Deadly 'Lunastra' dragon joins Monster Hunter: World on Xbox One

Capcom has done an excellent job of supporting Monster Hunter: World with plenty of post-launch content, and tonight it's about to get even better. If you thought that the last "Kulve Taroth" update tested you to the limit, you haven't seen nothing yet. In a few hours, the fearsome "Lunastra" will be added to the game. The dragon itself is a visual treat as it's covered in blue hide and has powerful moves.

The update will be available tonight at 8 PM EDT on Xbox One. Monster Hunter fans may remember the Lunastra from Monster Hunter 2 on the PlayStation 2. Unlike the male "Teostra" we're used to fighting, the Lunastra is more aggressive and able to alter her environment.

Monster Hunter: World is an expansive game which requires patience and skill to master. The title takes place in a semi-open world setting where you're tasked with understanding Elder Dragons, while also hunting down various other creatures. Elder Dragons are rare, elusive monsters that have lived since ancient times, and are able to bring about the destruction of entire ecosystems if they desire.

The premise behind the game might be simple, but it tells a somewhat complex story. You're part of the Fifth Fleet in pursuit of a colossal Elder Dragon known as Zorah Magdaros. Once every decade, Elder Dragons trek across the sea to travel to a region known as the New World. This migration event is referred to as the Elder Crossing and has baffled the Guild for years. The Guild is the main governing body in the Monster Hunter universe, and they work alongside the Elder Dragon Observation to monitor and research particular species. To get to the bottom of this mysterious pattern, the Guild forms the Research Commission, dispatching them in large groups to the New World.

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Asher Madan

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