Dell Studio XPS 15

Dell has launched the refreshed XPS 15 Windows 8 laptop in Australia. The laptop may look relatively similar, and so it should as it shares its looks with the Dell M3800. The new XPS 15 starts at $1,799 (AUD) and comes with a 1080p display and 8GB RAM. However, if you wish to go all out with the 3200x1800 QHD+ models, be prepared to part with at least $2,499. It's not a cheap investment.

The laptop comes with a touch display, perfect for a Windows 8 deployment. Not only that, but you're looking at the new wave of Dell hardware, packing high-definition screens and look rather premium. This laptop is set to compete against Apple's counterparts, pulling Dell into the battlefield with similar features - that's if you can endure the heavy price tag. 

Should you wish to check out what you could be playing with next, head on over to the Dell website to check specs and build your own unit.

via: Techin5

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