Windows 11 shipping without Android apps isn't a big deal to many

Windows 11 Android App Store
Windows 11 Android App Store (Image credit: Microsoft)

When Microsoft announced the delay of Android app support on Windows 11, I was disappointed. I was curious to see if most of our readers felt the same way. This weekend, we ran a poll about the delay. It turns out that many of our readers don't mind that they'll have to wait for Android app support on Microsoft's new OS.

Over 36% of voters said they don't care about the delay at all. An additional 32% answered that they're moderately disappointed. A significantly smaller portion of voters felt strongly in a negative sense. Around 16% of participants said that they were heartbroken and around another 16% said they were bothered.

Google Plus (likely not the dead social media platform) says:

WC: "Do you care?!?!" Me: "Do pigs fly? Couldn't care less. Take your time. I'm getting Windows 11 for Windows. Not to play android on it. Having android support is a nice to have, but not mandatory for my needs. As long as I get my rounded corners at launch, I'm good.

Manus Imperceptus was more distinct, "Android apps? Don't care in the least..."

Even those that are excited about the feature don't seem bothered by having to wait. In a comment, neo158 says, "I'm disappointed but I want them to get the integration right so I get why it won't be there at launch."

Others echoed the same sentiments. "It would have been a nice additional feature and would have given the ARM-based processors in the Surface Pro X a bit more kick but it's not really a problem for your average PC user," says Marcuszeke. "Having to wait for something like this will not destroy the OS. Windows 11, so far, has been a really great experience."

Those that seem most disappointed by delay fear that it could be a negative sign for the future of the feature. "I am more upset that there has [not been] dev or beta testing for this, it tells me that it might not come at all," says gibbyhome.

Do you agree with our voters? We'll keep the poll open to see if it swings another way with more participants.

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  • There are bigger problems with windows 11.. Like the missing folders option in start menu.
    It's just crazy they make a new version of windows and take out features.
  • Yeah, there are lot that has gone missing especially basic things like drag-and-drop support on Taskbar which may affect certain people workflows when multitasking. Another for me is the lack of contents showing on the folder icon, which makes all folders just a plain sea of yellow folders that are indistinguishable to each other when browsing through. Start menu now lacks folders, groups, Jumplist and notification badges. I am more bothered on those than the Android support, which is more like nice to have and more beneficial for tablet user to supplement more touch-based apps. But I can at least their PWA equivalent even its not perfect for touch.
  • This is as big as Halo missing Forge at launch! Just kidding, I'll show myself out. I care for neither.
  • Is that a surprise? There are other problems and issues on Windows 11 and besides android games on windows is still a side show rather than the main dish
  • Windows already has more app support than any other operating system. This will just make it even better.
  • Win11 is simply more tablet/touchscreen-friendly than Win7/10 while not alienating traditional desktop WinUsers, so offering Android support is simply adding another mobile/Surface-friendly experience; hardly a deal-breaker or showstopper when Bluestacks et al been running well since Win7
  • would rather have android than write winui crap. wpf was great, but then they made this COM based crap for APIs. it's atrocious to have to start using APIs that work with COM in 2021. this all started in windows 8, yuck !
  • Bring on the whining, ******** and complaining...
  • I think that the reason why I'm not that worried is because I, like a lot of others, have an Android based smartphone anyway so, for me at least, it's disappointing but I can wait
  • Me ... it would be cool to have iPadOS support. I mean drag and drop onto Windows would be awesome.
  • Tell them to stop removing features and also to stop restricting the installation of Windows 11 on old PC's (that TPM requirement on a desktop PC doesn't make sense). There are plenty of ways to use Android apps on Windows. Microsoft is just taking advantage of their huge market share at this point. Till 2025, Windows 10 + WSL. After that, Linux it is (hopefully by that time I'll be able to get over all that Windows only crap I need for my college). Windows is dead for me.