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Desktop App Converter updated with new functionality

Microsoft made the Desktop App Converter tool available in preview form last month, giving developers the ability to convert traditional desktop apps to the UWP platform. The tool picked up an updated earlier today that restores support for Windows 10 Pro, along with auto-detection for file associations, app install path, and more.

Here's the breakdown of all the fixes, as detailed in the official changelog (opens in new tab):

  • Restored support for Pro edition of Windows.
  • Converter -Setup flag now enables Windows Containers feature and handles base image expansion. Run the following from an elevated PowerShell prompt to do one time setup: PS C:> .\DesktopAppConverter.ps1 -Setup -BaseImage BaseImage-12345.wim -Verbose
  • Added auto-detection of app install path and moving application root outside of VFS to reduce any unnecessary file system redirections at runtime.
  • Added auto-detection of the expanded base image as part of the conversion process.
  • Added auto-detection for file type associations and protocols.
  • Improved logic to detect Start Menu shortcut.
  • Improved file system filtering to retain app installed MUI files.
  • Updated the minimum supported desktop version (10.0.14342.0) for Project Centennial in the manifest.

If you're looking to get started with the Desktop App Converter, head to the link below for instructions on how to install and configure the utility.

Download Desktop App Converter Preview (opens in new tab)

  • Great, really hope the developers begin to port their apps. Soon the Windows 10 store will be#1
  • I think you received downvotes for the phrase just like me!
  • Just was talking about me being first to comment. Not #1 in the world. Never the less I took it out. It's always good to listen to corrections thanks :-)
  • This doesn't just work like music converters, right?
  • I am pretty sure it doesnt works that way... If it did, us fanboys will inject so many apps that PlayStore will be damned.. - Sent from Nokia Lumia 620 W10M Threshold Build 10586.318
  • I am pretty sure it doesnt works that way... If it did, us fanboys will inject so many apps that PlayStore will be damned.. - Sent from Nokia Lumia 620 W10M Threshold Build 10586.318
  • True lol. But soon in future hopefully. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Kinda its all PowerShell commands.
  • Any news/statistics on how UWPs are going?
    Is the MS strategy starting to take shape? Are more apps starting to appear? Are we seeing an increase in app growth? .......or is it business as usual?
  • You are thinking too much..
  • 30% store tax must go. And event if it goes these converters will add 0 apps to mobile which is the only market where stores matter. MS could have had a play with tablets but after Intel cancelled mobile tablet chips x86 apps won't have future in tablets either.
  • The sky is falling!
  • Intel didn't cancel its tablet SOCs, just the ones designed for smartphones (having integrated LTE radios). The family of Atom SOCs that powers the Surface 3 and other small Windows tablets today is still being developed.
  • "Intel sent along a second message clarifying that Broxton is canceled for both "phones and tablets,"
  • Yep on 30/04, & then in an update on 02/05:
    In a newer statement, Intel has confirmed that Apollo Lake will be offered to tablet manufacturers. At this point it's not clear what the tradeoffs are for that versus Willow Trail, and whether Apollo Lake is suitable for all types of devices that the current-generation Cherry Trail has been used in. But this does mean we will see tablets using the Goldmont CPU core, while Intel Intel will flesh out the rest of their tablet SoCs with Core-based parts. Intel will also "continue to support" their tablet customers with Bay Trail, Cherry Trail, and SoFIA parts. Also not discussed in greater detail is Intel's future plans for their overall Atom lineup. With Apollo Lake announced just earlier this month, it's clear that Intel's Atom efforts have not been cancelled entirely. We will still see the new 14nm Goldmont cores appear in low-cost PCs under Apollo Lake, most likely in several 11-to-13 inch high volume devices. However for the moment there is not an Atom core on Intel's roadmap beyond Goldmont.
    i.e. we still don't have the full story on if Atom's gone indefinitely for 9-13" Tablets/Hybrids, & even if it is, we don't know whether that's a big deal or not yet, as improvements to other architectures may've made it a moot point.
  • That's the cost for the update-path, storage, advertisement that all online stores have. Don't like it? Host the software yourself and pay for advertisement and homepage and build your own update-path that is secure. Posted from Windows Central for XL
  • They should look on the app store or play store and approach the top 50 apps of both and do everything to get at least those apps onboard even if it costs. Or could they setup a team to do the conversion of apps go to the companies and say here's the app we made free for you. Mind if we publish it on your behalf? MS support for two years and then they take over development. Don't know if that feasible.
  • Did you even go to the play store and see the top 50 apps? I just did ( most of them are on Windows, when they are not they are apps that are: -silly apps: this means they have no real brand and you can find something equally good on windows too -some games that are not on windows but not game-changing games The only app that could be needed for windows share is snapchat (I don't care but teenagers in some countries do) This is to say that the problem with the store is deeper, most of the app people use are there, the problem is with new services that usually release the app very late, if ever, on windows. The problem is definetly not on the most used apps.
  • And apps that have a local service. Public transport, banks, etc. But MS can of course not support all these.
  • Its definitely the smaller apps that is an issue, not the top 50.  Its also not just apps that don't exist, but those that do exist with missing functionality and poor support.  I used to use Mint, but they killed their app.  Few banks and investment houses have apps.  I use Life360 but they killed support.  It still works, but with loads of missing functionality.  It will likely stop working altogether in the future when a server-side change is made. Also, whenever I'm at a restaurant or retailer and they tell me to use their app, my response is typically "I doubt you have one for Windows Phone."  Most recent was Chick-Fil-A telling me about their new loyalty program's app coming out in June.  There are many examples of this. UWP isn't even a direct motivation for many apps because they are primarily or exclusively used on mobile.  In theory, UWP could help increase user base which, in turn, could spur mobile development but that hasn't been realized thus far.
  • Its not the popular apps that are missing (minus snapchat) its the niche and smaller apps like banking and such.
  • The first thing MS should do is to take some concrete steps to improve the user base, in order to see any actual benefits of it's current strategies. But their actions are always half hearted!
  • I did and there are still a few not there I get what you mean though. I find banking apps lacking as you have no choice but to use their one. Simple things like a loyalty app for a stores etc or controllers for devices when I recommend a windows phone the person always has a few apps that are not there and take some convincing of the merits of a third party app. Ones I miss are Skygo, Amazon apps (music etc) can live without google anything but guess it matters to some. Snapchat in UK (I can live without it) HSBC bank.
  • Mobilemarkets growth is over and whole industy had turned to small fall. And MSs moble isn´t even ready yet. I don´t know is it tragic or hilarious. Anyway, this mine is done. Now, just stop, quit, case closed.  Next big thing is coming, what ever it is. Be sure you don´t miss it. Or you will be out of game next 1-2 decades again. But most likely you are still executing your never-ready mobilemission. 
  • Speaking for everybody again?