In the on going saga of the Venue Pro, Dell finally had to come clean on the matter. Faced with shipping delays, lack of availability and Wi-Fi connection issue (can't connect to secured networks), the hardware maker is not off to a great start despite much customer anticipation.

The Wi-Fi issue stems from an error during production, which seems sort of obvious at this point. Devices purchased at the Microsoft store can be exchanged for new ones starting at the end of next week. Likewise, some of the Venue Pros were sold with mislabeled batteries, stating that they were "engineering" i.e. not for retail versions.

No word on whether production can or will be ramped up or whether you'll be able to get your hands on one anytime soon. We already mentioned the delay at Clove UK and it seems that at least for a few months, Venue Pros will be tough to come by. Hopefully Dell can get this all figured out as the Venue is one slick looking device.

Source: Direct2Dell Company Blog; via BGR