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Cult classic 'Burnout Revenge' joins Xbox backward compatibility

Burnout Revenge is a racing game which is regarded by many as a modern cult classic. Similar to its predecessor Burnout 3: Takedown, Burnout Revenge focuses on racing in dangerous traffic and vehicular combat. The title brought a number of new additions to the formula by adding modes which encouraged you to cause the biggest pileup possible, and find new ways to land on other cars to take them out.

Today, Larry Hryb, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, announced that the game was joining Xbox One backward compatibility. This means that if you own the game on Xbox 360, you can play it on the current-generation system.

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We tested it out on Xbox One X and immediately noticed that it ran better than the original Xbox 360 version. The added power of the Xbox One X allows for a much more stable frame rate. Unfortunately, the visuals are quite dated and, as expected, don't hold up well over a decade later.

Burnout Revenge is currently available for around $10 at various retailers. However, the physical version seems to be going up in price and currently sits at around $30. Be sure to check out the game if you like old-school racing experiences which require you to completely obliterate the competition through any means necessary. Even to this day, it remains an enjoyable experience.

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  • Unfortunately, ever since I got a new update to the Microsoft store on my Xbox, I haven’t been able to load any of the sections when I try to enter them, so I couldn’t see this to purchase it if I wanted to.
  • Just Hold the Xbox turn on logo for 15 seconds and the started again or go to settings and choose the restart button. it worked on me because I could not even access my store after the last few updates.
  • Pretty cool. Something that neither Sony or Nintendo offers.
  • I disagree with the 'dated' comment. I thought it looked pretty good. Great game!
  • Yes! Been waiting for this one, too long since I've played it.
  • Brilliant news, been playing Paradise lately but I feel it's just not as good as Takedown and Revenge, so this is very welcomed! Especially when BC game achievements will count towards the leaderboards now.
    Now if only they could do the LotR Xbox games (please Microsoft) then that's all the old school games I'm currently playing, all available on my Xbox; nice!
  • YEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
    I think a single tear of joy might have shed.