in. Looks like they want to create that illusion that the service just keeps increasing all the time. The message is clear it's about quantity.
    My fear is that companies will just rush incomplete games into it and might finish it in the future. Quality will no longer be the priority because number of sales won't really matter any more. It's mostly about making game pass look like it has loads of "new" games...
  • You did compare games that developing before game pass. Microsoft probably talk about game pass because it's the difference between sony and microsoft.
  • Sorry Lucas, I didn't understand what you're trying to say.
  • The problem you speak of is not just with Game Pass though... Look at other AAA releases, especially when it comes to big publishers like EA. This a common problem and people usually equate it with DLC or the fact that games can be patched later, as opposed to the old times where games were burned in on a cartridge ROM. I think in this case they should have released the game at 40 dollars and it would have made it sting less to people. The fact that you can play it for 'free' is somewhat of a justification. Not really for the poorly made game, but that you didn't have to pay full price to play it. You certainly aren't justifing the service itself, the service should do that on its own. Hopefully with the new MS acquisitions, the level of 1st party games released on GP will increase to Forza levels.
  • With EA or other publishers I haven't seen people coming and justify unfinished games by saying "it's ok, it's free".
    Like you said before when companies couldn't release patch or add content later, they used to be much more careful about releasing a finished product.
    And later they had early access to help debug and build a game from an early version. Now they just release the early build as a full game and say it's a service.
    In the past devs and publisher used to be accountable for a game the release. Ratings and criticism meant something.
    When I see the number of times "game pass" is mentioned in the reviews of crackdown 3, I feel that it's a problem because it sort of let them get away with releasing an unfinished game. ofc I'm hoping that this trend ends and that all future games will be finished quality products... The Ninja Theory acquisition video was promising, I'll be hoping for the best...
  • Like Avatar of Apathy said,
    Delayed or unfinished project has nothing to do with GamePass. It's all about project management.
    e.g. FF15, MGS, Anthem, Ninja Gaiden 3, Jump Force, Code Vein, etc. * Many Japanese games today are still using 30yo tech and you'd imagine those projects can be done in a faster pace... but no. GP... allows people to try those above and others e.g somehow interested but not enough for you to spend full price for it, willingly. It's not ok, but it's not not ok either.
    And since people are already paying the sub, you can try it, or skip it, it's all up to you.
  • Gamepass would never work on the Playstation anyway with their single player only one and done exclusives.
  • And I hope that will never happen.
    I want companies to invest in making quality games. Not early access services that are empty at launch.
    Games that I want to play. I want them to be focused on making a quality product that is popular and sells well. I want them these studios to make popular games that sells a lot and makes a lot of money so that they can keep investing and keep making games... I don't want devs to only have the priority of putting a service into a service and to say "as long as it's in the service everything is fine".
  • > invest in making quality games
    Like... Last Guardian (10 years in the making but low sales)? haha, just messing wz you. Most top ps4 games are multiplayers. Gear, Halo and Forza are still active in e-sports realm.
    I can assure you, Sony (well, many publishers) would want to join'em, if they know how to build the next Fortnite, Overwatch, LOL or Apex.
  • Quality games that you only play once or twice with no multiplayer and zero replay value and yet pay full price for? As you know with game sales it's mainly multiplayer games/third party that consistently keep selling. The exception is Nintendo.
  • You may be the first person ever to refer to Crackdown 3 as "rushed". Also, Sea of Thieves was not an incomplete game--it is a Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) game and that was known well ahead of launch. It's the Minecraft model and it has worked very well for it. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as that was made clear well before release.
  • What a lot of people tend to forget is cost... Games dev costs have increased a lot from the time they were fitting on a ROM. And you have way more competing studios... And even platforms, if you take into account mobile gaming and their business model... I never considered DLCs as a trick to sell more content that should have been in the game in the first place...
    And I think game pass and the likes are great because for 15 bucks you can try a bunch of games and buy them for 10% off if you think they are worth it... That's great for heavy gamers...
    À business model that I liked and I think should be applied more often is the tell tale episodes model... Some games could benefit from it imo if applied and managed properly... Or something close to it... That being said we can't deny that some devs and publisher are trying to milk us... But not all the exemples cited fit that profile imo
  • @JMV83
    So now it's great to rent games for $15/month just to try it and then buy them for 10% less?
    I thought this game pass was suppose to be about value?
    Here it's about paying 15 bucks a month to try games. You may say that the cost of making games has gone up but so are the number of gamers out there. The teenagers who used to game back then are now parents who game and their kids game too. you'll be surprise to know that in the last say 10 years. major publishers are making record profits, all while spending less since on marketing, development and cost of goods sold (and that's adjusted for inflation).
  • You are missing the point of the 15/month comment. Sure if you only play 1 game a month, it can not be looked at as a value (though renting still costs more). If you happen to play more, or games of a genre that you thought you would never like and actually do, then the value increases. The discount is also a value if you truly love the game and want to keep it forever. This is the same as rental services as well. You are correct with your other point though, one should never justify a game's poor quality just because it's on a service like GP. It shouldn't only be a benifit of the service itself that you didn't pay for crap.
  • Sorry, no, actually I think I understand that point about trying new games that I may have never thought of and liking it eventually.
    That's what I used to say about GWG and PS+ games. At the start of this generation, I had my backlog but I used to have very few new gen games. I used to play the early games and often discovered games I wouldn't have played. I'm always against paying to play online, so I used to try to find games to make PS+ "worth it" in my eyes.
    The problem is that with time there used to be more and more games. Sometimes I used to say "hey this game looks fun" I would add it in my "rented PS+ library" and would put it in my backlog. Now I think I'm nearing the 400 games just because of PS+. That's not counting the various old gen games that I still have to play, the PC/PS4 games that I bought and still didn't play, the few WiiU/PS4/PC games that I want to play but still haven't bought. And all the upcoming games I want to play. I've done my research thinking of all these games and then I thought about game pass. In the last 3 years or so I've finished around 31-34 games per year. I would think most gamers would play around 2-3 games per month on average. There is a time constraint when playing games. It's not like listen to a 3 minutes song or watching a 1-2 hours movie. It takes on average more than 15 hours to finish one game and that's not counting multiplayer games that could extend it even more.
    With so little time on hand, do you think everyone wants to restrict themselves to whatever a company wants them to play? Here it's MS who tells them: "here play these games. Most are old or arcade games but that's what you are suppose to play since that's what we gave you. Oh and here are few more recent "XB exclusives" and few more recent indie games... The problem with this is that even though they are playing subscription to , they'll still need to pay to play major 3rd party games. Games like FIFA, RDR2, Battlefield, cyberpunk 2077... Personally, I'd rather buy and play what I want to play rather than depend on what MS decides to give me to rent.
    It's possible that with more access to content, more people will try stuff... But I highly doubt it'll lead to more consumption of video games. We all have limited time to play video games. Most of us gamers have a big backlog of games that we would love to play. I don't know about you but my backlog is just increasing. It's not game pass that will increase the hours in a day for me. Like I was saying, we've an example about these games that are "offered" to us. Right now I'm nearing the 400 PS+ games. Do you know what were the last three "free" games I played? Recently I played Guacamelee because I was between games and this was already installed on my console because it was a couch coop game.
    Before that I played Hue in March of 2018 and Walking dead season 2 in march 2017. And you know why is that? because I play what I want to play. During that time I played the Witcher 3, Horizon ZD, Zedla botw, Dishonored 2, Shadow of the Colossus, Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted: the lost legacy, Cuphead, Ori and the blind forest, Far Cry 5, Life is strange Before the storm, Spider-man, Red Dead Redemption 2, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom... I've already said, I've looked the entire game pass library as of now and maybe there is just one that I would love to play and that I don't own. But that's one I'm sure to buy the physical copy when it comes out because I just love the franchise. Other than that. It's really not for me.
    If Ori sequel comes out on game pass, I would rather buy it at full price wherever it is, fully support the dev and own the game because I loved the first game.
    If we talk of value I would say something like Humble Monthly is a lot better imo. You pay less and you get to keep the games.
  • Wow, that's a response. I don't disagree with you, especially with time restrictions causing backlog problems. Big titles outside of program are always going to be an issue, but this is a problem even without these services existing in the first place. We just have so many good games coming out all the time. Before this service I would buy games I thought that I would want to play, even really wanted to, everytime they went on sale. Then, I would never (and still don't) play them because the next big title would release. This and the free games each month from XBL are why I have over 300 games in my backlog. The problem is value is in the eye of the beholder, and is different for everyone. In my particular example I wanted to play FH4 and I found a year of GP for $60, so I figured I would just buy that so I get to play that game and a few others for the price of a new release. It's worked out well for my case, even though I only really play GP titles less than once a month, I still feel like I got my money's worth because I would still be buying games that I just can't play because of time. Getting new 1st party titles (the few we get) are a bonus too, because some of them I actually want to play, but don't want to buy. Crackdown 3 was one of those, though I wish it were better. I understand that this won't be the case for everyone, but I think my initial point still stands that if you play 2-3 games a month off the program, then you can find value. A problem is that you have to WANT to play those games on the program. I think they did a pretty good job with the selection though.
  • Yes, I can agree with that. It is subjective and especially with the newly released XB games releasing on it. Yes, if someone doesn't mind renting a game and not owning games once he decides to stop paying. Yes, if you would have spent 60 bucks for Forza anyway and get game pass for the same price...
  • He has nothing better to do with his time then bash a system/service he doesn't own.
  • @coip
    That's because they released this game without this major feature. A basic feature that's been there for years in multiplayer games. Ah right, that's what they call early access games now? "Games as a service".
    Personally, I want games to be games not a service...
  • Yup way too late, the ship has sailed on this one unfortunately
  • Lateee.... Just late
  • Fun Game.... if your 12
  • *you're
    Tbh the campaign was ok. I liked the movement even though it had it's flaws here and there. Driving and story was pretty bad and I just used few guns because the rest was useless compared to them. But climbing the towers and killing many stupid enemies with huge explosions on the way was fun. The multiplayer is a waste of time.
  • I mean, it's still horrible multiplayer.
  • This, all the way. Very slow and simple. SP is alright, but short.
  • Too late... I'm just waiting the new ori anyway.
  • Crackdown 3 is a blast. It got unfairly panned by reviewers, who criticized it for the exact same stuff that they praised Sunset Overdrive for. I'm talking about the campaign--which is just unadulterated fun. I never played Wrecking Zone as it doesn't look interesting to me. It's a shame they spent so many years and resources trying to make Wrecking Zone instead of investing those resources into polishing the campaign and story even more (we needed way more cutscenes with Terry Crews). But, all in all, I highly recommend the Crackdown 3 campaign if you just want to have some fun. Easily an 8/10 from me.
  • Don't support this rubbish...
  • I was a little late to try the multiplayer and now even with it being on gamepass and the new update, I literally can't find a single match anymore for either game modes in the multiplayer...
  • I can assure you, you aren't missing much, the multiplayer feels like something from the original Xbox, it is so bare bones.