Destiny's second expansion House of Wolves is available now for its eager fans

Destiny fans have been waiting patiently for the game's second expansion pack, House of Wolves, to be released. Today, they got their wish as it is now available to download for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 consoles.

House of Wolves costs $19.99 on its own or players can get it with the Destiny Season Pass for $34.99 that includes access to the first expansion pack, The Dark Below, that launched in December. Here's what Destiny players can expect when they download House of Wolves:

  • New Missions - Of course, perhaps the most anticipated thing House of Wolves brings to the table is a slew of new missions. The story has the Queen calling upon Guardians to help hunt down the Fallen who once served her. The Fallen decided to rebel... and the results play out over the course of the story missions included with the new expansion.
  • The Shadow Thief - An all-new cooperative strike for three-man fireteams, The Shadow Thief has players hunting for Taniks, a Fallen mercenary living on the moon in House of Wolves' Ketch spaceship. Expect quite a challenge from this one!
  • Trials of Osiris - A new multiplayer mode, Trials of Osiris provides players with scorecards. Players complete these by maxing out at either nine wins or three losses, at which point said scorecard can be cashed in for rewards. The multiplayer mode places two teams of three Guardians each against one another; these teams score a point for eliminating the opposing team, and the first team to five points wins.
  • Prison of Elders - Prison of Elders is House of Wolves' new Fireteam-focused arena mode, which has players fighting their way through five rounds of enemies that progressively increase in strength. Each round sees three successive waves of enemies and a random boss fight. How long can you hold out?
  • Performance-based Rewards - Completing multiplayer sessions will double rewards for Destiny players – and for the first time, players' performance will help in determining what rewards they receive. In other words: You get yours.
  • New Arenas, Gear, Weapons, and Armor - House of Wolves adds three new Crucicle maps to Destiny, along with plenty of never-before-seen equipment. The ceiling for Guardians' levels has also been raised to 34, and players will be able to upgrade all of their exotic and legendary armor to match the new level.
  • The Queen's Bay - Finally, a new hub area has been added to Destiny's universe. Until now, the only place that the game has offered for purchasing gear and getting bounties has been Earth's Tower – but House of Wolves allows access to The Queen's Bay, located in the Reef (which was seen briefly during the campaign). This zone features new vendors and missions, all relevant to the House of Wolves story and theme.

In addition, the multiplayer maps included in the first expansion pack, The Dark Below, are now free to access for every Destiny player. Plans have already been announced to offer "a major content update" for the game that will be released this fall but details about what will be contained have yet to be revealed.

Check out Destiny: House of Wolves for the Xbox One

John Callaham