Demonstration of a NVIDIA Tegra powered Windows RT tablet running Unreal 3 engine. Coming to Windows Phone 8?

Gaming on Windows 8 tablets (and the platform as a whole) just got a whole lot cooler with a demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3 running on an ASUS Windows RT tablet. Powered by NVIDIA's Tegra, the tablet was shown today running the engine flagship demo Epic Citadel at IFA Berlin. 

NVIDIA quickly ran through the demo at the ASUS Vivo Tab RT press conference, which was the first public showing of an Unreal Engine 3 app (or game) on the Windows RT platform. As well as Windows 8 (and Pro), the engine has been optimised for Windows RT devices to ensure consumers have a wide choice of available titles from the Windows Store.

The joint effort by NVIDIA and Epic (the company behind the Unreal Engine 3) made porting the engine to Windows 8 and RT possible, which was made available to developers last week. Operating on 9 platforms, with more than 20 integrated technologies and licensed for more than 225 titles, the Unreal Engine 3 is certainly more than welcome on the new Windows.

Microsoft has the three-screen vision in mind, and the porting of the Unreal Engine 3 will ensure developers can easily launch titles on Windows 8, whether they are already established on the PC or Xbox. Integrating the Xbox Live service into games on Windows 8 would unleash a new way of gaming for PC users.

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, had the following to add:

"The Unreal Engine 3-powered ‘Epic Citadel’ demonstration for Windows RT tablets implements the full DirectX 9 pipeline, with shaders and materials, all running beautifully on Tegra 3. By porting the full engine as opposed to a modified mobile version, NVIDIA and Epic have made it easy for UE3 developers around the world to bring their best content to Windows RT, Windows 8 and NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor. Windows RT code is available to licensees from Epic now and we’re excited to see the great games they develop with it."

Check out the Epic Citadel demonstration in the video below, running on an ASUS Windows RT tablet.

While all is good and dandy in the garden of Windows 8 and Windows RT, we're yet to see progress being made on the Windows Phone front to get the Unreal Engine 3 to consumers on Microsoft's mobile platform. Epic previously skipped Windows Phone due to the "closed environment" present, but with Windows Phone 8 around the corner, perhaps we'll see an opening for the studio to port the engine. 

In fact, we've heard from our sources that Unreal has been involved in attending some meetings with Microsoft in this regard, so take that as you will.

Source: NVIDIA (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • while the tablet itself look plastic and cheap, it does run very smooth!
  • I said it before and I'll sat it again, Windows 8 will revolutionize the way that tablets are used. Because it's a full OS experience and not just an app OS experience like all of the current tablets out there not running Windows. Surface, I look forward to meeting you soon.
  • +Infinity  Showing the power of UE3 running in Windows RT is quite awesome.  Albeit, it's only ~35fps right now.  I have faith in Epic to tweak the engine to get closer to the coveted 60fps.  I cannot WAIT for my Surface either!
  • That will really change touch based games. I hope they bring great titles with this great engine.
  • Ubercool!
  • Its cool and really somtehing needed for the MS touchdevices, but its no revolution as some people make it sound. I mean this demo was running on Ipad and Iphone4 in 2010. We are still playing catch up and there need to be some groundbreaking apps and games released for anyone else but us to really care.
  • Your definitely right that we're still playin catch up, but it's a step in the right direction at least. Hopefully we'll see dx11 games on everything!
  • It sure is a step in the right direction, I hope developers get their eyes on W8 and WP8. If it will keep on going in the speed on the WP7-platform, then we are doomed.
  • I thought with W8 kernel at the core, he said this is the full PC version, so how did iPad and iPhone have this version, since they ca t run full PC anything
  • Perhaps you didn't read in the article, this is the FULL PC engine.
    With little work, existing Xbox and PC apps can be ported to the tablet.
    That is waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy in _advance_ of iPad - which still has very few "decent" games on it. I don't use my iPad for gaming at all.
    Also, check out the Windows 8 Mayjong. Its fabulous, almost worth buying a tablet for ;)
  • Totally awesome, but.... Unreal engine fours 1st game will be released (if I remember right) Q1 or 2 of next year its called fortnight and it will be the minecraft I wish minecraft was and it will be a not be on consoles ... So when I get my Win8 tablet at the end of the year I will be very disappointed if its lacking Unreal4 support....things should be good...hopefully..
  • Pretty
  • Neat, but an iPhone 3GS also can run epic citadel without much effort so this isn't really saying much.
  • Not the full engine.
  • Sheez.. Read! FULL PC ENGINE!
  • Stuff like this makes me wonder why I wouldn't pick up a WinRT tablet and use it as companion with my laptop running Win8 Pro.
  • Did I hear it right in the VID? is that the full engine running in the PC, not a waterdown version?? Well I really can't wait for  those tablets to come out. I am sure Devs are going to make alot of money on the WIn8 ecosystem , especially on tablets. I have no doubt RT will become mainstream much earlier than people think.
    (BTW I am new here, really like the posting style of Wpcentral. Great content!
  • Begin the Tablet Wars Have.
    Android doesn't count.  :)
  •   I really do agree with you. The whole thing is just cooler this time. The graphics are really profound and the new updates are just on the spot. - Rich Von Alvensleben