The creator of the first Start menu thinks it's 'a little disappointing' it's still used in Windows 10

Danny Oran, who holds the patent on the original Start menu and taskbar design for Windows 95, stated in a new interview that he has mixed feelings about a version of his creation being used once again in Microsoft's Windows 10. He stated, "In some ways, it's a little disappointing the same stuff is in there,"

Oran spoke to Business Insider about how he created the original Start menu but also gave his thoughts on Microsoft adding a new version of it back again in Windows 10.

"He only watches Microsoft from the outside, and he hasn't gotten his hands on Windows 10 just yet. Still, those mixed feelings remain: Windows 8 had its ups and downs, he says, but at least it tried something new besides a Start menu he invented decades prior."

Oran only worked at Microsoft from 1992 to 1994, but he arguably had a massive influence on the Windows team when he was charged with coming up with a better way to interact with the OS. His solution was to create one button that led Windows 95 users to everything.

"Originally, Oran says, it was called the "System" button, and it lived at the top of the screen. But for whatever reason, maybe because it sounded too technical, users in these Windows studies wouldn't click a System button no matter what. But once they renamed it the "Start" button, people understood it intuitively."

Source: Business Insider

John Callaham