Fatboy Charging Pillow

Been on the fence on getting the Fatboy Charging Pillow for your Nokia Lumia 920, 822 (with optional charging backplate) or Verizon HTC 8X? If so, Verizon may have a deal on the charger that may knock you off that fence.

The Fatboy Charging Pillow is running in the neighborhood of $80-100. Verizon has the charging pillow on sale for $59.99. While details are a little sketchy, it looks like the Fatboy is only available in black. Still, it's a nice deal.

You can find all the details on Verizon's Fatboy charger offer here.  Oh...not entirely sure why Verizon is listing the 8X as not compatible.  Especially when Verizon's product page notes the 8X's wireless charging feature.

Thanks, Kei, for the tip!

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