Details emerge for Microsoft HoloLens battery life, field of view

Additional details about the Microsoft HoloLens have trickled out. Speaking at an event in Tel Aviv, Microsoft Technical Evangelist Bruce Harris offered details on both battery life and field of view.

Harris noted that the HoloLens headset as it stands right now offers about 5.5 hours of battery life for average use, while heavy use would bring that down to 2.5 hours. According to Petri, Harris also noted that the headset can connect to pretty much anything through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and that apps that can currently run on Windows 10 can run on HoloLens out of the box.

Addressing field of view, Harris said that the current HoloLens field of view is similar to a 15-inch monitor viewed from about two feet away. Both cost and battery life concerns contributed to that size. Microsoft is apparently planning on increasing the field of view once it makes sense from a cost perspective.

Microsoft originally announced HoloLens in early 2015. As opposed to virtual reality, which immerses you in a different virtual environment, HoloLens is an augmented reality device, layering digital information and objects over the existing world. The company will start shipping HoloLens Developer Kits this quarter for $3,000.

Source: Petri

Joseph Keller