Nokia Purity Pro BH-940

We’ve been itching to get a pair of the Nokia Purity Pro wireless headphones for some time now. The over-the-ear design plus active noise cancelling feature always sounded awesome, but the $349 price tag gave us pause.

Luckily, right now on, you can pick up the Purity Pros in either black or white for over $100 off (unfortunately red and yellow are still at the high price). Specifically the black model is discounted to $249 and the white model is a cheaper $223 ($125 savings). That’s not a bad deal or at least, it’s a significant drop from the full retail price.

The Nokia Purity Pro BH-940 headset features…everything. Seriously, it has NFC for tap-to-pair, wired playback, wireless playback (Bluetooth), a microphone built in for phone usage, it can pair to multiple devices, has noise cancelling and probably the kitchen sink. To turn ‘em on you just unfold them open and the over-the-ear fit sure ensure they stay comfortable for some time.

We’ll order up a pair and give you our thoughts when compared to the Nokia Purity (wired). Just too bad we can’t get that yellow at a cheaper price!

Read our full review of the Nokia Purity Pro headphones here, for more information.

Source:; Thanks, Nathan H., for the tip!

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