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Denim update now available for Lumia Icon through Software Recovery Tool

It's finally here! If you don't mind erasing all your content, the Lumia Denim update is now available for the Lumia Icon on Verizon. The catch is that it's currently only available through the Lumia Software Recovery Tool. The update should also be available Over The Air (OTA) very soon if you don't want to erase all your content. We've just installed the update on our Lumia Icon and we're really happy that is has finally arrived.

The main reason we are excited about the Lumia Denim update is the new features included with Lumia Camera 5.0. Check out what's new:

  • Fast camera startup and capture speeds. Take numerous photos with just milliseconds between shots.
  • Moment Capture, a long press of the camera button within the app automatically starts 4K-quality video recording at 24 frames per second. Each frame is of high image quality at 8.3 megapixels, allowing every single video frame to be selected and saved as a still image.
  • Rich Capture simplifies things with auto HDR and Dynamic Flash. Avoid the hassle of adjusting camera settings shooting first and edit and select the perfect shot later.
  • Updated imaging algorithms for better low-light performance.

All you need to do is fire up the Software Recovery Tool, connect the Lumia Icon to your computer via a USB cable, and then follow the instructions onscreen.

  • Download Lumia Software Recovery Tool{.nofollow}

If you have the Lumia Icon, are you waiting for the OTA update or are you going ahead with the Software Recovery Tool? Let us know in the comments!

Thanks for the tip, AR2186!

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Doing a fresh install of an update is an excellent idea anyway...I'd jump on this in a heartbeat!
  • It will be ok just to uninstall de DP to get the OTA?
    Or I have to do it with Nokia Recovery Tool???
  • You can't uninstall DP :/ but you can turn it off and then you could get the OTA update (which is still not out yet) , if this doesn't work you'll have to flash it using the recovery tool and it'll erase everything
  • You can uninstall DP, Also you Can Turn it off.
  • No you can not uninstall it. You can do exactly what the post you replied to says, you can flash your phone using the recovery tool, or turn off PfD in the app. Why would you even write that response?
  • From your start screen swipe right go to Preview for developer press & hold & it will say share pin it uninstall.....
  • Yes you can uninstall the DP app, but that doesn't change the fact that you are running a pre-release OS version on your phone.  So uninstalling DP will not change your OS version.  IT will only prevent you from getting future pre-release updates.
  • OKay I get what you're saying.
  • Will the ODA remove all my content? Or just the software recovery tool?
  • with software recovery tool you'll lose all your content
  • Not if you back up what you want to SD Card, remove SDCard, then reset / recover what ever.
  • The Icon has NO SD slot.
  • Go to "settings" and "backup" and back up your apps+settings; text messages and photo+videos (recommend using WiFi to save data). Then, to ensure you have everything backed up, connect your phone to your computer and copy your files from the phone to your computer. Once you have everything backed up to your computer and to the cloud, you should have no worries about using the software recovery tool. I'm at work right now, but as soon as I get home, I'm hitting my PC and getting denim on my phone before someone changes their mind!  
  • Yup, that's how you do it. The Recover Tool even reminds you to do that before you install the update if you want to recover your apps and data. That's the way I did it and it was pretty painless. up and running with all apps recovered in less than an hour!
  • Forgot about that one lol
  • OTA won't delete your data.
  • Just make sure you use the backup tool in your Icon and it will restore when you are done.
  • What app is this? Do you mean the built in one that's in the settings menu?
  • Ye, the Backup in settings. You will have to reload your passwords and log back into things like Facebook, Instagrm etc, but the apps themselves will be automattically reloaded once you do a recover from the Backup. If you saved your Contacts to VZW backup, thaose will be reloaded automatically as well.
  • Thats what I did and it worked!
  • I could be wrong, but if I recall, if an over the air update occurs it will install the firmware portion of it and leave the OS portion intact.
  • It will update the OS, too.
  • Can anyone check and see if the mmsc field editing option is available on denim? I've had this phone on ATT before but the lack of mms was killin me.
  • Doesnt appear to, and without a funcitoning app like Access Point it doesnt look promising
  • We can actually use SysApp Pusher to get Access Point on the Icon. Unfortunately, there seems to be no functioning configuration that makes MMS work when using a Lumia Icon on AT&T. I've heard of people getting it to work on Straight Talk (as well as LTE), but not full-blown AT&T.
  • That download speed though
  • 5MB/s, nothing special :D My download speed usually caps out at about 5,5MB/s :D
  • Nostalgia!! For Indians!! Because of our fukin careers!!
  • I second you
  • I usually got something like 19~20MB/s :D
  • I need a better router, I supposedly have 250Mbps internet, but on speedtest it caps out at about 50/50 (down/up)
  • Haha I'm on a 500mbps/50mbps connection now, just got the speed increased from 250mbps/10mbps yesterday xD
  • And mine is 6/1. Damn it...
  • Same here. It sucks.
  • At least you have 6/1.... I am on 2/1 *sigh*
  • Mine is 65KB/s lol B)
  • That's your data speed? or what you're downloading it right now?
  • Agree, I don't know why the LSRT is always so slow.
  • My speed is 0/0, I can't afford internet, I have the business one but limited to 2gb...
  • Mine is 200-300 kB/s xD (in Hungary this is normal speed)
  • Feels
  • I am using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool!
  • I would be doing it right now if I was in the office. I'm at a clients office and I thought i don't need a computer today my surface RT will be fine.
  • Such fast internet awesome
  • That's only 5 MB/s.
  • Yeah not Sure what people are on about with his download speed. Not exactly rapid, is it?
  • It's not bad, but certainly nothing to be excited over. It's like decent DSL speed.
  • In India we rarely get 1mbps not 1MBps
  • Kidding? I have a 50 Mbps connection here in Hyderabad
  • Fuck!! What!!!! 50mbps!! Which IPS??? Bsnl is fucked up!! Which 1!
  • No, that's 5 MB/s. The capital B means it is bytes not bits. 5 MB/s = 40 Mb/s
  • My bad.
    Autocorrect got me.
  • I get 100 meg at my house... Or 10MB/s down.
  • Congratulations for lumia icon owners and i suggest you do it now before Verizon changes their minds
  • True, that.
  • I have to do it because I'm on the DP, but I need to do it anyways, my Icon was getting pretty leggy. Totally excited to get Denim.
  • You shouldn't need to do it because you're on the DP.  If you disable the app on your phone, you should be able to update just fine when it's available.
  • You won't be dissapointed having Denim is like having a new phone camera.  I have 930 and I really felt the difference.
  • MS now says the update is official  and rolling out so no need to go through this.  Just hit "check for updates" though out the day.
  • It's also rolling out officially, so if you don't want to hard reset, wait a couple days.
  • People wont listen until they lose their data.
  • Where's my denim for L1520 ?!! Btw congratulations icon owners , you deserve it :')
  • Yeah for att It's still in testing....
  • What Is AT&T testing.....their desire to make 1520 owners,have to wait till a 1530,in order to get
  • That's what the rep told me. I'm actually getting sick to my stomach.
  • Yeah, I can't believe the Verizon Icon beat us to it...
  • Yeah,when is denim coming to Lumia 1520 in Sweden?
  • At least you guys had Cyan. The Lumia Icon here in the US was officially still on Black/8.0. So quit yer whining. :p
  • Still waiting for my L1520 also.
  • So sad, we were the talk of the town for cyan...I suppose one can't win them all.
  • Yaaay
  • the frustration of U.S people is now down ......... I have seen many people telling Verizon is sleeping with ICON ..... Now I can experience their hunger towards Denim
  • Until its OTA and I physically see the bytes coming over... I won't believe it LOL.
  • OTA for me...
  • If I'm on the DP, shouldn't I use the Recovery Tool anyway?
  • Looks like most people say you can just get the OTA update without rolling back.. I'm tempted to do the recovery tool to get it now! :)
  • My god..... That internet speed....
  • You're being sarcastic, right?
  • Most people does not have a 40mbps-connection.
  • That, while some have a 1Gbps connection. Is it fair?
  • I certainly hope so because this is mine:
  • Double tap to wake?????
  • Lumia Icon doesn't support glance screen.
  • Neither does the 930.
  • Glance has nothing to do with double tap to wake. Tap was always available on icon/930
  • Tap to wake has -never- been on the Icon.
  • you are right . updated to denim with srt. but I don't see the double tap feature ! sad :(
  • Double tap to wake should work I suppose? It works on 930.
  • I don't see now (denim installed) and have never seen that feature in my icon....sad :(
  • The camera features sound great. Can't wait until this comes to the 920 on AT&T, whenever that is.
  • Camera improvements/features won't be available to 920.
  • Wow, didn't realize that. I'll stop waiting...
  • Lol
  • Not as 930/Icon or 1520, but there are some improvements for old lumias.
  • Odd, because the 1520 is the best WP device to date...
  • Nope. 6inches vs 5inches.
  • You can't factor in screen size because that's subjective.. Lol!.. Try again....
    The FACT is that the 1520 has the most to offer than any other WP device that you can find.. That is technical fact... Screen size, color, shape,, those are all personal preferences, and anyone who knows how to compare specifications counts only measurable performance, and features, when finding the overall best device..
  • About half the population prefer a larger device...if you catch my drift, therefore, larger is better.
  • That's not fair to say.... You can't compare technical specs, and say something is better, because more people like it... That's still subjective, and we should dismiss screen size because that's our personal preference....
    But, you are right... Judging by charts just as many people have chosen the 1520, as the Icon/930
  • If about half prefer a larger device, then math says that about half don't.
    You lose, but thanks for playing.
  • So, how does anyone win, or loose?.. That's besides the point.... And, it doesn't matter because technically the 1520 is overall the best WP device you can get as of 2/11/15... That is undisputable fact.
  • Wrong.
  • The 1520 is the best! Hands down!
  • Lol! Even if we did say factor in the 6" screen size as a negative for some, that would only be one strike against it, and the 1520 still would have more things that make it outweigh the Icon/930.......
    It's about the OVERALL BEST DEVICE AVAILABLE you can get with WP.... Not the device you prefer with WP.....
  • Except it's worthless if Verizon is your carrier LOL... Icon is your only choice for a flagship...
  • Good point.. Lol❗
  • I have a 930 and though I like the looks of it more than the 1520, I have to admit, that the 1520 is more powerful and is batter than the 930 in more ways than one.
  • I fully agree with you. Nothing comes close.
  • Even if I was a fan of tiny 5" screens,,, I would still have to admit that the 1520 has the most to offer in a WP device,, therefore it is the best.. It sits at the very top..
  • The 1520 is a large 930 with a worse screen (for WP Amoled is better) but bigger battery. Either is "better" since the only thing different is size and screen-tech.
  • Hey, I have the 930 and I love it. But the 1520 has a larger battery and an SD card slot. The larger screen could be a + or  - for people, so that shouldn't be factored in. But just the fact that it has a larger battery and an SD card slot for me is a major +. Now, the price difference for me was around 300 USD xD So I got the 930 and I'm SO Happy with it! Very pocketable and I'm glad I got it :) Very good phone. 
  • And, I absolutely love the 930! I would say that it looks better, and has a more premium feel than the 1520.... Nokia could've put a little more style on the 1520...
    The 1520 definitely isn't perfect by any means...
  • Good point... But, screen size is definitely not a fact of being better, or worse.
  • what a massive download speed ,, and what about lumia 1520 in india ..
  • Zzzzzzzz. Still stuck in 520/ 535. Waiting for the same phone here. One of my contacts told me they have stopped it due to some phones still getting that" resuming" loading" after denim.
  • Attttt 1520??
  • +1520 waiting right there with ya
  • Bout ready to black the fuck out from waiting.
  • Yeah... I really wanted this new firmware before trying W10....
  • Me too. It's the devil in the details...10 may be optimized for denim.
  • 10 has NOTHING to do with what firmware you are currently running.
  • Not true, firmware matters. Look it up.
  • Well, I know that.. And, that's pretty obvious.. But, running 10 without the latest firmware is just suck.
  • Rod, I was talking to gildora. I know we agree over this topic.
  • Oh.. Sorry.
  • It's ok, these comments get all wrapped up into each other.
  • Ballsak❓❓ .... Lol. Just noticed that.
  • Like a sak of balls, gym balls...
  • This has to stop... Lol.
  • Goodnight, Arlington.
  • No, it is not, stop spreading assumptions as facts.
  • Ronald, read. Then read again. I said may." May, does not indicate a fact. That being said, firmware does matter in relation to the os. Sure, they are separate updates, however they are inextricably intertwined. To say otherwise is to say a car does not need an engine because it has a transmission. Both provide the ability for a car to move forward, yet one without the other is futile. Comprehend?
  • Are you on the right article?
  • What do you mean, Rod. Me? Babbling about c a car, no, using one as an example to explain that firmware and the OS go hand in hand. The car, with an engine and transmission are both necessary to work, but are separate in and of themselves.
  • No, that ronaldme person.
  • Hah, we both messed up. These comments and email. At least we have responded without assumptions and started nailing one another.
  • Good! I don't feel as bad now.
  • * Huge sigh of relief* Alright, big V, I admit it, you guys actually did something nice for us for once. It will be remembered.
  • Don't get it twisted... They still gave us the shaft...
  • For real.
    I wouldn't call it 'nice' to discontinue all Nokias, skip updates and hold out updates for months... all while giving zero communication.
    No, I would consider it more of a 'here, shut up' and 'Microsoft put a lot of pressure on us'.
  • You mean they did something they were contractually obligated to do.
  • Well am still waiting for 1020 in India!
    But no, first windows 10, then the denim! :)
  • I'll wait...
  • I have apps downloaded that are no longer in the store, plus I haven't backed up all of my music yet, so I'm waiting for OTA update.
  • Where the eff is my denim update for AT&Ts 830!?
  • Isn't this recovery tool offered by Microsoft? Is it the same that windows central posted that Microsoft confirmed could be used to recover your phone if you choose to install Windows 10 on your device? If so, this would be a no thanks to cellular carriers right???
  • Finally!!!!!
  • Come on Verizon, release the OTA version NOW !!! I want to try that first, if all fails, I will nuke my phone.... Even backed up all my pictures/videos to a USB drive, just in case...
  • Would love to do reset but just did one last month after chive download and lost alot of progress on games and apps that backup didn't work with
  • Im in the same boat
  • Good Question, those of us on the DP, do we need to turn it off or anything to get the update?? Or is it recommend we use the recovery tool? All that said, I wonder how it will effect the Windows 10 preview that's coming. My Icon has been flawless on the Deb. Preview.
  • For a minute I thought it was available for L630
  • Congrats Verizon customers. Well lets hope ATT follows suit.
  • Can I do this on my unlocked 930 (from Brazil)?
  • It depends from where it is your phone.  I bought mine from Amazon and it was from Hong Kong, the Denim for Hong Kong was availabe since some weeks ago. I'm running Denim on my 930. Check where is your phone in Settings->extras+info, mobile operator. Mine is 000-HK.
  • Awesome news for the Lumia icon users!
  • Actually you don't need to turn off the developer preview I got denim on my Lumia 928
  • ATT you suck! Way to go Verizon.
  • Those AT&T idiots keep saying soon.
  • Omg hell has frozen over!! Verizon released all Denim updates and 8.1.1 updates to all the Windows Phones they sell. I can't believe Verizon came through. 928 here and my phone runs so good. Can't EVEN DEAL ! ^_^
  • Waiting..
  • AT&T is in the house:)....oh wait.
  • Fresh install and that camera!  So glad it's finally here.  Just waiting for the rest of my apps to finish downloading from backup before I begin my day.  Hey Cortana listens surprisingly well, even in lock.  Curious what that's gonna do to my already short battery life.
  • Hopefully the battery will improve, regardless of hey, bitc*...
  • Do I need to enable "Hey Cortana" somewhere? I don't see it anywhere and it does nothing when I say it. TIA
  • NVM - Found it in Main settings. Now need to leave work so I can set it up :)
  • Holy crap!!!! It's it real??? I never thought this day would come!
  • Look like 1020 will be the last Lumia to received denim update.
  • GREAT, now i'm going to be hitting "check for update" like every 5min!! DAMN!!! THE SUSPENSE!!! My ICON has been such a thorn in my side...
  • Let the crying commence for the people who hasn't received denim. I'm on At&t with a 1020, 520, and 1520 and I'm sitting here using my 1520 without a care in the world for when the update comes. When it comes, it comes. As long as it is before Q1 I'm good.
  • I'm afraid we are balls deep into quarter one, my friend.
  • Cool story, bro. We'll have Windows 10 on our 1520 before Denim, which is pretty sad.
  • If you have a 1020 on Preview for Developers, you pretty much already have "Denim" - no firmware fixes for that model that I know of.
  • Congrats to Verizon Lumia Icon users. Now if AT&T can hurry up and realse Denim for its Lumias. Last I heard (Feb. 9th), it was coming soon on Twitter.
  • They just said today that it is coming soon as usual.. They are
  • Any one on India can get denim updates on Lumia 930
  • Nope, only Lumia 520 and 525....
  • I suggest every new firmware or software update should also be available via recovery tools for every phone as an option alongside OTA. Am I asking for too much?
  • That is standard practice already.
  • Looks like the Lumia Icon owners got an early Valentine's Surprise from Microsoft :)
  • Does 8.1.1 come with denim using recovery tool? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yep :-)
  • What about hey Cortana?
  • What do you want to know? Hey Cortana is a feature of Denim (WP8.1.1) for 930/Icon/1520.
  • I mean is it there in the release? Have they included?
  • I would completely do this if it were available for my 1520.3.   I really think (wish) CV phones should be among the first to receive updates.
  • Congratulation for icon user... But, windows 10 for ph