Beem Plus for Windows Phone 8

You’ve heard us go on before about Beem Plus, the dedicated Digitally Imported music streaming client and its new brother, Beem for SKY.FM. The apps are polished, well designed and deliver top quality music to your Windows Phone. Indeed, behind Pandora, Beem Plus is our most used music app (set it on Trance and hop on an elliptical for 40 minutes…it’s a good time).

Both apps usually fetch for a minuscule and well-worth-it $0.99 but the developer behind them, Den Delimarsky, is feeling generous as he’s dropped the price down to $0. And remember folks, once you “buy” an app for free, it’s yours forever.

Beem for SKY.FM

We rarely tell you “you must get this!” but if you like electronic music, then get Beem Plus and if you like to stream just regular 80’s, Russian Pop, Jazz, Solo Piano, classical and more, grab Beem for SKY.FM.

Seriously, if you don't at least try these apps out, Sam and myself will look down on you with shame!

Both apps feature the ability to record the stream and upload to your SkyDrive (!), share the track to your Last.FM account or social networks, link to the Xbox Music Store to buy the track, pinnable stations and favorite to Last.FM (scrobbling).

Heck, you can even copy the track name with one click in case you wanted to add it a note or another app. And if you have the paid “Premium” accounts for either SKY.FM or Digitally Imported (higher bitrate streaming, no ads in the stream), it even supports that.

Pick up Beem Plus (Digitally Imported) here in the Store and Beem for SKY.FM here. All Windows Phones supported.

QR: Beem Plus

QR: Beem for Sky.FM