Creators Update now on nearly 66 percent of Windows 10 PCs, according to AdDuplex

The latest monthly report on the Windows ecosystem from AdDuplex is here, allowing us to see how the reach of the Windows 10 Creators Update has expanded and more. After finally crossing the 50 percent threshold in July, August's numbers reveal that the Creators Update is now installed on nearly two-thirds of Windows 10 PCs.

August CU coverage

That's much higher than the Anniversary Update's share of the pie, which is down to 30.1 percent. However, as AdDuplex notes, the Creator's Update is still lagging behind where the Anniversary Update was at this point following its release. The Anniversary Update, by comparison, had well surpassed 75 percent coverage of Windows 10 PCs by this point in its release.

Drilling down into coverage by manufacturer, it seems Microsoft has made some gains over the past month. In July, Microsoft was lagging behind other manufacturers in Creators Update coverage. Now, Microsoft is in the top three, with gains largely thanks to the Surface Pro 3 jumping from 20 percent coverage to more than 60 percent. That said, all of the sampled manufacturers show that around 60-70 percent of their machines now have the Creators Update installed, so there aren't any major outliers.

CU Manufacturer Coverage

Finally, AdDuplex dives into Surface market share numbers, showing that the Surface Pro 4 is still by far the most prevalent Surface in use with a 43.6 percent share. Surface Pro 3 follows with a 22.2 percent share, while Surface 3 claims a 12.2 percent share. Microsoft's latest Surfaces, the Surface Pro and Surface Laptop, claim shares of 3.7 percent and 1.4 percent, respectively.

As always, it's worth noting that AdDuplex's numbers are based on a sampling of 5,000 Windows Store apps that use the AdDuplex SDK. Real figures likely differ, but the firm's monthly reports are useful for tracking trends. The numbers for the August report were gathered on August 22.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • My house was upgraded a long time back, but some other PCs I use elsewhere, one hasn't even been offered it and another identical computer in the same place has it.  So not sure on the rollout strategy, but it's still not rolling out to every PC.
  • Hardware compatibility. They'll roll it out to specifications that they know will have zero to low amount of issues. As you can imagine with the amount of hardware out there, motherboards, gpu. The combinations are endless. The reason apple get away with offering it to everyone is because no one else can manufacture apple hardware but Apple themselves. So the hardware is limited to a set few devices and specifications.
  • But as the OP said, two identical machines but only one is offered the update. I have over 50 identical lab computers and see the same thing. Only some of them have been offered the latest update. Why? It isn't hardware differences.
  • Ah apologies. I didn't read properly. I no longer have an answer 😀
  • These really are identical laptops too.  Same model/memory/cpu etc.  No extra things plugged in (well they both have identical label printers) and the same software as they're used for the same purpose.  I know because I uninstalled them back to nothing a year ago removing all the HP junk and left only the application used on them.  So no obvious logic why one has CU and other other doesn't.  I could easily force the update using the advisor tool, but I'm waiting to see when it naturallly occurs.
  • Download the ISO and do an in place upgrade
  • My used MSI has it...Love MSI and 10 is great.
  • Not on mine nope.
  • Not on any of my 4 PC's. 
  • My desktops & laptops were offered it in the first couple of weeks. My tablets (SP3, Samsung, HP) were only offered it within the past fortnight.