Update: Fixed link

In case you keep missing these Nokia wireless charging plate deals, here’s another coming from the site Pay Deals.

This time it’s for the DT-900, aka the flat pad for wirelessly charging any Qi-enabled device, including many in the Nokia Lumia range and the one-shot Verizon HTC 8X.  The plate comes in two color options, including black or white and is on sale for just $24 (a 51% savings). You have 5 days too to grab one.

DT-900 sale

We’re huge fans of wireless charging and as anyone who uses it can attest, it’s not a gimmick but a very convenient feature (many of us joke that we feel we’re violating our Windows Phone when we have to physically plug it in).

Although the future of the Qi-wireless standard is still in question (due to the challenge of the PMA), we suppose there’s no harm in racking up a few of these around the house for ease of charging.

Source: Pay Deals; via Reddit