Daylight Ninja for Windows Phone, an arcade adventure with potential

Daylight Ninja is an odd little Windows Phone game. The premise behind the game has you playing the role of a ninja who is afraid of the dark and choose to sneak around under during the bright daylight.

The game is described as a platformer game but plays out more like an endless runner game. You guide your ninja across an endless sea of rooftops, avoiding various obstacles and defying gravity. Controls will take a little while to get used to and the graphics are a bit on the minimal side (which isn't necessarily a bad thing).

Available for low-memory Windows Phones, Daylight Ninja has the potential of being a decent time waster of a game. It just needs a little fine-tuning.

Daylight Ninja

Your primary menu with Daylight Ninja has two gaming worlds that are progressively unlocked. They are based on the seasons and includes summer and winter worlds. There is an After Dark world listed, but it is marked as "Coming Soon". Along with the gaming choices, you will find your gaming coin count displayed on the main menu along with button links to view an intro video, access the gaming store and view the gaming credits.

As you play Daylight Ninja, you will have the opportunity to collect gaming coins. These coins can be used in the game's store to unlock additional ninja characters.

Daylight Ninja

Gaming mechanics may be the weak point of Daylight Ninja and will take a few games before you get the hang of things. To move your ninja, simply tap the left or right side of the screen and the ninja will begin walking to that point. Jumping your ninja is done in Angry Bird fashion where you tap/hold on the ninja and slide your finger back to aim your ninja's jump. A directional arrow will appear to help you aim and when things are just right, release your hold to watch your ninja fly through the air.

If you miss a rooftop or fly into the various dangers (enemy ninjas, rooftop spikes, gas clouds, etc.) you lose one of your ninja lives. Each game affords you three ninja lives and as you might guess, when you lose all three the game is over.

While I like the gaming concept, the controls can be frustrating. There will be times that you tap the screen to jump your ninja, but that tap is registered as a command to move your ninja that often results in your ninja walking off the roof. Then there is the jump itself that can cause problems. Your ninja doesn't stick the landing very well and will slide off the rooftop after he lands if you aren't careful. The game does require a delicate touch but can also be very frustrating at times.

Daylight Ninja

It is difficult to create any game flow with Daylight Ninja due to the temperamental controls. I couldn't help but think a directional pad and the old fashion tap to jump controls would have been a better option.

Another nit I have with the game is with the checkpoints. There are crossed ninja swords scattered throughout the game and when you pass under those swords, they serve as checkpoints. However to activate the checkpoint you will need to tap on the swords and cough up ten coins (or endure an advertisement). Maybe I'm being too nitpicky but I think checkpoints should be automatic and free.

Overall Impression

Daylight Ninja has the potential of being an entertaining Windows Phone game to pass the time with. Graphics are on the minimal side, but look good. Game play is challenging but what I found holds this game back is the difficult controls, which makes the game more frustrating than challenging. In the least, you shouldn't have to worry about your ninja walking off a rooftop as you try to initiate a jump.

Having to activate checkpoints is also an issue but between the two, I think adjusting the gaming controls is the more critical matter.

All in all, Daylight Ninja isn't a bad game to consider. It has potential and with a little polishing would shine a lot brighter. It is worth trying, but you will need a little patience as you get used to the controls. Daylight Ninja is available for low-memory Windows Phones and if you give Daylight Ninja a try, let us know what you think of the game in the comments below.

Download Daylight Ninja from the Windows Phone Store (Free)

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