Cyan Lumia 900 now available on Rogers in Canada

Good news for folks up in Canada who’ve been pining for that Cyan Lumia 900. Evidently Rogers didn’t have the Cyan version, for whatever reason, and that has now been rectified. We’re not sure why Cyan took so long to get up there; our bet is the blame lies with Rogers just not requesting it.

Well you can now grab the famous blue colored one for $29.99 on a 3-year contract or $524.99 off. We’re not here to tell you how to spend your money, but committing to a 3-year contract just seems crazy to us, especially with the non-update situation. But hey, for a loved one, this could be a great gift.

Source: Rogers; via Mobile Syrup; Thanks, Evan K., for the heads up

Daniel Rubino

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  • I'm still waiting for the day to come where 2-year contracts become standard here in Canada like the rest of the world. 3-year contracts are outrageous.
  • ya... i've eventually learned to suck it up, but can't some one put in a legislation to stop the carriers from raping us...
  • Yeah I asked that question to a Telus rep the other day about why the same deal can be had in the USA on a two year contract and he just shrugged his shoulders. Then he tried to sell me a Galaxy S3. I find it funny thought that WP8 now kills sales of the Lumia 900 but the Jellybean update doesn't do the same for the Galaxy S3. I hate the media sometimes because they are so bias against Microsoft
  • It's not bias, it's because the Galaxy SIII is going to be upgradable to Jelly Bean, while the Lumia 900 will never, ever get WP8.
  • Hahaha I rather wait for windows 8. And more better hardware phone. Now I can show those lumia users on there face my new wp8 is better than your lumia. Glad I didn't get a lumia and knew wp8 will now have better hardware support for newer wp8 phones
  • For people that don't give a damn about the OS on their phone. The Lumia phones are very much still great.
  • If they didn't give a damn about what OS they are running they might as well not buy any WP. Lets put the fanboyism aside, buying a Lumia on a 3 year contract now when its known for sure that better handsets running the latest version of the OS are just months away is completely ridiculous. Really need to stop being blind fanboys and actually recommend the best deal to people.
  • How is it blind fanboyism to recommend this phone just because it isn't getting wp8 doesn't make this phone bad just because you feel the need to show off doesn't mean you have to bash people for enjoying what they currently have...
  • I'll wait for WP 9 and even better devices. I win!
  • Hahaha! I'll be happy with whatever they give us in WP 8.9!
  • I still care about the OS. Lumia is by the far the best OS experince when it comes to connecting with people
  • Contrary to speculation by many people in this forum I went to AT&T Store on the S. Hamilton Rd in Columbus and while in the line waiting for my turn I saw 3 people purchasing Lumia 900 devices ( 2 whites and 1 Cyan). When it finally got to my turn I asked the rep whether people are still buying the Lumia 900 devices and the responses simply "yes we get people who come here everyday to buy a Lumia device even after the WP8 announcement". I didn't pry further but but with the confidence of this rep, it was very clear that the Lumia 900 phones are not going off the shelves at AT&T stores any time soon and they could still sell Lumia 900 devices alongside WP8 Phones.
  • NOOOOOO I recently bought a Black 900 Loving it tho but Cyan is on another level. Might have to do a Craigslist trade.
  • As beautiful as it is I'm happy with my black 900. I'll wait for a cyan wp8
  • Contracts period are stupid and only really worth it if you are really short on Cash. I bought by lumia 900 upfront that way I can easily sell it when windows 8 Nokia phones with pureview come out and buy one of those ;)
  • Contracts actually make a lot of sense, inasmuch as the carriers don't let you pay less per month if you bring your own phone and/or buy it outright.  
    I mean, you could buy the phone, but you'd be spending money upfront that you needn't.
  • Seems a little late in the year to be adding an "EOL" phone to their lineup. Better late than never I suppose. Maybe they'll make for a decent entry level Windows Phone for people who like the new look but either don't need NFC and dualcore support or just aren't willing to pay for them. Kinda works for Microsoft too as they need more devices to compete in the entry level price points.
  • I think it's safe to assume that future apps will work on WP 7.8 as who would really make an app and not make it compatible to the majority of owners.
  • I think you're absolutly right. A developer is going to make apps for the biggest installed customer base. And for the forseeable furture, wp7.8 is going to outnumber wp8 units until well into 2013. When you think about it, why ditch all the 7.8 users that can't use apps based on the new codeing options when you can develop apps using current programs, that will for the most part work just as well on WP 8 AND 7.8? Those apps are already going to be faster given the superier hardware on WP8 phones, so why alienate 3/4 of your user base for no reason.
    Now, I don't plan on trading in my HD7 right away, I just want to see where the chips fall so to speak and what the finale features of WP7.8 will be, then make an informed choice about whether the full upgrade and new phone are worth it to me.
  • I bought my Lumia 900 outright on the 25th of May. I'm just pissed that the cyan was not offered first because that's what I wanted. You have to wonder if the heads at Rogers are living in a bubble and did not see that this device was selling more in the cyan colour. Shit most of the marketing Nokia had done was with the cyan colour. Hopefully they learn from this and offer more choices in the future.
  • I tweeted elop haha I want to replace mine nothing wrong I just want the blue to raise awareness.
  • I found the black one being more flexible. Just get a few colored rubber body cover and I can switch color whenever I want.
  • Sucks they got it so late in the game. I'm do 4 an upgrade shortly. I'd still recommend the lumia 900 even though it's EOL. Why? Becuz it's simply a great phone that will get you through the next year or so. Who really has the same phone for 3 years? I don't think most r built to last more than 2.
  • I just hope future phones will work on all networks. Having the 710 as the only pentaband phone really sucks. I'm on Wind so this is a big deal to me
  • No matter how good the device is surely no-one in their right mind would take out a 3 year contract on this with WP8 just around the corner. MS & Nokia should really cut the price & take a hit or sales of L800 & 900 are gonna stop dead......Let's not kid ourselves everyone buying into this platform will be waiting it out for the next few months but a really good deal on WP7.5 may sway a number of people into buying them & hope WP7.8 delivers a load of goodies.
  • The good thing is that you can upgrade after 2 years with these contracts (its a renewal actually) so that makes it a little better since you can have a new phone every 2 years. But with that said, 3-yr contracts are outrageous. It's not like they have it any cheaper than the US to justify that extra year.
  • Well your right about that. It really is like 2 years if you're not planning on switching carriers.
  • In some cases it's more expensive with Canadian carriers than their U.S counterparts, maybe not so much now, but it was a huge deal regarding data.
  • 3 yr contracts are standard in Canada and the monthly rates are actually higher for off-contract plans so there's not much sense in buying a phone full price.
  • My 3yr contract on Rogers allows me to upgrade hardware every 12 months, so it really isn't limiting me at all. When you consider we don't pay extra for tethering and my LTE plan is less than $30/month, it really isn't that bad at all.
  • I've never bought a phone on contract and I'm not rich. I'm a student and I got the Lumia 800 Cyan. I can't wait for the WP8 devices. I will surely upgrade. I just hope that Nokia is still in the game by then. Oh and I have to apologize to all WP users and Wpcentral. When MS announced the new start screen I was one of the very pissed users. But I realized that I don't have to use it like they did in the developers summit. I can just leave my tiles as they are right now. And I actually thought of removing the dead space that everyone is complaining about when I first held a WP in ma hands. I just hope that the start screen remains as beautiful as it is now. I also have to emphasize the fact that I am not a fanboy. Just an individual who happens to like a product because it meets or satisfies his needs. Sorry to all fanboys out there...
  • it was my dream to buy the cyan lumia 900. and the dream is now possible, but i really want a windows phone 8 device. i want the new dual core crap not because i think WP needs it, but just so i can make my android friends shut up about their dual cores.
    so as much as i wanted this phone, i will have to wait for wp8. sorry nokia. i hope you survive till you release a windows phone 8 device
  • This pic makes the lumia seem big as hell lol