Cyan Nokia Lumia 900 still out of stock at AT&T, Black models back in stock

The Nokia Lumia 900 is showing back in stock over at AT& (opens in new tab). Good news if you're looking for the black model. Not so good news if you're looking for the cyan model.  It still showing as "temporarily out of stock".

Not sure if the newly in-stock black models have been updated to address the connectivity issues. Our guess is yes. And remember if you have purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 before April 21, 2012 you will be getting a $100 credit to your AT&T wireless bill. Additionally, if you don't want to bother with the update that launched last week, you have the option to exchange your current Lumia 900 for an updated Lumia 900.

What about the stock situation with alternatives you ask? AmazonWireless (opens in new tab) is still showing both the black and the black model in stock and the cyan model on backorder, usually shipping in 8 to 9 days.  Both at the contractually discounted price of $49.99. showing both the black and cyan in stock with the asking price of $49.99 after contract discounts.

The local retail stores in Birmingham have what is described as limited inventory of the black Lumia 900 and there isn't a cyan model in town.  If you've been able to find a hidden stash of Lumia 900's in your area, chime in below in the comments.

Thanks, Gopalan and Wil, for the tips!

George Ponder

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  • Yup, just placed an order for 3 online, picked the black, Cyan still out of stock, but even if it was available black is the better choice for me, coz with those Nokia skins it will look nice in all the colors available.
  • The local att guy said they will have cyan in tomorrow
  • So nice to see a windows phone getting this kinda attention. I picked up the titan 2, either phone you can't go wrong.
  • Any word on the white version?
  • April 22nd, according to
  • when can we expect the "WHITE Lumia 900" in US. In couple of fourms and news articles it was speculated that the White Lumia 900 will be available in AT&T from 22Apr2012. I am holding my purhcase of Lumia 900 for the White one. If its not going to be available in the near future or they dont have a specific date, I will purchase one now, as the phone is now free until 21Apr.   -- A Google Nexus Owner.
  • Yea, April 22nd
  • From what I heard and read it will be available on the 22nd. Online. I am sure it will be at the stores on that day or soon after. Perhaps in limited quantity at first. I'm sure the white will be very popular.
  • a bunch of my coleagues as well are waiting for the White Lumia 900..  I hope Nokia wont disappoint us in delaying the lauch of White Lumia.... 
  • It is not a delay, it is their marketing strategy. Just like apple didnthe first time with the ipads, first the wifi version and weeks later the 3g version. It just keeps everyone alert on the release.
  • I bought two cyan and two black the day it launched, and the guy right behind me said he was so excited to get a cyan one.  I knew I had the last two so I beat it out of there quick before I got the evil eye. :)
    Yeah if you plan on using the skin tight gel case anyway, get a black one.  Then you can put on any color case and it looks good.  My wife has a cyan and she put on the magenta cover and it looks like a clown threw up now because they blue shows through here and there and it's like shes talking on a piece of cotton candy.  As tight as the case is the underneath color still shows all along the screen edge till before the cover starts.  It also shows in the long wide speaker grille down below.  The magenta on black though looks awesome as I'm sure the blue would because the screen is black and it continues as black till it hits the cover.
  • The black Lumia 900 is actually still in stock on Amazon Wireless, only the Cyan is backordered for now
  • Thanks... I could have sworn it showed backordered when I checked it a little while ago.  Making the correction now.
  • It was backordered for a while but came back to available.
  • Where in Birmingham are both of them in
  • The clerks at the Galleria and Lakeshore stores told me they had limited numbers of the black model.  I think that's code to make one or two sound better.  I could not find any cyan models. I didn't call the Alabaster store but they some times have stock when others don't... downside is that it's a twenty minute drive.
  • Just received call from AT&T store in Pineville, NC stating that they have got 10 Cyan today. anybody in Charlotte area wanted Cyan can drive there to get those.
  • Who cares if they're white or not? The black models sell more.
  • If you are near a Fry's they have both colors in stock for $44.95.  We picked up a Cyan on Sunday.  No one seems to know that they have them already.  They have quite a few promo signs in the aisles.  Good Deal!
  • Got a cyan today in Boston (Boylston Street). They had 2 more in stock an hour ago. $399 device only.
  • also the big software bug was actually really stupid. The carrier apns went blank after a power cycle. Nokia taking all the hits. Such bs. Go Nokia a go windows phone
  • so you can order the white online? I thought it was instore only.
  • Not only that I heard it was in store at ATT stores only? Can anyone confirm?