Nokia Wireless Charging Accesories

What’s better than getting some new gear for your smartphone, but not quite as good as getting it for free? Saving money on that very gear! Here are some deals for you smart readers who might want to get in on the wireless charging game or add to your ever growing quiver. Because there’s nothing wrong at all with having a wireless charging plate in every room in your house.

Head on over to PayDeals to save anywhere from 24% to 55% off some Nokia wireless charging accessories. Make sure you read the details of them item you’re interested in. Some of them are listed in varying conditions like refurbished or new, so double check before hitting that purchase button.

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Here are the Nokia items up on their home page at the time of this writing.

  • Nokia DT-901 Fatboy Charging Pillow
  • Nokia DT-910 Wireless Charging Stand
  • Nokia DT-900 Wireless Charging Plate
  • Wireless charging shells for the Nokia Lumia 820

See anything you want? Sound off below. Don’t forget to let your fellow commenters know which device you already own and if you recommend it.

Thanks for the tip Dinesh!

Source: PayDeals