Deezer prepares to battle competitors by adding podcasts and radio shows

Music streaming services are preparing for the upcoming launch of Apple's own product, and are tasked with looking at ways to differentiate themselves. Deezer is working to incorporate multiple sources of entertainment in its official app to allow streamers to access different content without having to boot up multiple apps. The new podcast catalogue will be powered by Stitcher, which the company acquired last October.

The podcast feature will provide access to those who reside in France, Sweden and the UK before Deezer expands into more territories. More than 20,000 shows are available and Deezer hopes the catalogue will help the company attract new subscribers.

Source: The Guardian

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sorry for being so off topic but, is it me or real Madrid app isn't downloading form store?
  • Worked fine for me
  • Is it pending?
  • Yup
  • Press & hold volume down & lockscreen key for 10 seconds let phone restart itself and then try downloading it.
  • The bloody'ell's a lock screen button? It's called the power button.
  • When is the MixRadio service coming back online?
  • I was beginning to think no one even noticed that. They were supposed to announce something today. I hope WPCentral will cover it when it's over.
  • I'm sorry to say that I gave up on this service a while ago. Even if it comes as part of my phones contract... I ended up paying for Spotify as I was tired of all the covers on Deezer.
  • London Grammar! This band is awesome and the female vocalist rocks
  • Ew, no
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  • Nice move, something useful.
  • Well, its a nice feature to have even though I've got the stock podcast app
  • I liked Deezer a lot. Had the Premium service and it sounds amazing on Sonos speakers. I did switch to Spotify as my friends are on it but I may switch back soon.
  • How bout them getting a better logo first ;) He hehhh
  • I have the premium service and it is good, but the app on WP is painful to use. It doesn't support fast resuming apparently since everytime you leave it in background then it reloads when you go back to it.