Nokia Lumia 925

We’re not too privy on the various outlets for buying SIM unlocked phones up in Canada, but if you are, then you may want to pay attention. Earlier this morning, we reported that Expansys Canada was selling the SIM unlocked Nokia Lumia 925 for CDN $714.56, which seemed a bit pricey for our tastes and evidently yours (Expansys has a mixed reputation, according to comments).

Now, a reader has pointed out that the device is also available via OmegaCell and for a much more affordable CAD $575. That’s certainly a mention-worthy difference and our tipster notes that OmegaCell is a legit and reliable outlet—once again, we’ll leave that part up to you.

Regardless, you now have options should you be longing for that metal Lumia 925, one of our favorite phones these days.

Source: OmegaCell; Thanks, AccentAE86, for the tip!