Destiny 2 'Shadowkeep' may require 165 GB of hard drive space

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep takes players back to the Moon.
  • The expansion is set to launch on October 1.
  • According to emails sent by Bungie, it needs 165 GB of hard drive space.
  • You can preorder it for $35 from the Microsoft Store (opens in new tab).

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is an upcoming expansion for the popular first-person shooter which takes players to the Moon. Just like the original game, you have to face a new threat as you strive to protect the last humans on Earth. While there's a lot to look forward to, hard drive space may be an issue.

Today, numerous outlets like VGR reported Bungie was sending out emails about system requirements. While the majority of them are the same as the base game, the hard drive space requirement has been increased rather dramatically.

Right now, Destiny 2 stands at roughly 90 GB on advanced systems like the Xbox One X. However, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep needs 165 GB. It's unclear why this is the case, but we should find out when the expansion launches in October. It was supposed to launch in September but was pushed back a month.

Keep in mind that the 165 GB might be an estimate, but even then, it's a massive number. Hopefully, the final build will be less at least on consoles because not everyone has an external hard drive to store such titles on.

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  • Every time I ask about this game everyone says "Just play warframe lol"
    What went wrong?
  • They want you to pay for something with significantly less features that is readily available for free.
  • Nothing, game is in the best state its ever been in. And getting better.
    There is actually more things to do in the game in a week than most people have time for.
    Rewarding loot for PvP and PvE players, soloists and Team players.
    The grind is real for the current Moments of Triumph (the end of year event) but all MMO style games have grind issues.
    Oh and a strong player base with some amazing 3rd party apps and websites that allow you to set load outs and learn the lore. (the game has these as well but they allow 3rd parties to do their own takes on them, allowing you to find the ones that suit you). It still has issues, but underlying its a great game, and the issues are becoming less and less earth shattering and more balance or tweaks to screens/difficulty.
  • I don't understand the comparison between destiny and Warframe.
    Unless I played the wrong game, Warframe is nothing like destiny.
    If it's the free to play aspect. Destiny New light comes out in October with shadow keep. It's the base game that's now free to play. Try it.
  • No, it does NOT require 165GB. It's listed as that because preorders of Shadowkeep also include the base game, and the first two expansions. The size is really 30.85GB.
  • Someone who took a few moments to think about it finally points out the obvious. You probably just saved others a bunch of time and concern after reading this article.