Dead Rising studio Capcom Vancouver shuts down

Capcom Vancouver, the studio behind the Dead Rising franchise, has been shut down by parent company Capcom. This came as a surprise to employees because it doesn't seem like they were given any notice. Given the fact that Capcom has seen a lot of success in recent years with franchises like Monster Hunter and Resident Evil, it's surprising that they would close Capcom Vancouver.

However, Capcom Vancouver was the only studio not producing critically-acclaimed experiences which broke records. According to various reports, Dead Rising 4 didn't sell that well even when it came to PlayStation 4, and we all know how critics scored it. This caused Capcom to shutter Capcom Vancouver and focus its resources on its Japanese talent.

This may be a result of the company's new strategy to focus on staple franchises. The studios that produce either blockbusters or critically-acclaimed games will survive. We've reached out to Capcom for comment and shall update you as soon as we know more. However, given the abrupt nature of the closure, the company may not want to provide any details.

Hopefully Capcom Vancouver's former employees will find positions soon. Compulsion Games — the recent Microsoft acquisition — is hiring out of Montreal. We wish them the best of luck for the future. There are a lot of positions open so maybe they will find jobs soon.

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Asher Madan

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  • Well that's a shame, the critics may not have like DR 3 or 4 but I really enjoyed them. My metric is whether I had a good time playing it and whether I finished it and I did both, imo those games were unfairly treated by critics. Hope everybody gets jobs in the industry soon, wish them all the best.
  • I hope they all find jobs in Microsoft's recent acquisition.
  • That's 3/4 the way across the country to an entirely different climate.
    I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Maybe some can go to the coalition. They're in BC.
  • Not given any notice? Just fired? That's low Capcom. These people have families to feed and lives to live.
  • Welcome to the business side of business. Check out Toys R Us and Sears if you want to be even more outraged at capitalists.
  • Popular franchises like RE and MH... If you look at C's earning... Sega and SE is doing much better.
  • Microsoft should just buy the whole division.
  • The dead rising series were the only games I liked from Capcom.
  • I only have one thing to say to this news... "They're crazy".
  • MS should scoop up as many of the devs from the studio and bring them on board. Hell, pick up the IP from Capcom while they're at it.
  • I guess that's what's happen when they do deals or timed for the console with the smaller userbase.
  • 1. The IP is dead already from C's view and MS funded.
    2. MS will compensate whatever C expect to earn from other platforms if Ms did buy the whole exclusive deal.
    2 possibilities. * You'd be more surprise about the MHW's story.