Lumia 920

We've been receiving word from Lumia 920 users that the Cyan update is now rolling out across various European markets including the UK, Italy and Spain. Users on Vodafone and O2 in the UK have mentioned that they were successfully able to install the update, making the Lumia 920 the second device in as many days to receive the Cyan update after both carriers initiated the OTA for the Lumia 1020 yesterday.

Considering that these updates are usually rolled out in phases, it may be a while before everyone receives the OTA update. Do note that if you're running the Preview for Developers, you need to downgrade to Windows Phone 8 to be eligible to receive the update.

Have you received the Cyan update for the Lumia 920 in other regions? Let us know in the comments. Also remember to follow our Cyan update tracker to know the status of the rollout of the update for other devices and territories.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!