Dear Windows fans, it's okay to be jealous of Apple (sometimes)

Apple Event Peek Performance
Apple Event Peek Performance (Image credit: Apple)

Apple unveiled several new pieces of hardware yesterday, including the iPhone SE 3, the Mac Studio, and the iPad Air 5. As is usually the case surrounding these events, Windows enthusiasts took to the web to troll Apple. While it's usually in good fun, some people choose to ignore anything Apple does well while focusing on blunders or cheekily asking where AirPower is.

A Magic Mouse that charges from the bottom is stupid. Apple requiring a $400 add-on to make an already expensive stand move up and down is a rip-off. But ignoring that Apple does anything of merit is silly and all too common these days.

It's okay to be jealous

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Source: Apple (Image credit: Source: Apple)

Mocking Apple is easy, and it can be fun, but can we agree that there's often a hint of jealousy lurking beneath the hate? When the company unveils an iPad Air running on an M1 chip, do we not privately wish Qualcomm or someone else would create a better Windows on ARM PC? Are we not at least impressed by the interconnectivity and specs of the M1 Ultra?

I imagine that the vast majority of our regular readers are tech enthusiasts. If we expect Sony fans to be impressed by the design and performance of the Xbox Series X, isn't it fair to give credit to Apple when it's due?

I suggest that people take a page out of our senior editor Zac Bowden's playbook. He recently explained why Apple's new Mac Studio Display has him yearning for a Surface Studio monitor.

Specifically looking at the Peek Performance event, the M1 Ultra and M1 iPad Air 5 stood out. Having multiple CPUs within a system is not a new idea, but as is often the case, Apple took a new approach to an old idea. The M1 Ultra is essentially two M1 Max chips connected in a way that allows programs to view the CPUs as a single chip. We'll have to wait for benchmarks and full reviews, but it looks like the M1 Ultra will deliver excellent performance, especially when compared to its power draw.

The M1-powered iPad Air 5 takes the M1 chip that's appeared in MacBooks and the iPad Pro and places it inside the thin-and-light body of Apple's thinnest tablet. Again, we'll have to wait for full reviews, but it seems like the iPad Air 5 will push the limits of what a tablet can deliver while being so thin. Unless the upcoming Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 CPU blows our minds, it seems that Apple's iPad Air 5 will take the crown when it comes to delivering high performance in a small body.

What do you owe Microsoft?

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Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

I quite literally make a living writing about technology related to Microsoft, but I don't owe the company any amount of loyalty. If Microsoft makes a great console, I'll compliment them. If they launch a dud, I'll point that out too. I don't understand the tribalism that drives people to hate anything with a certain logo on it (apart from boycotting a company for ethical reasons).

You (probably) don't work for Microsoft. And even if you do, Microsoft has bought into the Apple ecosystem. Pretty much all of the best Microsoft apps are on iOS. Microsoft regularly updates its tools for macOS and the iPad. Aren't we at a point at which people can just pick the best tool for a job? If you want an iPad, great. If you prefer a Razer Book 13, that's fine too.

It's okay to hate Apple too

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Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Just because Apple has some nice chips and popular tablets doesn't mean you have to love everything about the company. There is plenty to mock. Apple is the company that charged hundreds of dollars for wheels, after all. Its fans are relentless in praising even the most trivial advancement.

The Peek Performance event doesn't erase the rabid fanboys, and the company still hasn't released a mouse that has a sensible charging solution. What the event did do, however, is showcase where Apple shines, which is making hardware and polishing general concepts. The new M1 CPU options look like they'll beat competition from Intel, Qualcomm, and AMD in key areas. The iPad Air 5 also looks like it'll keep Apple atop the mountain when it comes to dedicated tablets.

I get why people mock Apple, but it discredits valid criticism when you ignore facts. I just think that below all the trolling and jokes, we're maybe as green with envy as the new iPhone.

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  • Got a laugh at the title 🤣
  • Never felt jealous of Apple hardware. I haven't fallen to their marketing game.
  • Keep speaking truth to power, 'druid
  • Jealous of a $3999 Facebook machine? nah lol
  • The iPad Air 5 costs $600.
  • You're not being honest here. The biggest brag of this show is the M1 Ultra. The only way you can get THAT Silicon, is by buying the Mac Pro Mini, which STARTS at 3999. You're telling me, that I, or ANY other user, can't just simply literally buy the PC of our DREAMS or Build a DESKTOP that will stomp the Dogs*** out of the MPM, for $4000 dollars? For something that isn't even upgradable? Check the site, if you want to max out the storage, it's another TWO THOUSAND dollars! You telling me for 6 Stacks I can't just build the set up of my dreams instead of a Tin box? Lmao...then you said a $600 Ipad a facebook machine? why? For comparison, a Samsung Tab S8 is 499. 100 bucks cheaper. It doesn't have the M1...but if all I want to do is facebook, and I insist on a tablet...why do I care?
  • calm down, this is clearly not meant for you
  • The cost of Apple products just aren't enough value for my money and their design language has always felt sterile to me. Jealousy implies that they have a product I wanted in the first place. What an odd take this article has.
  • The low-end iPads and laptops are actually good value. I hear regarding the other stuff though.
  • The M1 CPUs, while not without drawbacks, are excellent and class-leading. That is definitely something worth being jealous of.
  • Confused why Windows Central has periodically these articles how much better Apple is, or how super crappy some Windows product/feature is. Is that what the so called 'Windows fans' are looking for when they go to 'windowscentral' as opposed to an Apple centric site?
  • We don't just cater to "Windows fans." We're humans with opinions that may differ from each other. It's fine. And if it's not fine, maybe rethink why it's necessary to be so defensive (or offended) by this content. Acknowledging that Apple is better at some things than Microsoft (and vice versa) is not controversial, in fact, most would consider it reasonable and obvious.
  • But you and Zac write pretty balanced critical articles. These articles with 'What do you owe Microsoft?' go bit far for me, but if these type of articles is what visitors like and it generate traffic (as opposed to driving them away), then by all means go for it and ignore my feedback.
  • Asking what people owe Microsoft is too much? As Daniel said, understanding what different companies do well and poorly is the right way to look at things.
  • Yes since you are basically insinuating that these 'Windows Fans' as you label them are wasting money on inferior products. Previously there was something 'literally no reason to own a Surface with iPad so cheap' etc... But it's completely alright if that's how you 'feel', it's just a stark contrast to Daniel/Zac articles. And not really something I like but sure there are other sites I can visit instead if I don't like it.
  • That's not what I said. Part of the article is literally on why it's okay to hate Apple. There are plenty of things Microsoft is better at than Apple and vice versa. Also, I guarantee Dan and Zac are fine with this piece, see Dan's comments above.
  • Objectively, I can't feel or get jealous about the M1-M2 Tech coming from apple, mainly because it's so proprietary. I won't get this "Amazing Apple" experience, unless I use the Apple products made for it, none of which I use or care about. You can show me benchmarks that show how much the M1 stumps out competition, but at the end of the day...those are benchmarks, many of which favor the architecture, and also, don't favor real world conditions. I like gaming. I've seen games run on M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max hardware. Not all. Now of course, that's because the majority of these games aren't compiled for that hardware, granted...but then why do I care about benchmark scores then if they're not applicable to the things I use my machines for? This is the eternal issue with Apple. The Walled Garden cuts off any potential they have to motivating people outside of their core consumers to move away from MS, or Google, over to Apple. The articles you and other editors here have written, critical of Microsoft, are often quite on the mark, and justified. But I feel as though most of us look at what Apple did,'s just...Meh. M1, is way better than snapdragon, for sure. But given the choice I would still buy a Surface Pro X, or any other Windows on Arm device before I buy an ipad or macbook, because I don't like the headache of limits. The way I see, it gives the kick in the pants that Qualcom, Samsung, AMD, and Nvidia need to release hardware that is competitive, on devices that I actually want to buy. But never am I like "hey this Apple feature is cool, I wish this was on windows" Because half the time, the features were already there to begin with
  • Last sentence is dead-on, haha. I've felt that for YEARS. Good for them for it, I rather stay in the more open space.
  • The performance/efficiency gap between M1 chips and even the latest Intel chips are the story here. The Intel chips are great, but the M1's are faster and cooler by quite a bit. It's not about Apple vs. other Arm chips (and not about gaming - Macs are for video editors and poseurs 😁). There are limitations, and I personally don't find the Mac ecosystem appealing, but the chips are excellent. Imagine an M1-style chip in a Surface Pro. That would be a productivity powerhouse.
  • "Hey this M1 process is 4X faster than Intel right" Cool, will my games look better? "No" Will Netflix somehow look better? "No" Will it mine crypto faster? "No" Will it run office or sharepoint faster? "No" ...ok...will it run WINDOWS faster? *checks notes*..."No" So why do I care? heh, this is the problem here
  • >> Cool, will my games look better? It's not for gaming. Buy a gaming machine or a console for gaming. >> Will Netflix somehow look better? Wuh? >> Will it mine crypto faster? "No" Are you doing that on your laptop? Even for a crypto-related activity, that's pretty boneheaded. >> Will it run office or sharepoint faster? Probably Excel, if you've got big files. I mean, that's the point. If you have a job where processing is important, then the M1 can't be beat. There are lots of people who have jobs like that. Also, any machine that can run fast like a high-end i7 laptop but have really long battery life and not run hot without a fan is gold. That's what the M1 processors give you. There are tons of people would appreciate that. It's almost like you're desperately searching for a reason *not* to be jealous. 😁
  • Will it compile code faster? yea.
    Will it render video faster? yea.
    Just because you only play the games that are compiled and watch the videos that were rendered doesn't make it undesirable or irrelevant.
  • It does for him, and that's the point.
  • You said exactly what I feel when it comes to Apple. The constant bragging because of benchmark scores from places that in the fine print tell you not to compare across OS be cause they compile differently. Bragging about raw power when that is all it is, raw. Unless you are doing video editing you will never see the power used. Especially on ARM architecture. People are also quick to dismiss any of Apple's shortcomings while they parade around any small thing other company does. Apple doesn't innovate. They take what exists after bashing it for years and then say they came up with it.
  • I am a software engineer and I use a MacBook pro every day for software development. It is trash. Like going back to the 90s. I can go more than twice as fast on my windows pc and my company paid more for the macs.
  • That was a fun read, but also made a good point. Having a balanced outlook of the good and bad helps in life.
  • One of the problems I have that encourages me to be overly critical of Apple sometimes is the tendency of Apple fans (including Apple itself) to be overly critical of anything that isn't Apple. For some people, everything Apple is the best and anything non-Apple is garbage and you're an idiot for owning it. I'm occasionally jealous of one or two pieces of hardware that Apple has. But having an attitude of putting everyone else down so that I can feel better about my own purchasing choices is not something that I feel any need to be jealous of. Do you have a shiny new Apple product that meets your needs well that you bought for at a price you were happy to pay? Great. I'm happy that you found a product that works well for you. But my context is not your context.
  • Jealous? I pity anyone who are stuck in Apple ecosystem. I don't owe Microsoft, and also Apple. If any, I should be thankful that Apple's ludicrous products mean I have a job in the tech industry. Apple set the bar (by that I mean the price tag) so high that 99% of products in the market can be included in any project proposal. I am matured enough to not troll the company that in some way (indirectly) provides me my bread and butter.
  • How should windows be jealous of ipados..
  • Try them both on an 8 or 10” tablet without a keyboard or mouse, then you can answer your own question.
  • Yeah, and programs like office or web browsing i like on windows better, even with just touch
  • Sure, then try to use them with keyboard and mouse and you will have the answer for is someone asks you how ipados should be jealous of Windows.
  • That's definitely true. I think it speaks to how difficult the problem is that neither Apple nor Microsoft has made a truly compelling 2-in-1 operating system yet. Feels like MS might get there first, but don't count Cupertino out.
  • it's hilarious how offended the fanboys in the comments are
  • I'm not jealous at all. Their products are not for me, and neither is being stuck in a walled garden.
  • I don’t have any use for their computers, but he iPhone/iPad/AirPod/Watch ecosystem is unmatched. Samsung is kinda close, but not quite there. It sucks for sure. Maybe Google will get their **** together now that they are making silicon.
  • Most people don't seem to mind being stuck in a walled garden.
  • Luckily, that's their choice to make, just as it is mine.
  • For me, Office is the killer app. Office runs exponentially better on Windows than on Mac OS. And there is no Office equivalent in the Apple realm - Pages is fine as a basic word processor, but it is no Word. Numbers is not Excel. Nothing matches the fluidity of Office on a Surface Pro. Sure, Apple is running circles around everyone in hardware. But I still think Microsoft is much better at software.
  • To me it's just I like to be part of one ecosystem because it makes my life pretty much easier. Microsoft of all other brands are the best invested in both Gaming and Tech and connecting them together. So I've one account to access my Xbox Games library, playing on Series X, using Surface Pro X and Surface Duo for my daily personal use and finally Lenovo Workstation as my work machine so I'm just feeling comfortable with that. Apple is great but as a hardcore gamer Apple isn't that great when it comes to gaming. Microsoft for me offers the full package I need.
  • I am not jealous of their overly locked down ecosystem, their overpriced hardware and upgrades, or their ethos as a company (don't reuse, repair or recycle, just upgrade the user to a new device! WASTE!). I prefer real innovatation and excitement in my tech, Apple doesn't cut it for that. Just go try and find a folding iPhone, just as an example of what i mean by that. Apple will come along late, using ideas other companies have been working with for years and 'reinvent it first' while 4/5th gen devices have been out from competitors. This is in my opinion the origin of the 'sheeple' moniker for Apple users who buy the devices just because it's a market trend, rather than try something new or experimental that may suit their needs better for a better price. The demographic i most often see with i-devices are older cash-rich generations or the tech-illiterate who want a basic internet slab that's hard to break from user error (although the hardware is often fragile and hard to repair). The reason the tech community often balk at Apple is they don't provide for that market really, they provide to the masses. Yes that's a successful business model, but i just don't personally care for it or support it.
  • Someone here said it. I'm not jealous if I don't want it. I use Surface and not the newest (Surface book 2) and it does all I want and need. I also have a gaming PC I built years ago, still works great. The best part is I have one email account for PCs Xbox, Teams, OneDrive, Edge and Office. I use a Google account because I have to.
  • Apple make fantastic products and I have just switched to iPhone because of the ability to turn off app tracking... I am a Windows fan and Apple doesn't cater for my use case with Mac OS... And I have no need of a tablet... I did buy a tablet but never used it very much so sold it... I have a Garmin Fenix watch so wouldn't buy the Apple Watch either... I can completely understand why someone would have all Apple products as the build quality and software integration is great... I remember when I used to have a Windows Phone, MS Band and Surface Pro 4... Happy days... Now I have a Razer Blade Stealth with Core X, Garmin Fenix 6 and iPhone SE... Oh and a Surface Duo...
  • What a weird article. Pro tip for journalists: Don't try to psychoanalyze your audience, whom you've never met, and you're not a psychologist.
  • Actually a good journalist (and their editor) will know their audience better than anyone. That's how they can create content that gets tons of views and shares and comments. It's no different in any other creative field.