Dell retires its small console-like Alienware X51 gaming PC

Alienware X51 R2
Alienware X51 R2

Dell has officially ended sales of its Alienware X51 gaming PC. It was first introduced in 2012 and offered gamers a smaller console-like design.

In a blog post (opens in new tab) Dell celebrated the legacy of the Alienware X51:

In four brilliant years you've garnered tons of product awards and found your way into the hearts of countless gamers. Your sleek design, solid performance and steadfast reliability made you a darling among eSports fans and tournament organizers alike. Your affordability introduced Alienware to a whole new group of players, a first opportunity to wade into the shimmering pool of VR gaming.

Dell also made a funny video farewell to the Alienware X51, with the current Alpha, Aurora and Area-51 desktop PCs offering their thoughts on the passing of their brother (apparently the Area-51 has a voice that sounds like Christian Bale's Batman).

John Callaham
  • Sad. I love this P.C. Works and it's relatively portable
  • Same. I love mine. It's even now hosting my new AMD RX 480 graphics card with ease. Such a good PC.
  • Interesting. I still wonder if Microsoft will follow the Surface model with Xbox and allow OEMs to build their own. 
  • It is in favor of the xbox.
  • Reminds me of this:
  • Bummer.  Aurora is too big and the alpha is too small (and not upgradeable), I really liked the size of the x51.
  • I don't think there was anything smaller than this in the mini Itx class towers. It was between this and a Syber Vapor for me. I chose the the latter due to being on sale at the time I was looking, otherwise I may have gone with this one. This was the sleekest tower there ever was with an Optical disc drive.
  • I remember when Dell made excellent gaming PCs/laptops.
  • Is this their Steam Machine "console"? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • No, their Steam Machine is Alpha. X51 is a normal gaming desktop, albeit smaller and slimmer.
  • It's sad to hear this news. I got mine back in 2012, my first Alienware.
  • Rip, the really good product from alienware
  • I bought one of the original generation X51s. I wanted to be able to game, but I also needed less bulk (apartment living).  Anyhow, I loved the little thing.  I eventually upgraded the GPU to a GTX750Ti and it is still playing games for my nephew (Warcraft and Elder Scrolls).  I even convinced two friends looking for similar profile machines to buy the Gen2 X51.  They love theirs, too.  Great form factor, love this beast!  I'm sad to see it go.