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What you need to know

  • The developer of Descenders says joining Xbox Game Pass has tripled his Xbox sales.
  • The physics-based biking game has risen to the eighth most popular title on the subscription service.
  • Descenders is continuing to add new free content.

Descenders developer Mike Rose is again gushing about the effect that joining the Xbox Game Pass has had on his game's success. In a Twitter thread, Rose said that the physics-based cycling game has become the eighth most popular game on the subscription service and that sales have tripled since it landed there. Last week marked a five-fold increase in sales of the game compared to the week before Descenders joined Game Pass' rotating list of titles.

"I cannot stress how incredible Xbox Game Pass has ended up being for Descenders," he said. "It's elevated the game to heights we couldn't have imagined."

Rose said he's just signed a new deal to keep Descenders on the service "for a looong time to come" and that his team is continuing to add new free content to the game.

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