Time to eat candy and play Cut the Rope Experiments on Windows Phone!

Cut the Rope launched on Windows Phone more than five months ago. Surely gamers have had plenty of time to complete its 275 levels and collect all 825 stars (or at least the 300 needed for an Achievement). What do you do if you’re still dying for more Cut the Rope action?

Well, you could always buy the very similar (and also Xbox Live-enabled) Spider Jack for a buck. But that game’s been out for even longer, so I bet you’ve beaten it too! In which case, you’ll be glad to know that Russian developer ZeptoLabs has just released Cut The Rope: Experiments for Windows Phone 7 and 8. It packs another 150 levels of candy-feeding goodness, but it also costs a bit more than a dollar this time.

Cutting the rope one more time

Cut the Rope: Experiments Windows Phone

If you liked the first Cut the Rope (one of our picks for 2012’s best Xbox Windows Phone games), you’re bound to enjoy Experiments as well. The lovable creature Om Nom returns once again. He’s hungry for candy and it’s your job to feed it to him. To do, you’ll cut through many a rope, causing the candy to fall, slingshot, or otherwise shoot into Om Nom’s mouth. Collect each level’s three stars along the way to unlock new level packs and juicy Achievements. The gameplay is simple to grasp and the short levels are perfect for on-the-go play. Check out our review for more details, plus a Spider Jack comparison.

The actual game basically packages a large new set of levels as a separate product, just like Angry Birds Seasons before it. The first batch of 25 levels reintroduces the many props from the original title, such as hearts and magic hats. From there, the game adds new gameplay elements such as the rope shooting device. Tap it to fire a rope straight at the candy. So while the core gameplay remains unchanged, the new props will keep the experience as minty fresh as ever. This one also has an increased focus on timing; in the very first level, you’ll need to time your rope-cut just right in order to snag all three moving stars.

Better than ever

On top of the minor gameplay changes, Experiments packs a few other noticeable improvements. The  new story involves a friendly Mad Scientist putting the ever-hungry Om Nom through a gauntlet of scientific tests. Said Scientist provides vocal narration, something the original game lacked. There are also seven photos for completionists to collect now, though they aren’t needed for Achievements.

Speaking of which, the Achievements work just like the first game: collect 200 stars, cut 500 ropes, bounce on trampolines 400 times, etc. It should be an easy completion, especially since gamers only need to collect 200 out of the 450 possible stars.

Cut the Rope: Experiments costs $2.99 and is a 29 MB download. It runs great on Windows Phone 7 and 8, just like its predecessor. Grab it here from the Windows Phone Store.

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