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Time to eat candy and play Cut the Rope Experiments on Windows Phone!

Cut the Rope launched on Windows Phone more than five months ago. Surely gamers have had plenty of time to complete its 275 levels and collect all 825 stars (or at least the 300 needed for an Achievement). What do you do if you’re still dying for more Cut the Rope action?

Well, you could always buy the very similar (and also Xbox Live-enabled) Spider Jack for a buck. But that game’s been out for even longer, so I bet you’ve beaten it too! In which case, you’ll be glad to know that Russian developer ZeptoLabs has just released Cut The Rope: Experiments for Windows Phone 7 and 8. It packs another 150 levels of candy-feeding goodness, but it also costs a bit more than a dollar this time.

Cutting the rope one more time

Cut the Rope: Experiments Windows Phone

If you liked the first Cut the Rope (one of our picks for 2012’s best Xbox Windows Phone games), you’re bound to enjoy Experiments as well. The lovable creature Om Nom returns once again. He’s hungry for candy and it’s your job to feed it to him. To do, you’ll cut through many a rope, causing the candy to fall, slingshot, or otherwise shoot into Om Nom’s mouth. Collect each level’s three stars along the way to unlock new level packs and juicy Achievements. The gameplay is simple to grasp and the short levels are perfect for on-the-go play. Check out our review for more details, plus a Spider Jack comparison.

The actual game basically packages a large new set of levels as a separate product, just like Angry Birds Seasons before it. The first batch of 25 levels reintroduces the many props from the original title, such as hearts and magic hats. From there, the game adds new gameplay elements such as the rope shooting device. Tap it to fire a rope straight at the candy. So while the core gameplay remains unchanged, the new props will keep the experience as minty fresh as ever. This one also has an increased focus on timing; in the very first level, you’ll need to time your rope-cut just right in order to snag all three moving stars.

Better than ever

On top of the minor gameplay changes, Experiments packs a few other noticeable improvements. The  new story involves a friendly Mad Scientist putting the ever-hungry Om Nom through a gauntlet of scientific tests. Said Scientist provides vocal narration, something the original game lacked. There are also seven photos for completionists to collect now, though they aren’t needed for Achievements.

Speaking of which, the Achievements work just like the first game: collect 200 stars, cut 500 ropes, bounce on trampolines 400 times, etc. It should be an easy completion, especially since gamers only need to collect 200 out of the 450 possible stars.

Cut the Rope: Experiments costs $2.99 and is a 29 MB download. It runs great on Windows Phone 7 and 8, just like its predecessor. Grab it here from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Cut the Rope

Paul Acevedo is the Games Editor at Windows Central. A lifelong gamer, he has written about videogames for over 15 years and reviewed over 350 games for our site. Follow him on Twitter @PaulRAcevedo. Don’t hate. Appreciate!

  • I guess the resolution is still 800x480?
  • It's a Windows Phone 7 game, so yes. WP7 games cannot support WP8 resolutions, period.
  • Yeah, I know a lot of people here will hate hearing this, but at some point Microsoft needs to cut ties with WP7 and move on for this very reason.  It's kind of ridiculous to be releasing games at 800x480 on your flagship 1280x720(or 768) device that's been out for 6 months now.
    Hopefully, they're just clearing out the pipeline of XNA games while waiting for the native code WP8 stuff to be finished.
  • WP7 is still the larger OS. Why would devs willingly abandon the share?
  • I believe WP8 has outsold WP7... But making games available to both sets of customers isn't such a bad thing, this year anyway.
  • Not worldwide I think.
  • If the 1080p phones rumour for later this year is true then it needs to happen by the end of this year. Can't imagine what a 480 x 800 game will look like on a 1080p display.
  • I assure you that it will look the same as it does on 720p displays. Either way, it's upscaled.
  • I can assure you, it won't. Upscaling 480x800 to a 1080p display will look a lot worse than upscaling it to a 720p display.
  • Not at similar screen sizes, it wouldn't. And the visual difference between 720P and 1080P at 5-inches and below is mostly psychological.
  • +Over 9000. I hate when people think it makes such a huge difference. Being a spec fiend on displays that are this small really does you no justice. on a TV however, I have noticed some differences, hence why i always keep at 1080p. Phone wise, it really is unnoticeable to the human eye.
  • Yes below 5-inch it won't. But I'm assuming with the enabling of 1080p resolution we get to see some Windows Phone 'phablets'.
  • But you forget that wp8 phones such as the 520, 620, 720 & 820 are all 800 x 480 screens. Those are the phones that will get WP the market share it deserves. While I understand your point that everyone should be moving ahead with hd screens, a lot of people cannot afford a 920 or an 8x.
  • No, I'm aware.  But if you make a WP8-only game, you can make it all three resolutions.  If you make it a WP7 compatible game, you're forced to do only 800x480.
    Like I said, here's hoping that it's just that they're clearing out the pipeline of anything developed in XNA.
  • so excited, was one of my most wished games 
  • Yep, $0.99 on both iOS and Android, I checked....I wont buy it till it's the same price and I have been looking forward to this one.
    I'm sure they will lower it, a month from now it will be $0.99....
    Nah, $0.99 in Google Play Store and iTunes.
    This is really an experiment to see if WP users are dumbasses to pay 2.99 for a game that cost less on other platforms. Oh I don't want to hear the BS agreement that 'but it is a XBL game with achievements'.
  • Actually , It went free for a weekend on appstore and got it for free  :)
    I hope that type of offer comes on WP too 
    I bought the game for iPod Touch (normal version) but got it free on my iPad (HD version)
  • I got the iPhone/iPod touch version for free at that time ;) check App Activity:
  • Indeed, I purchased and loved the first but I can't blindly be charged more... I mean I guess if you buy a BMW you know that your oil filters will be more expensive.... Dilemma
  • And I drive a Lexus, LS, Your point ?
    If if you went to one dealer, and picked up a, let's just say, a BMW 328i, every dealer had it for $1000 (again, examaple), but, one had it for $3000, what one would you buy ?
    This kind of stuff for WP users is BS....I refuse to overpay for an app like this. If all other carriers sell an app for $0.99, we should payu $0.99. Period
  • Agreed. Once they drop the price to .99¢, which I think they will eventually, I'll buy it.
  • Can you try contact Chillingo/Zeptolab to ask if Pudding Monsters will be launched for Windows Phone?
  • What about you do it?
  • Well, it's more likely they'll respond to a member of the press than a customer. But I haven't heard back from them yet.
  • Thank you Paul.
  • Lots of haters. Commenting isn't going to get the developer to change the price or upgrade resolution. If you don't want the game in its current format move on.
  • Make it free!
  • *shakes head wearily*
  • Why only Free? they should get your bank account number and deposit $2.99 everytime you play the game.
  • And tuck him to bed and give him cookies. Oh, wait we're the center of or mum's attention not the Universe.
  • @ Etios
    lol...nice comment. There is no like button here
  • Great responses. All of ya gave me a chuckle.
  • I bought Cut the Rope for my Surface (yeah, actually bought it the whole set of levels), and enjoyed it, it is really good. As soon as I finish one of the games I'm completing, I'll get this. (btw: really hating the over grinding Achievements that many WP games have, come on, why, oh why...).
  • I've got most of the achievements just playing the game normally and I'm only at level 5 or 6. Letting the spiders steal 100 candies might be the only grindy one (as I don't let them steal my shit and usually restart if they're about to)
  • Seriously? I'll buy because I want the game, but the price sh*t ticks me off. And may I ask why is Zeptolab supporting WP7?
  • So they can sell the game to WP7 owners, I assume. The downside is the game runs at a lower resolution, but the upside is that more people can play it.
  • I know, but legacy is legacy IMO. With the WP8 user base adding ~10% more month on month, Zeptolab doesn't seem to see the big picture, where 90% of WPs are on 8 - something I think we will see in 6 or less months.
  • Cheers!!
  • You can get the achievements in like an hour
  • Bought it right away.! ^_^
  • Cool!
    -Not support HD graphicsd
    -0 Feature Updates (Description: "... more levels to come" - YEAH SURE)
    STUPID. And stop asking for it to be free. Not even Fruit Ninja which is like every freakin week free on iOS was free on WP
  • Agree.
    The truth hurts..
  • Awesome. Windows Phone is getting a game that came out in 2011. This platform just gets better and better every day. /sarcasm
  • Better than not receiving it at all.
  • I disagree. Getting apps/games this old isn't going to convince people to change platforms. New IP is desparately needed to push the OS forward. There's nothing on Windows Phone that I haven't played/used on other platforms easily 18 months ago. They need new blood, new IP, and new franchises. Not withered husks left over from yesteryear and only brought to the platform to try and desperately catch up to the competition from almost two years ago.
  • New games are wonderful. But mainstream audiences actually do want games that they recognize on their devices, and they're not as conscious of release dates as hardcore gamers. Large and popular games are benefifical to the platform period, regardless of whether you're personally interested in those titles.
  • Hey we got gravity guy 2 this year. At least if the big time developers are starting to bring all their games over, we may start seeing more parity in release dates and even exlcusives.
  • Microsoft needs to spend money and get games like this released on Windows Phone first. Their offer of $100 to developers to come make apps here was laughed off by almost all developers. They literally laughed at the notion that Microsoft was so dense as to think a measly $100 would get them to devote the time to write apps on this platform. Microsoft is not doing anything like what's minimally required to be comeptitive. They need to step it up yesterday. They will not keep momentum making decisions like that. I hope they succeed and grow, but releasing 18 month old games at three times the price of other platforms in definitely not the way to do it.
  • Well getting a game 18 months after it was released is stopping people from buying into the Windows Phone platfrom, period. It doesn't matter if I like them or not, people are staying away from Windows Phone because apps either never show up here, or they are incredibly late and more expensive than their competitors releases. Doesn't matter if I like the game, these late to never releases are harming the platform. Microsoft needs to gather up a duffle bag of money and court these developers like they actually care. Toss some money around and get new IP on this platform now, not 18 months late.
  • Sorry man, I just don't think we'll have any common ground as far as gaming on WP is concerned. I find your opinions eccentric, and you kind of mix up issues that should be separate. :-\
  • No, I do not mix up issues, and my opinions are eccentric here. Maybe you don't watch the mobile space close enough on the other side of the fence, but complete lack of initiative from Microsoft on apps and new IP are specifically why people aren't moving to this platform. How many articles are written here about Instagram alone? Microsoft has the money to get them on board, but apparently aren't interested in doing so. I really like WP8, but the app situation and Microsoft apparently being okay with the OS having major, major issues with a lack of feature parity makes me very worried about the future.
  • You worry way too much about other people do. To each its own, but what do I care if someone played this game 18 months ago ? Does it make it worse for me ?
  • Exactly. I have other OS's and I haven't played it yet... Man. Complainers are out in force today.
  • Yes, mainstream audiences want IPs they know from their old platform but they don't want the same game they already paid for/completed on their old phone
  • the game is free on android and ios yet £2.29 for windows phone customers? this crap needs to stop
  • The paid version is actually 99 cents on Android. Lots of ad-supported games are free on Android, but that's a different market that is plagued by piracy.
  • ok the paid version i checked is 62p on android, and £2.29 on windows phone. i paid for the other version as it was a sensable price. this is just stupid
  • It costs more because they update it more frequently. /sarcasm
  • Boycot until zeptolab drop the price at 0.99$!!!!
    Buying the game on iOS & Android together costs  1.98$
    and the OUTDATED version (that will never receive a single update) costs 2.99$.Can't understand the reason to support a move like this.
    People in Microsoft achieved to create an amazing OS for mobile phones (especialy WP8) with amazing devices (like the Lumia 920 & HtC 8x).They achieved to make games & apps porting easier in the WP8 OS.Only thing left to be almost perfect is to make the WP store realy powerful and fix the pricing of the games & apps.
    Last and most important is to UPDATE & OPTIMIZE the games & apps.(Porting isn't enough)
  • I can't believe the price tag complaining. $3? Seriously? In what world is $3 a lot?! You know that there are people, actually real people, that makes the games? Shocking?
    They need to earn money, like everyone else that have a job. The people of this 'gadget generation' only wants things to be free. Won't pay for a damn thing.
    (Yes, my English is terrible. At least I'm better in my native language)
  • First reply that makes sense about pricing here. No wonder the developers can't be arsed to write the code for more games to people who complain about a $3 price tag. Seriously. Leave one candy bag out next time you go to a shop and you can spare the BIG THREE BUCKS for the actual people who make these games for YOUR entertainment.
    Like stated above, free games have ads. Ads make money for the developers. And Zeptolabs doesn't have 2 people creating those games. They have a BIG team.
  • I support game developers for ~20 years.I own almost every console and i spent very much in video-gaming.I will gladly pay for a game that enternain me.
    But the x3 pricing for the same game is UNACCEPTABLE for me!!(And it's not only the x3 pricing but also the OUTDATED games).
    If you believe what you realy say my friend then it's ok for you to price 100$ a game on XBOX360 tha on PS3 & Wii costs ~40-50$.
    If a game cost x$ on every Platform/Console/Device i will not complain for the price.But asking me to pay 3 times more for a game that is going to be left behind without receiving any updates it's like you are offending our intelligence.
    Look how halfbrick payed back the support of customers (2.99$) for fruit ninja..
    Also look rovio how is paying back their fans,even for WP8 only games.
    And many more other "poor" developers that need 2.99$ to live look how they say "thanks for the support"  WP customers..
  • Agreed, and all of us NOT buying it are sending a message to whom It may concern.
  • The message you send is mostly that Windows Phone is not a large enough platform to warrant the developer's attention.
  • Sorry you got that impression but, really?! So you suggest we just go ahead and buy it, no matter the price, it cost them a lot of money to port it to SD resolutions after all ;)
  • You guys are blowing the resolution issue out of proportion. The game looks fine on a Lumia 920, so I don't know what screen you're trying in which it somehow looks inadequate. It's really not much different from clamoring for 1080P screens even though the eye can't discern a difference between 720P and 1080P at existing phone screen sizes. But I'm not saying you should buy a game that you feel is overpriced. It's just a sad fact that the WP market is smaller than other smartphone markets. When a game doesn't sell well, unless the game is super buggy (in which the devs would probably realize the bugginess had scared off customers), the dev's first reaction will be that the market was just too small. If you're specifically concerned about the price, I would just contact the dev via their website and Twitter and let them know you feel the price is unfair. I've personally reached out to them about the disparity and will report back if they provide a substantial reply.  
  • Very well, and thanks for contacting the dev. About the 'resolution issue', though, I have to disagree. First of all, this is exactley the kind of game that can play at HD resolutions with no fps issues (unlike games like Modern Combat 4), so I have an HD screen on my phone and I want to pay for games that take full advantage of it, but maybe that's just me 'cause one of those many reasons I got me a 920 instead of another iPhone was that the iPhone 5's screen isn't HD, but with a game like this that plays 1136x640 on the iPhone 5 and 800x480 on my Lumia... guess which one looks better (and I got the iOS version for free). Now you are very wrong when you try to equal the difference between 800x480 and 1280x720/768 to the difference between 1280x720/768 and 1920x1080, 'cause it's mainly a matter of pixel density and viewing distance; that's why HDTVs are necesary but 4K TVs are stupid. So let's say 1080p on a 5" screen gives you 440ppi and that's already about 100ppi too much, right? Well, 800x480 on a 4.5" screen gives you 207ppi and that leaves a lot of room for improvement. So it really is a lot different.
  • Buying overpriced apps will only:
    1)Bring more new OVERPRICED apps
    2)Make the goldenboys of the companies (Chillingo,Rovio,Zeptolab etc.) richer and not the discent developer that worked to rewrite and port the game on WP7/8
  • If the apps were grossly overpriced, you'd have a point in that buying them would encourage higher price points. But the $3 price point is only 1 step above the $1 price point, and if a dev chooses $3 over $1 it's almost certainly to compensate for the smaller WP user base. Business-wise, this may often be the smartest thing to do, much as it grinds certain people's gears. Also, when the WP version of a game sells, it's not like the original developer didn't receive any compensation for the port, unless they're in some unusual agreement in which they've signed all of their rights to the property away. If $3 is that outrageous to you, I suggest looking for a higher paying job or borrowing the money from someone who can afford it. Because (as is often brought up in these silly price debates) $3 is not a lot at all, and developers deserve to be compensated for their work.
  • I totaly agree with you.But as i said in a previous comment of mine it's not about the 3$.If the game cost 3$,5$ even 10$ or 20$ on every platform i gladly will pay it.But 3x more expensive in WP store than GooglePlay and iTunes?!?!?Why?I know i know the problem is the small market-share of WP.And sadly the problem doesn't end here.The WORST part is that we receive no updates on popular apps like (Angry birds star wars,Fruit Ninja,Original Cut the Rope) how do you explain this?
    Yesterday Android and iOS received Cut the Rope Time Travel,i can't understand why they left out a so promising OS like WP8!?!?!?
    I think MS should be more strict with developers!
  • Glad we found some common ground there. Agreed that a lack of updates is always bad, and something that may not change unless Microsoft ever relaxes their XBL certification policies. I've reached out to ZeptoLabs and will be investigating the possibility of Time Travel coming to WP8... Hopefully they're already thinking about it but just didn't have enough people on-hand to port it yet. Or maybe it's just Live slowing them down, in which case it should still show up in a few months. Fingers crossed!
  • Xbox live pricing remains horrible. It's not hard. Copy android and ios and watch the sales come in
  • Sequels! Angry birds franchise, and the cut the rope franchise (I didn't even know they had this one). Now all we need are the rest of the temple run games and fast!
  • They updated the iPhone version in less than a month after the release of the iPhone 5 to match every pixel of that screen. Now they're giving us an SD version to be upscaled on the HD screens of our high-end devices, and yet they want 3 times the money. Forget it!
  • And why 2,99 euro?  ipad version version COST 1,79 euro and the resolution is perfect AND with future updates. Apps and games for WP8 is ridiculous and more expensive for nothing. AND 0 Feature Updates (like all games and programs in WP8). I have lumia 920 and i know it.
    This is the problem for WP8. Developers not support Their apps.
  • I would eventually get this but not for now.  I'm still stuck with 2 more expert levels in Shark Dash. I need to complete this! Anybody know a way around 4-26 and 4-27...........
  • Wow, easy achievements just like the last Cut the Rope game, already have all 200G.
  • P.S Today Apple customers received the NEW & AMAZING Cut the Rope : Time Travel  for 0.99 (And with many updates coming soon as always happens with iTunes apps) while people are paying 2.99 for the Experiments version with 0 updates on the road and are considering themselves happy
  • You can't use the fact that it's had 0 updates against something that was released one day ago. I get where you're coming from but that's possibly the stupidest thing I've heard today...
  • I mean that they dont plan to update the game in the near future smart genius -_-
  • Dude, you obviously don't know anything. Cut the Rope haven't being able to update on WP while in iOS there like 3 more game pack for free. Nobody is going to continue paying if this goes on rite? Remember Fruit Ninja on WP7? It have been update for years!!
  • Some Xbox games do get updates though. It depends on both the developer and Microsoft.
  • BTW, maybe you can ask developer about Cut the Rope: Time Travel on Windows Phone?
  • We're communicating through a PR agency. I will definitely ask them about Time Travel once they answer my first batch of questions.
  • Huh...I kinda thought we already had this game. EDIT: I have no idea why this is showing up as a reply.