Crackdown is now free on the Xbox Store (update)

Updated November 10, 2018: Microsoft confirmed that it made the original Crackdown free to get people into the mood for Crackdown 3.

Crackdown is all about blowing up everything in your path. The first game is regarded as a cult classic and changed how destruction is viewed in the gaming industry. Pacific City is overridden with crime and gangsters controls the streets. Three powerful gangs have taken the once-great metropolis hostage, and the police have proven powerless in their efforts to regain control. Only the Agency's genetically-enhanced soldiers can provide citizens with some sense of hope.

The game features an open-ended "sandbox" environment, where players are free to explore the city and decide on the best tactics for each bombastic scenario. Recently, the title joined the Xbox One backward compatibility program which allows gamers to experience Xbox 360 and original Xbox games on their new console. However, Microsoft didn't stop there. The company upgraded the resolution for Xbox One X so that it looks absolutely stunning and crisp on a 4K display.

Crackdown is an old game and many customers may be hesitant in picking it up. If you don't own the title, now's your chance to grab it for free. Yes, you heard that right, free! Currently, the original Crackdown is listed as free on the Xbox Store. It's unclear if this is an error or a promotion behind held for the X018 event in Mexico City over the weekend.

Whatever the reason might be, you should definitely download it right now. We downloaded the game for free and it works flawlessly. Hopefully this isn't a mistake because we're enjoying it quite a lot and wouldn't want the license revoked.

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Asher Madan

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