Dell Venue Pro clears FCC, inches closer to launch

Well, at least we have some good news for today. Looks like the much anticipated Dell Venue Pro has received a pass from the FCC, as found out by our friends at TmoNews, giving a clear pathway to launch. Well, assuming there aren't any shortages.

While the Venue Pro goes on sale in Europe next week on the 8th (non-US GSM bands) there are no dates nor prices for the U.S. launch, meaning we still may be a few weeks out. Still, that's one less hurdle in the way.

We have to admit, it's a tough choice between the Focus, HD7 and Venue Pro.

Update: Click here to be notified of more info on the Dell Venue Pro by Dell themselves. (Thanks, odugoose!)

Source: TMoNews; UnwiredView

Daniel Rubino

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  • Key word being "inches". Any idea why an OEM would announce a handset then seemingly go to such lengths to keep it a secret?
  • I don't see them as keeping it a secret, but I bet they're trying to rev up production like everyone else. In turn, they're keeping quiet till they know they can sell it and sell it big. In talking with Dell, I also got the impression that they were testing the waters with this--as should be obvious--it's been awhile since they did PDA/phones, so they're acting cautiously.
  • Well the easiest way to find out if they will sell big is to release solid device info, ie storage options, card slot or no, price, then open it up for preorders. As it stands now anyone who wants a WP7 device on T-Mo will probably get the HD7 since at least you know exactly what you get AND can preorder it, and each person that does represents a lost sale for Dell so in the end their cautiousness doesnt get them what I presume they want, sales.
  • In the comments of the Dell blog post about the Venue Pro, a Dell employee instructed people to follow the Dell Venue Pro hashtag on Twitter. This was over a week ago, I think, maybe two. For the past several days, that hashtag is a bunch of tweets from people who are getting fed up with the lack of info on the Venue Pro. About 3 hours ago, @lionelatdell posted: "working to pull #dellvenuepro details together. When I have the approved info, will share ASAP". I'm wondering what details need to be "pulled together" and what his definition of "asap" is? What's the deal?
  • He actually said that sometime last week as well, still no info has been forthcoming.
  • easy choice for me no att 3g no buy get focused on the focus
  • Yup time to get focused!!
  • I just got that link after going to the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 site and cliking on the link for more info from Dell about that phone, so looks like were getting closer as its no longer linking you to the Direc2Dell blog.