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Dell's jaw-dropping 8K monitor is now available to order

Dell monitor
Dell monitor (Image credit: Windows Central)

Dell's exquisitely detailed UltraSharp 32 8K monitor is now up for grabs — if you just so happen to have a spare $5,000 lying around, that is. Now on sale direct from Dell (opens in new tab), the (decidedly unsexy sounding) UP3218K may cost an arm and a leg (and another leg), but it promises an insane amount of detail and excellent color accuracy.

The display itself is packed inside of a relatively staid exterior typical of Dell monitors. At 31.5 inches, the 7680x4320 resolution comes out to 280ppi. Aside from packing a crazy 33.2 million pixels into that space, Dell is touting the UP3218K color accuracy as one of its strong points. Aimed squarely at professionals, the monitor sports wide color coverage of industry standards (100% AdobeRGB, 100% sRGB, 100% Rec. 709, 98% DCI-P3) and excellent color depth.

At a price of $5,000, the UP3218K is definitely one for a specific subset of users — and that's OK. Most people are having a hard enough time finding 4K content to check out, not to mention 8K. That said, if you're a professional in the market for a new display, or simply have plenty of extra cash to blow, you can grab this monitor direct from Dell now ahead of an estimated April 14 ship date. And if you're on the fence, we took a look at the UP3218K during CES this year; check that out below.

See at Dell (opens in new tab)

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  • Bout to pick up one just cause
  • Where is the Windows 10 taskbar on an 8k monitor? (look carefully on the picture!) It would be interesting to see the menu on, say, a photo editing software... For that price, do they also supply the magnifying glass to find the Icons and read the menus?
  • My gunnars optiks gave up trying and went on vacation!
  • Scaling is probably not set properly for that monitor. I am interested if Windows 10 can scale up enough through the settings app without going into the registry.
  • I didn't even realize that wasn't a still from a movie. Netbeans has tiny icons on a SP4's 3k(ish) screen. I shudder to imagine 8k.
  • Lol! I remember back in the day thinking that when a monitor would go beyond 1024 that it was too small to read!
  • My eyes are twitching from looking at that minuscle start button lol.
  • Perfect for a triple monitor set up. But are 2 1080Ti's enough to run solitaire in 8k? That's all I need it for.
  • Does this monitor have the same penalties as the early 4K models? Like needing multiple displayport cables or just 30Hz refresh? It's probably just 2 4K panels stitched together. I still want one though.
  • NO, its 4X 4K...  2 4K screens wide and 2 4K screens high
  • I guess one target group would be for 4K video editing in windowed mode.  I have an HTPC hooked up to a 4K TV, and at 100% scaling at native res, the taskbar is comical!
  • 1080 Ti in SLI won't be enough, lol.
  • what about titan z hydro copper
  • who is the guy from that wallpaper? any1 knows?
  • Who is the guy in that wallpaper?
  • Would love this in a Curved Ultrawide.
  • Why doesn't Dell say anything about HDR, is it not a buzz word anymore?
  • It that "John Abraham" in the Desktop wall paper?
  • I thought it was Dolph Lungren from the Rocky 3 montage :D