Windows Phone 8 Devices

Canada is the land of moose, hockey, and maple syrup. You can now add crazy low prices for select Windows Phone 8 devices on mobile carrier Roger. We just got an email from a rep letting us know that right now you can pick up an HTC 8X, Lumia 920, or Ativ S at some crazy low prices.

Our friend within Rogers let us know about this current deal. It’s too good to pass up, so check it out. All Windows Phone 8 devices are now available on 2 year deals without internet at the following prices:

HTC 8X 8GB - $0 / 2 years

HTC 8X 16GB - $29.99 / 2 years

Nokia Lumia 920 - $29.99 / 2 years

Samsung Ativ S - $29.99 / 2 years       

There you have it. If you or a friend/family member were about to jump on board Rogers and wanted a new Windows Phone 8 device you’ve got a fairly impressive deal to check out. With all the flagship Windows Phone 8 device from each OEM available for a cool thirty dollars I’d have a tough time deciding which I wanted. Go take advantage of this!

Thanks for the tip Kevin!