CREDO Mobile now stocking the HTC Arrive

CREDO Mobile, a reseller of Sprint and a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), have got hands on their first Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive. The Arrive features a 3.6" screen, a vertical slide-out physical keyboard, 16GB storage, Windows Phone Mango and is a decent first generation handset. New customers can get the device for $199.99 on a two year contract. Best of all, it'll have all the Mango improvements on-board.

Source: CREDO Mobile (opens in new tab), thanks Mark for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • When you switch carriers do you lose all your apps?
  • As others noted, you don't lose your apps. I have three carriers (TMo, AT&T and Sprint) and my apps are not tied to any of them.
  • 3 carriers. Well, Go Dan! Ballin'. :)
  • As I understand it no, you do not lose any apps... they are tied to your Windows Live ID, not the carrier.If only this phone was on Verizon I could have very easily gotten my mother and father-in-laws on them. They insisted on a physical keyboard (which I think is a valid argument), so they went with Android and are now very confused on how their phones work. Unfortunately, once they figure it out they will probably be VERY reluctant to switch the next time they buy.This is why it is VERY important for MS to get a better selection of phones out there to Verizon and Sprint NOW.
  • I think if it was up to Microsoft all carriers worldwide would offer all available Windows Phones.However, especially in the U.S., what ends up where, in what configuration, seems to depend much more on deals between carriers and manufacturers.
  • It's a horizontal (or more commonly a landscape) slider, not a vertical (or portrait) slider. The only vertical Windows Phone slider is the DVP.
  • Feel bad for them if they use the sprint network. Speeds no faster than 250k unless you stay up till 2am.
  • Sprint's 3G coverage and speed is just as good as Verizon's where I live.
  • HAHAHAHA your wrong troll. Sprint speed is twice has fast than tmobile or att. Also love there unlimitted data plan compare ATT and verizon tier plans.
  • Its not twice as fast where I live thenet. I'm in Vegas and I'm on Sprint AND I rock the HTC Arrive. Speed here bites the dog gone dust. Verizon consistently has faster speeds where I live. By contrast, my son rocks the Samsung Focus Flash and speed on that phone BLAZES. Now unless you live where Solidstate89 lives, talk about what you know.
  • 200 bones for the Arrive???Naw.
  • or you could pay the same fot a Titan :)
  • Funny i just bought this Phone for Sprint off craigslist for $180. But there is a method to my madness as you can see i am a proud HD7 user but brother wants an Iphone 4S so we are switching to Sprint because we get the best discounts. Je Deteste l'IPhone so i am sticking to WP7. I am no fool as i will get an IPhone 4S since i have to sign a contract and sell the IPhone as well as selling my HD7 for $250(already sold) which will recoup my cost of the Arrive and all i have to do is shout out $130 of my own money but make $600 in return and wait for CDMA WP7 which is looking like it will be a while and buy that phone straight out for $500.00 only using a $30.00 of my own money. But that $30 is coming from Sprint because they are giving us a $250 credit for porting over our numbers so 2 free months.
  • I was on Sprint for a year and a half about 2 years ago. Started off with great speeds. Then all of a sudden the coverage and speed completely tanked (this was quite a while before they got iPhone). I stuck around for a couple months, but they supposedly couldn't figure out the issue. I run my business off my phone so I had to switch to Verizon and pay the Sprint cancellation fee to get off the contract.The guy at Verizon said one of Sprint's towers in my town was down. Funny how Sprint didn't know that. I still don't get it because don't V and S share towers? My wife's school switched to Sprint and now her service is absolutely terrible too. Just as bad as what I was getting before switching.Anyway, since switching to Verizon I have had nothing but excellent service. Though I do pay a premium for it, it's worth it when reliability is key. Verizon's cancellation fees are also much less reasonable than Sprint.I would love to go AT&T for the Windows Phones (I have a Trophy with no upgrade in sight), but I can't stomach the possibility of giving up my excellent service and getting into another debacle.
  • I have to echo everyone else's comments. Sprint used to be a bargain and you got great speeds. Now it's slow and they have crappy phone selection so it's not the deal it once was. Getting more and more difficult to justify giving them business in return.
  • And don't forget that extra $10 large they charge for smartphones.They may advertise $79 for everything unlimited, but the price isn't much different than AT&T when you factor in that extra 10 dollars.
  • That's the kicker, its not at all competitive for individual plans.Once you get up to 3 lines though I gotta say nobody can touch Sprint.
  • The $79 unlimited they advertise is $69/mo + $10/mo smartphone fee... just FYI
  • Why cant sprint get new windows phone 7.5 phones has HTC Arrive is all they got for wp7.5. If they dont get any new wp 7.5 phones coming next month or next year i am out of sprint.
  • Agreed. But I got my travel bag ready to go when my contract lapses with Sprint. They don't want to do anything but iphone and whatever **** the ad agency is doing. AT&T is where I'm headed to get that Focus S.
  • I really hope we see a 2nd gen WP7 with physical keyboard.. I LOVE the Arrive's keyboard, and will stick with it as long as it lives, and maybe even longer if it's still the only Sprint phone with a keyboard.. BTW, in the Seattle Area, Sprint has slowed considerably over the last few months, but has been rock solid for years, so I'm hoping it's just a little speed bump they're gonna work their way through. That being said, it's not DISMAL, and I can still stream Netflix successfully in most areas...