Developer addresses Assetto Corsa Competizione console launch issues

ACC (Image credit: KUNOS Simulazioni)

What you need to know

  • After a lengthy PC exclusive period, Assetto Corsa Competizione has finally launched on Xbox One and PS4.
  • The launch hasn't been as smooth as anyone would have hoped.
  • Issues with performance and wheel support are being addressed among others.

Fans of sim racing on console have been anticipating the arrival of Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) for some time, with its blend of stunning visuals and realistic action a rare treat on console. Traditionally, the more serious sim racers stay on PC, where ACC has spent its life so far.

ACC has only been out on console for two days but already a number of issues have presented themselves, some more serious than others and it's fair to say there's a good number of disgrunted buyers. Today, the developer has addressed these issues and where ACC goes next.

Perhaps the most serious problem so far regards wheel support, or rather, the fact a number of wheels aren't working properly. While you can play ACC with a controller, it's no Forza 7, many are going into this specifically to play with a wheel. Here's what the developer, KUNOS Simulazioni, has outlined in response to this.

"Definitely a hot topic. Our dev team are looking into this as a priority, with wheel manufacturers. We know there are issues that need ironing out and we're investigating on our side. Rest assured, we see you and we hear you. No additional info right now as these things don't get sorted instantly, but we will let you know when we have more details to share. We're sorry some of you are experiencing issues and we want to thank those who have submitted reports full of useful info for our team. It helps a great deal!"


Source: KUNOS Simulazioni (Image credit: Source: KUNOS Simulazioni)

Good news that it's being looked into, but given the teams expertise already with the PC version and the fact most of the wheels on the market today support console and PC, folks are right to feel disappointed. Everything crossed this is quickly patched.

One of the other hot topics is frame rate, particularly it seems on the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. To be clear, ACC is restricted to 30 FPS even on these consoles, there is currently no 60 FPS mode, but it seems at times that even this is currently too much.

"We've seen a number of reports come through around performance issues and FPS drops, particularly with PS4 Pro and Xbox One X systems. Again, this is something our team are fully aware of and are looking into."

There are other topics discussed such as multiplayer and the pre-order DLC pack, so be sure to give the whole blog post a read.


Source: KUNOS Simulazioni (Image credit: Source: KUNOS Simulazioni)

Away from issues though, some exciting news on the new content front. The PC version of ACC has a GT4 pack being added to it and the good news is the console buyers won't be left out. It's not coming until fall, but the GT4 pack will be coming to the Xbox and PS4 versions of ACC.

For the rest we'll have to be patient. The team is working incredibly hard on the console release of ACC with the added challenge of working remotely in the run up to the launch. I'm currently reviewing ACC and despite the obvious issues can still say it'd be silly to write it off this early, but we have to hang tight and see what the fixes bring.

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